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This story is a sequel to Thunder on the Long Drag

It is Halloween, and the Crusaders, the Rainbooms, and some others have gathered at Sweet Apple Acres for a sleepover. However, ghoulish events will conspire to turn their evening into a fight for survival...

Based on the Battle of Rorke's Drift, and loosely inspired by 'Something Sweet to Bite'.

Written for Nightmare Night 2019.

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What I instantly thought when I saw this. I shall read this when it is completed. :D

This will be a bit darker than usual.

Too bad you didn't go more for Isandlwanna than Rorke's Drift. More so for the fact that I feel England deserved it more than the later battle.

Issandlwhana has already been done on this site. See Zebra Dawn.

I can't seem to find it. There is one based on Zulu Dawn. But it's been dead for six years and the author is long gone.

That was what I meant. I've also never seen Zulu Dawn, but have seen Zulu.

That story doesn't count for me. The author quit and never finished it. Therefore I won't read something that will never be finished.

I do plan on seeing Zulu someday. I did see Dawn first.

Isn’t that cover art from the movie Zulu?

Yes it is. Not sure what the timestamp is though.

And a story must never be spoiled.

I think it was around 1860's.

The film is about the battle of Rourke's Drift, so 1879.

Oh.:rainbowderp: But I liked the picture anyways.

Woah. That's gonna leave the children and the Rainbooms with PTSD when all this is done. Mostly the kids. But, jeez.

Awesome, can’t wait to see more

Glad you're along for the ride.


Also, what the hell, police force? Why're you letting the civilians fight as well? You're supposed to fecking protect them, not give them a damn gun.

Desparate times call for desparate measures.

Yes, but that costs both Pinkie and Rainbow's lives. :facehoof:

Also, why do I feel like they might get revived into monsters?

Same here. There needs to be more Sabaton here

It's a last stand. In the historical battle on which this is based, civilians were armed and in combat.

loosely inspired by 'Something Sweet to Bite'

Me: Aw those flashbacks of that thing that refuse to die and not even the MLP Equestrian Girls equivalent of the f*cking SCP Foundation was able to stop the Candy Mare in one of the squeal's of Something Sweet Bites Back, I never really did finish that one but humanity got destroyed in the end looking at the squeal to that one.

But Jesus if the agonist is inspired by that thing than God have mercy on the characters of this story cause the best I'll do is get on a helicopter and be as far away from the area as possible.

There are no choppers. They can't escape.

rokte drift was. Battle between the Zulu empire and the brits

Goes to show what happens when you underestimate the enemy but still. Good men died there. May God have mercy on our follow soldiers and bretheran. Friend or foe

Sounds suspicious.

And who commited the foul deed?

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