• Published 21st Apr 2018
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Sunset and the Sun - milesprower06

When her friends lose all memories of her redemption and their subsequent friendships, Sunset gathers the courage to return to Equestria for help from her former teacher.

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Epilogue - Memories

After Princess Twilight had shown Sunset an ancient scroll written by Clover the Clever, they knew precisely what they were after; a magical artifact known as the Memory Stone. Now that they knew what they were looking for, Twilight stayed in the archives to try to find the last missing piece of Clover's scroll and repair the catalog, and Celestia accompanied Sunset back to Twilight's castle in Ponyville, where she would return to Canterlot High and begin the search, and hopefully convince her friends of the situation.

Starlight Glimmer had let them in, and showed them to the north library, where Twilight had set the mirror up. Now that she was standing in front of it with her former teacher, another memory resurfaced, when Celestia had shown it to her for the first time.

'Look into this mirror and tell me what you see.'

'I see a pony who isn't powerful enough. Somepony who could be great, powerful... Somepony that could rule Equestria.'

She had been powerful enough to accept forgiveness from her friends... Powerful enough to defeat the sirens, to help Twilight discover the magic inside... So what about now? Would she be powerful enough to find who had this Memory Stone?

"Do you need anything else before you go?" Celestia asked.

Sunset cleared her throat.

"Just... One question, if you will." The unicorn asked, looking up at her former teacher, a bit nervous at what she was about to ask.

"Go ahead." Celestia replied, ready for student's inquiry.

"In the centuries of your reign... Of all the pupils you've taken under your wing... Did... Anypony else do what I did...?" Sunset asked, shifting on her hooves, unable to keep eye contact as her gaze fell to the carpet.

Celestia offered her a gentle smile as she risked a look up at her.

"When it comes to ponies who have abandoned their studies on an... Inter-dimensional scale, you would be the first. But no, there have been other stallions and mares who have turned their back on the tutelage I had to offer. Some came to feel that their calling was elsewhere, some felt that they were no longer up for it, and some were even like you, unsatisfied with the pace at which they were proceeding. Some came back hours or even days after regretting their decision, some found success on their other walks of life, and some I'm afraid I didn't hear from again."

Sunset was expecting Celestia to say 'one or two', but it sounded like there were quite a few. So it begged another question...

"So if and when I come home... Where would I go? What would I do?" She asked herself, looking at the reflection of the two of them in the mirror, reminding her of so long ago.

"Questions that would probably be best pondered after you've solved this problem."

Sunset nodded. Celestia was right, there were more important things to do than wonder about her future right now.

"This is quite a contrast from the last time we parted ways," Celestia began. "But you are not that way anymore. With every choice you make, you prove yourself to possess a kind heart."

Sunset stepped up and threw her hooves around Celestia.

"Thank you... So much."

Celestia returned the embrace.

"I am very proud of you, Sunset Shimmer. I hope I can see you again soon."

Sunset broke the embrace, and slowly stepped up to the mirror. She looked back at Celestia, and exchanged one last smile before stepping through. There was a flash of light, and she disappeared through the mirror, leaving the Princess alone in the library.

"Good luck, my student."

Author's Note:

I'm sure the astute readers of mine noticed right away that much of this story mirrored the events of Forgotten Friendship: Homecoming. While my 'Homesick Shimmer' stories have usually taken place after the films, this one felt good to give an alternate take on.

While writing this entry, I realized that if the server leak from late last year holds true, and G4 is going to end within the next couple years, it stands to reason that Equestria Girls will end with it; which of course begs the question, what will be Sunset's ultimate fate?

Here's to wondering if DHX will address Sunset's so-far unmentioned homesickness as they begin to close it out.

If not, here's to hoping I'll be able to come up with my own finale to this Homesick Shimmer saga.

As always, thanks for reading!

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I don't know if they're going to end Equestria Girls with G4. Don't quote me on this, but I believe some of the leaked content suggests Equestria Girls is going to continue into G5. I don't know for sure though, and as far as I know none of the content indicated what (if any) plans they have for Equestria Girls beyond what they're currently doing.

MJP #2 · May 4th, 2018 · · ·

forgotten friendship in a nutshell: :trollestia:

"oh, whoops is this equestria, oh, sorry i thought this was the bathroom, my friends memories are gone and i do't know who did, what? what do you mean it's pretty obvious Wallflower Blush did it, who the hell is Wallflower?"

Sunset's Overdue Paper, The Last Rays of Light, and Sunset and the Sun make for good short series.

"Questions that would probably be best pondered after you've solved this problem."

She's right, she loosing time as she speaks with the princess.

"I am very proud of you, Sunset Shimmer. I hope I can see you again soon."

And she will.

But sadly eqg did end since hasbro cancelled/denied a third season so guess it's up to us fans to decide what's Sunset fate was if eqg did end even with the plot made by writer nick confalone.

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