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Pony fan inspired by great writers such as Pen Stroke and Conner Cogwork


Sunset has helped Flash to get over Twilight whilst they were away at Camp Everfree.

Finally he realises it's her he wants, but when he tries to ask her, something always seems to go wrong.

Now it's time to go - has he got time for one last chance?

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The paragraphing could use some fixing but otherwise an okay ship fic:heart:

Who made the cover art?

I always enjoy a little Sunflash.

Thank you - glad you enjoyed it!


It's a collage of four different images; the background, the bus, the car and the couple, all joined together with a bit of photoshopping. I would rather have found some artwork already done that fitted the story so I could add a link, but in this case I couldn't find anything, so pulled it together myself. I hope you like it.

Aw! Omg! :)

I just had to give it a happy ending :heart:

Well, that was...fast. :applejackunsure: Also, I'm a little confused by how the Principal Sisters just let Flash and Sunset drive home on their own. I mean, in real life, that would be considered totally irresponsible. :applejackunsure:

Fair enough - I did assume a number of permissions having been granted, but didn’t dwell on the detail as this was only ever going to be a quick one-shot focusing on the relationship between Flash and Sunset. I hope this didn’t spoil the story for you.

Thank you. I think they're a well matched couple since Sunset reformed and I just wanted to give them a push in the right direction.
Glad you enjoyed it!


Well that was cute

Thanks - I just wanted to give Flash a break as he's a nice guy and always seems so unlucky with the girls!

Yeah poor guy. also on a side note:

Now your story has a song

Thank you

You're welcome. They discovered their love for each other, and WHAT'S THE NAME OF THE ALBUM?!


Thanks - I think so too!


This was cute. I always like some Flash/Sunset shipping. :twilightsmile:

Thanks - I think they make cute ship too!

I love this!!

Thank you - I figured they had earned a break!


Just then the bus pulled up alongside to see if they needed any help, but a glance from Vice Principal Luna in the front quickly confirmed that at that precise moment they did not need any assistance, and instructed the driver to continue.

As the bus passed, the students all erupted in loud cheers that penetrated into the car. Sunset heard, but this time she wasn’t in the least bit embarrassed and made no attempt to hide; in her mind, they were now more than just friends and she didn’t care who knew.

I love this part when Luna saw them kissing. When the students on the bus cheered for them, I picture them cheering with the adults for the re-newed couples. Now I ship them, now I really want them back together

Thank you!
Flash had stood by Sunset while she was she having her own issues, but I could see there was always a spark between them and I just wanted to see them happy together.
Glad you liked the way it turned out for them too!


That was very cute:raritycry:

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