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Hmm so far so good

Who is that dragon on the pic it seems
familiar, OC or Canon character?

Fizzle a cute.

By "criminally low amounts" you mean zero?


Nope. There's a couple Anon x Fizzle stories on Pastebin made several years ago, just simply go there and type in Fizzle. Most recent one is from 2015 I believe.

My only question before I start reading is this... Who is Fizzle? I'm going out on a limb here and guessing you don't mean Fizzy (Fizzlepop Berry Twist/Tempest)

IIRC Fizzle is a fan made dragon from a while back. I don't rightly remember so don't quote me on that.

He's a background dragon that made one appearance in "Dragon Quest". Because of his color, he's been labeled as gay by most of the fandom with a lot of artwork centered around that.

Fizzle is the dragon from the cover art, I believe he appeared in one episode and was dubbed as 'the gay dragon' by some fans

More plz :3

Fizzle needs more gaysecks stories.

Huh, never knew he appeared in the show.

Shits gay yo, but at the same time shits gay yo.


That was a fun comic.

I can't remember, is the Fizzle character supposed to be Male or Female?


A male, sorry if you got confused or anything.

General census is male, but this the internet. Rule 63 is in effect:pinkiecrazy:

I love Fizzle stories. Especially the romance one's! You get a follow and a like and fav. Can't wait to see more. Also your writing in my opinion is very good, i was sucked into this fic from the first paragraph already.

You had better continue this, or Odin help me I will be sad

same pretty interesting story


Thank you so much! I'm glad you enjoy it so far as well as my writing style.

I'll be continuing to write on this story until the very end. ^^


He is so cute. :3

Why is it that nearly every gay story I find in a cartoon story makes one of the partners look completely feminine?

Actually I'm pretty sure rule 63 is not in effect on this story (although I wish it was) but I'll still read it anyways.

I'm Tracking this

Shut up, don't judge me

Im hyped to read more


Here a question l like to ask about this story. Do the dragons in your story have a cock and balls that are like humans like instead of them having a sheath their junk and balls just hang out fully exposed and having foreskin like in this link for a pic here /1454918 (the image is found on Derpibooru, just use the image ID number) or do their junk just look more similar to his /149792(this image can also be found on Derpibooru the same way)? And if they do. Then you may have to rewrite some of parts of chapter 2.


Dragons have a sheath in this story to cover their cock and balls. (Refer to /405108 or /1420869 on Derpi for a better idea) I wanted to be slightly more anatomically correct, so I apologize in advance if you were expecting the other way around.

I did plan on being more vague when it came to this kind of stuff, but I figured it would probably lead to a decrease in quality and such in future clop chapters.


Stay tuned. ^^

this Story has really Captured my Intrest and that's hard to do, I look forward to the next chapter so keep up the Great Work:twilightsmile:

Fizzle a C U T E

Oh...the fires of lurve are starting to singe!

Good job on the chapter


Don't apologize it's your story you can write it anyway you want. But I was hoping that was case because it not many stories here on this site that have where the dragons' junk are like humans but only bigger. And so Dragons have packs in your story so does means that Fizzle will make Anon the Alpha Dragon of his pack? It would be interesting and kinda funny to see it from Fizzle's POV as he view and treats Anon as his new Alpha Dragon while Anon is at first is unaware that he unintentionally becomes Fizzle's Alpha Dragon.

If Anon had an AA12 this story would have turned out a tad differently. Dragon spankings via aromatic shotgun.
Looking forwards to next chapter ;]


Thank you very much!

Yeah, I completely understand where you're coming from.

Now, now... let's not get too far ahead of ourselves. :ajsmug:

Indeed it would have... but alas, Border Patrol agents aren't equipped with AA-12's. And the next chapter is already in the works. ^^

I'm new to this story. Whats the update schedule like? Looks good sofar :3


I try to upload a chapter at least once a week, due to me working full time at the moment. Next chapter should be out soon as well. ^^

I'm tracking this.

Judge me. It makes me stronger.



S-sorry! My laptop charger broke so I can't write as fast, but I should have another chapter out by tomorrow ^^

Was it an interior wire snapping or one of the prongs

Love how this one is going, looking forward to seeing more!


Interior wiring unfortunately. I'm still writing, but I'm not as quick on mobile as I am on a laptop. Plus this site isn't exactly too mobile friendly. If I can, I'll get a new charger by tomorrow.

If you had a tablet you could buy a keyboard attachment. So if your o a trip you could still wright.


Yeah, definitely. My tablet broke months ago though, so :applejackunsure:

Great story. I love the characters and their set up i also hope your laptop gets fixed

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