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Verbatim et lteratim


Short story snippets from ideas in my head that may or may not lead to full-on stories in the future.

Some 'chapters' will be connected in a way, such as a small series of short stories taking place in the same universe, but with different perspectives, locations, events, or all three.

These will range from different categories and will be listed on which ones. Categories will be added as I post more, along with even the content rating itself, if it's deemed fitting.

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(Collab) Two questionable friends get together for a week-long vacation trip in one of the most relaxing places in the world. But the trip doesn't go exactly as planned.

Then again, nothing ever goes 'exactly as planned'.

Being thrown into a whole new world, however, is something that definitely wasn't planned. Whether they'll enjoy their stay or not is questionable, but one thing is for sure.

Things will not be the same.

A collaboration with this bastard. He is in charge of Branden Bort's dialouge. The Rainbow Explosion

(Tags will be added as story progresses.)

(Please note that we came up with this idea while shooting down helicopters while in a helicopter with miniguns)

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What happens when The Mane Six play against human gamers? Well, join them as they face off in a variety of game modes and try to virtually demolish one another from CoD 4 to CoD Advanced Warfare! Who will win? Who will lose?

How can ponies use controllers?!

I have no idea, but there will be a lot of raging. And a variety of killstreaks..

(Special thanks to Robert Bowling for this idea, and David Vondehaar for the motivation.)

(Featured on 9/28/14 for two minutes. Sweg.)

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One Shot story. For real this time.

An AC-130 appears and unleashes hell on some changelings, varying from 25mm to 105mm! What else did you expect? A rainbow beam would wipe them out? HA. Sit back, shut up, and read it.

It's damn AC-130, why would you not?

The Re-Made chapter takes a more serious tone to the situation. Whether you think it was an improvement to the first is upon you to decide.

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by TLP

One-Shot story. My very first!

Not a One-Shot anymore.

I'd like to thank the people who created "Apocalypse Now", the VF-114 "Aardvarks" Squadron based on the U.S.S Kitty Hawk, and that one guy from Mcdonald's for reminding me.

"I love the smell of napalm in the morning!"

After taking off from the flight deck of the Kitty Hawk, four F-4 Phantom's fly toward the jungles of Vietnam to deliver their napalm payloads to the VC cowering deep inside. But they fly through an odd portal and find themselves streaking over a thick, dark, forest...

Oh well, close enough.

And they're not the only ones...

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Godfather's Rapid Reaction Force, CIF Team 1, stay behind to sacrifice themselves for the sake of humanity, and a handpicked group of scientists and elite soldiers. After activating the Medusa device with the Cortex, the energetic pulse kills all cryptids in a 3-mile radius. Unfortunately, it also kills the Team in the process. Or so it seems...

My Little Pony belongs to Hasbro. Call of Duty belongs to Activision. And any videos belong to their rightful owners/companies/businesses. And comments of why you did or did not like it are much appreciated.

(Knowledge of the Extinction game-mode and its story-line is highly recommended.)

Important Note: This story and its chapters are, as of December 8, 2016, being re-read by me and edited. This is due to me feeling that I could've done this so much better and I was pretty new to this. Expect all chapters to go through mild/major changes or even deletions. All chapters from Chapter 2 onwards, will be archived in the form of a Google Doc, for those who want to read it un-edited, including any chapters I might delete.)

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