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Interesting, Rule 36 with a human in Equestria is rare. I do hope you'll write more I'm looking forward to seeing where this goes. Plus Butterscotch is just too cute.


Good chapter.

Actually Dusk would likely be against growing a foreign plant species out in the wild due to the affects it could have on the ecosystem. He would likely set up a greenhouse or something similar.


Sweet chapter looking forward to the next one.

Great! I had been waiting for another chapter! Love how the relationship between Butterscotch and Anon is developing. I'll keep waiting for more :)


Those two are cute together. Thanks for the chapter looking forward to the next one.

I'd be more interested if the second person wasn't a pot grower. That made me lose interest.

Will there be more of these stories?

7836789 If by romance and the like yes. If you mean something else then I have no idea. But my next story I'm gonna try some female on female romance, feel free to take a guess as to who it involves. Hint: It involves royalty.

7837129 I'm talking about these rule 63 stories. You've done Rainbow Blitz and Butterscotch, so will the rest of the Mane Six get stories?

7837339 I might but as of now I don't have any story ideas for the rest of the mane 6

This is my new absolute favorite story. It was cute and rule 63, but when there was weed, I was totally sold. Being a stoner myself, I was like :raritystarry:

I was wondering if Elusive could be any more of a caricature in this story, and then I get to this chapter and sure enough he's now been written in such a one-dimensional manner that I think he just turned into a cardboard cutout.

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