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You and Thorax are bros, and bros don't snuggle. Thorax disagrees.

Contains lots of snuggling. No actual intercourse; the sex tag is just there for occasional lewd references.

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This seems like it'll be right up my alley, added to read later~

agh fudge, you piece of bug horse i love you!

the story cute and good at the same time !

Comment posted by karnazom deleted Jan 25th, 2019

Finished it, liked it, faved it.

You should do more of it.

This was actually a fun read. I also felt anons pain on snuggly buggly.

I love it. Very lovely and nice. Would snuggly with buggly

Those tiny neck balloons though...

Cute, adorable, and fucking funny.

The pic looks gayish. Is this gay?

Yeah ending is gay

Agreed, would also snuggly the buggly.

this is fucking cute. like, why would it not be. with those descriptors, i think even i'd snuggly the buggily, what with my fragile self-image. i'd love to see more of this anon's antics.

Huh. It was a pretty cute story. The story was well paced and the interplay between the anonymous character and Thorax was nice.

On a bit of shop keeping you have "...confirming to your chin..." and I think you mean conforming to your chin.

Fun read though!

It's not Gay as long as you don't touch Tiny Neck Balloons. :moustache:

Whoops! Just fixed. Thanks!

gay thorax is best thorax

thorax be like "masculinity is a prison"

This is so fluffy I love it and want to see more. :raritywink:


“Second,” you continue, ignoring his jab. “What was I supposed to say? You saved my life. That maul-whatever was gonna eat me alive.”

Maulwurf,” Thorax says.


That ending makes me want a sequel...


But very good gay.

I want to do more than snuggle King Thorax. I wanna bump-hump his rump kiss him. :twilightblush:

Aside from that, this was a wonderful yet adorably funny fic of the world's most huggable green moosebug. :D

Mmmm so cute. I love gay pairings like this

Shouldn't there be a "Human" tag on this story?

Anon is a pony in this story! He was a human before he ended up here though. Should that still warrant a Human tag? This is my first time writing a story with Anon, haha.

Great, now I want to snuggle, and maybe a little gay for Thorax!:ajbemused:
Damn stupid, cute, snuggly buggly.:moustache::facehoof:

Dear god that was so cute I feel a tiny bit sick from sugar overload..

Yeah, good luck explaining that to people...

I needed to read something like this after binge reading Grief is ther price we pay. Thorax is best bug pone.

Took me half-way through the story to realize that Anon here is a human-turned-pony tbh. Still a good story either way~

Personally, I've found "Grief" is a little like a fine wine--better sipped than guzzled down all at once. :rainbowlaugh:

I wish I knew that sooner before I hit that emotional roller coaster

that's gay.

"Why does everything have to be sexual with you?"

Five minutes later...

"And I know I said I was teasing before, but I'd love to make you feel even better some time if you want~"

Thorax, I swear to god.

I knew I forgot something! Adding to the source now, but here’s a link anyway!

Not gay enough. Needs more snuggies with the buggies. 🏳️‍🌈🦋

t's soft and squishy, almost like a tiny neck balloon.

I bet they squeak if you poke 'em

I’m a great snuggly buggly.

Now you too can have your very own snuggly buggly right here, right now IRL!
Seriously, do not click this, unless you really want to see a buggly big enough to be all snuggly with...

What does sungely buggly mean my grammer is fuck sides

I'm usually particularly picky with guy on guy stuff, but this is actually kinda heartwarming, and piques me in the right way.

I'd even go so far as to say I would happily read a lewd/explicit sequel to this, should it continue the implied themes of Thorax getting Anon to be more comfortable with casual affection. I've not thought about it too much, but it's interesting that changelings would probably be incredibly casual about giving and taking affection, platonic or sexual. That's kind of a fascinating difference to a lot of human culture; would make for more good stories.

The explicit references felt a tad forced in the second half, especially seeing as Thorax was the one using platonic love as his argument in the first half. Other than that this was welcomingly tame and cute. :twilightsmile: I think you hit the goofy, saccharine parts of Thorax's personality pretty well, and Anon didn't feel like a total generic character just there to create a scene, like he often is.

As a writer of buggo fluff, myself, I liked Thorax's allusion to his snuggling with his subjects. I like to think that hive cuddle parties are essentially a modern cafeteria in the hive. :rainbowlaugh: Something Thorax also loves because he gets to spend time with his kind and feel like he can relate to them, probably for the first time ever. :pinkiehappy:

Kudos~ :heart:

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