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Some Leech

I...I am a monument to all your sins...



This story is a sequel to A Dedicated Customer

It's just another day in Tekky's shop, and that means it's just another day for Leech to pester the poor potion maker. As Tekky prepares to close up for the day she tells Leech to head out, weary from cleaning up after the unicorn. Once Leech begrudgingly departs Tekky is left to wonder, just where does the black furred mare go when she's not around.

Tekky belongs to Mr.Tektite. You can find his stuff on Derpibooru!

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Bit of a departure from the lewd stuff, figure I'd write something to develop the characters and their chemistry. Hope y'all enjoy it!

Oh absolutely, I'm all for "mindless" clop, but this actually gives the characters personality between the basic prerequisites for clop, it was unexpectedly sober, but I'm glad that despite the Sad tag, this has a happy ending.

Glad you like it m8. I kinda want to develop Leech as a character and build this little ship, gotta splash some emotion and story in to go with all the lewds. That being said there's still going to be plenty of smutty adventures to come!


I can get that. Regular "mindless" clop is fun. It's even better if we actually care about the characters.

those two should just get married already

Heartwarming and enjoyable.
Thanks for posting.

Wonderful story, keep up the good work!

Thanks m8. Should have the next one with these two up very shortly!

So sad and so sweet and OH MY GOD THE FEELS! XP

Aye, this little series of shorts isn't without a splash of emotion here or there.

Come with me children, we're going on a Feelz trip!

You always wonder how accurate a pony's name is...

This story end warms the heart :pinkiesad2:

Learning more from the day about Little Miss Leech. Not sure how it'll come across in my story, but I guarantee you it will.

Besides, this is a great bellwether to see what the fans can expect from you if you go T-Rated more often, and to that I say... I hope I get a chance to show more. Because this is a perfect story to work off of.

You're a marvel and a half, SL.

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