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“Do I gotta? What if I just stay here and give you a bj?” Leech responded, her eyes fixating on the bulge in Tekky’s pants.

I get the feeling you would gladly do so anyway.

(I adore these two. They fuck a lot and there's some porn logic, but they are actual characters with personalities, histories and all that.)

Thank you for that comment. While I do write porn I honestly try to ensure my characters have personality. IMO anyone can write smut but actually developing characters who are fun and well rounded gives it so much more depth.


Oh yeah. Anyone can have characters fuck, but actually making them interesting is another matter.

"Now you're screwing with portals."
Seriously, I do enjoy these kinds of technology/magic fics involving quantum-segregation.

Tossing the panties back to Leech, Tekky crossed her arms over her ample bosom“Fine then, guess I’ll just stop trying to be so nice,” she pouted mockingly. Missing a comma

The door jingled behind her as she exited, leaving Tekky to tend to the shop alone.The blue mare idly tidied the shelves shelves for a handful of minutes, even going so far as to sweep a bit after she was finished. Missing Space

With all the sex they have how is leech not pregnant with tekkeys foals¿¿

One would assume there's some sort of contraception in Equestria, magical or alchemical :trollestia:

So what happens between the two now will that be explained in the next story if there is one or is it left for the reader to imagine

I'm far from done writing with these two, so just keep your eyes open for more stuff. Hope you've enjoyed the stories with them so far!

*happy blueberry noises*

There's more coming, don't worry! I've got another story with these two in the pipe that'll either get released this week or the next! :raritywink:

She’d be lucky if Tekky had worn herself out with that first bucket of jizz she’d had dumped in her. She knew that the potion maker was prone to napping after having blown her load.

Tekky: "Okay, I'm tired for now. Time to put a toy inside. A vibrating toy. We don't want poor Leech to get bored after all."
(That's something she would do, right?)

It certainly wouldn't be beyond her!

Considering which toys would be the best for the job?

na. I dont think tekky would shove random shit down her dick (sept maybe postions) when she sleepy she sleep o3o. I did roleplay her impregnating a mare full on when she was sleeping though (tekky was asleep and the mare was very very distressed)

oh shit were talking about leech nevermind. fuck if i know. still. tekky would sleep not fug intentionally o.o'

I think you got me wrong.
I meant Tekky would put something in Leech's hole (not Tekky's dick!) to "entertain" her while taking a break. That way Tekky could relax while driving Leech crazy. And once Tekky had recovered...

meh. not my thing personally. I find most sex toys to be dumb. but whatever makes it hotter in your mind :P

leech I think this one might be my favorite out of your works its certainly the one I've "read" the most

Welp. there goes my dick.

Tekky is a cheeky mare indeed:ajsmug:. That was hot and funny:rainbowlaugh:!!!

Just... wow... :rainbowderp: What a delightfull prank :rainbowkiss:

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