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Some Leech

I...I am a monument to all your sins...


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aaaaand of course the fic i waited for turns out to be anthro garbage
for the sake of all fucks given and to be given, leech
one step forwards, one step to the side, into a ditch filled with raw sewage with

What fic were you waiting for?

I mean, I'm always working on new stuff, so don't let one thing ruin it for ya! :fluttershyouch:

i was waiting on this one
you just didn't tell me it was going to be anthro trash

My dude, I write anthro and feral

What exactly were you waiting for? I may just have something in the pipe that'll pique your interest.

something like this, but not an anthrobomination
in fact, you told me about this when i complained about your latest fic with rumble in it(which i am still mad about)

Well, ya got three options

A) Read the tags and choose not to read stories you wouldn't be interested in
B) Patiently wait and hope that someone spontaneously writes something you want
C) Commission someone to cater to your interests

didja check the edit?
it might enlighten you to my main gripe here
said gripe being that you hyped me up for this one
i'd have just ignored it if you didn't hype me up for this exact fic without telling me the whole truth about it then

Unfortunately, the devil is in the details and, to be fair, you didn't ask if if was going to be feral.

Can't fault me for an assumption on your part

My exact quote

Already on it, my dude.

Got a story where a zeeb and changeling compete to see who's the biggest butt slut.

Don't quite see anything in there where I specified it was feral

sorry for expecting only the best from only the best

Don't worry, there'll be plenty more lewd goodness to come.

Consider my stuff a roulette wheel of depravity.
Sometimes you win big, sometimes you lose
Regardless, everyone gets something every week! :trollestia:

What's wrong with Anthro?

the same thing wrong with turn-based/real-time hybrid combat systems, to put it shortly
to put it much longer, those who like anthro are weak-minded, weak-willed fools who can't accept our beloved mares for who and what they are, and yet can't enjoy eqg either

You are really unpleasant, and entitled. The author won't say this to you out of politeness, but in this instance, it has to be pointed out. You complaints offer no criticism, it's just whinging and brings absolutely nothing to the table aside from highlighting your unpleasantness. You're rude to the author, and believe that you need to be catered to. How pompous can someone be? Last time you said your bad mood was due to life circumstances, but now I realise it was a lie intended to justify your callousness and attempt to evoke some sort of sympathy. From your comments, I can only conclude that you're a bad person who chooses not to even feign having a filter. Thus far, you are the only example of an individual on this site who I find truly repugnant. :unsuresweetie:

yeah, i don't have a filter
it's called being autistic
wouldn't recommend the experience, it often lands you in situations like this one

I liked this story. It was very well written.

Once again Leech knocks it out of the Park. ^^

Having autism doesn't entitle you towards saying whatever you want and then using it as an excuse when people get angry. You can't choose being autistic and not having a filter, but you can choose whether or not to say those things. If you keep using your autism as a scapegoat for your bad behavior over being accountable, you're going to have a very unhappy life.

I'm not a fan of anthro but you dudes enjoy you.

So, I'm guessing she's named Leech because of her skill in sucking the life out of others. Just... not by feeding off blood.

Another awesome fic, my favourites list seems to be growing with Leech stuff

It's funny, you're one of the first people to ask.

Honestly, I made her as the quintessential "bad OC"
Edgy color scheme, cat-like eyes, slutty, fangs, nondescript evil book cutie mark, etc

Though, as time has gone on, I've grown rather fond of her
She's blossomed into a fun, albeit licentious character!

Anyhow, there is a backstory for her name, although I haven't written it quite yet :raritywink:

in other words. your oc is a shitpost :ohrly:

Hey man if you want more anthro trash come over to me I am the low budget anthro version of Leech

One Tarterus of a dicking... :moustache: Well done :raritywink:

“H...how b...bad could it beeEEE EEE EEE !” Copper squawked, as an absolutely titanic member ground into his abused hole.

You must had to jinx it, didn't you:rainbowlaugh:?!

To the author - remember that i had said about leaving a review on one of your stories? Well. here we go...
i had seen your story Substitute spouse last weekend but read it on Monday, loved it. in also liked page saw stiff competition (i'll be getting to that one in a moment)
Oh! side note there's not a lot of fics with night light and shinning armor. unless some brave soul who doesn't care about what people think or takes a risk in writing one!

with stiff competition - who cares if people downvote the story because of your shitty OC! you don't seemed bothered by it at all. a very fun ride! btw i didn't read the previous story to this & not interested.

I appreciate that you took the time to comment.

Some of my works are commissions, other are trades, and a few are just for fun.
Regardless, I write a broad array of things, so I'm glad to hear you enjoyed some of 'em!

yeah. the reason I haven't been able to reviews on other people stories because my dell laptop of three years has breaking down on me! if have a number of certain windows open the laptop will overheat and close them all...especially writing out messages to people. oh i've tried everything and nothing works! luckily an author who goes by midnightwolfGX recommended me a site called Newegg found myself a better laptop & different company Samsung. i do have another laptop but it's an older model but watch videos on YouTube or porn;)

p.s: the only obstacle in my way of being rid of 'this' laptop and these issues is having my iTunes id account replaced! for it's very old and haven't used it in ages. also don't have time to reupload my whole music library over the past several years. that what's going on with me right now.

Sorry to hear about all the computer problems! D:
I hope you get it sorted out soon!

Thanks for your sympathies dude! I really appreciate it.
btw there are plans being set up (but it will take awhile) especially with iTunes id account being a huge factor
i'm not leaving this site!:)

Glad you'll be sticking around with us! ^^

You bet your ass i'm staying! didn't lurk on this site for five years reading other people's stories until 2017.
I have stories to tell & a lot of inspiration :raritystarry:
p.s: btw if you wanna know what they're about (meaning my stories!) just pm me, I will answer to the best of my ability;)

are you bisexual?
I meant no offence if you are, After all this is a loving community
just your stories really paint a picture here

My sexuality lies beyond mortal comprehension :trollestia:

*thinks to myself* yeah that seems about right

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