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The lady Rarity is infamously picky with her stallions and despite spending decades up at her mansion alone she has not had a returning suitor, only her pink maid and that yellow gardener ever return to the everfree mansion. Rumour is, unfortunately, all the town has to go on but with the gala coming around again in a few short weeks the town is abuzz with what their small time nobility will do. Will this be the year Rarity finally graces Canterlot with her presence? Why hasn't she gone all these years despite being explicitly invited by the princess?

Chapters (2)
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Comments ( 11 )

This one is a winner in my book!:heart:

Wait a second! Wait a second! You can eat Eclairs warm???? Someone has some answering to do...

They are so good warm my dude, the sauce is a little melty and the inside is a little colder creating a delightful contrast that only draws you deeper into the delicious goodness.

I liked it, but you need to work on your/you're a bit more.

I would also read a sequel, I want to see what happens when her parents are literally the only assholes about who she brings to the party, while everyone else acts like it's no big deal (bcause it isn't).

What a lovely read. Honest, you got a good grasp on characterisation and it shone through with Pinkie and Rarity here. What's more, you really got me invested in their budding relationship and I would love to see them grow even closer.
That being said, you really need to give this a look over with a proof-reader. While little mistakes and typos usually go unnoticed by me, there were quite a lot of punctuation misses, lack of capitalisations, and general typos which threw me out of the story which is a real shame, because otherwise you did an excellent job.
Nevertheless, I still enjoyed reading through this story, and I'd love to see a sequel if you ever chose to do so.

Yeah this was before the time when I had editors, If I ever do a sequel, etc I will be going back through this story with a fine toothed comb.

Dude, I need that sequel.

sequel, sequel! sequel!!! :D

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