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Oh what a day. WHAT A LOVELY DAY!

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It starts good. I’m looking forward to more.

I do play a small part in this like last time right?

Oh what a day.


to be fair it could play out better now. I kinda went through a OC overhaul and made him better.

First off..you clever man
Second:tell me what he’s like now

Nice. Is the story going to go around the same direction as before, or is it going to be different now with it being rewritten?

Some minor elements of the original story will be inserted but other then that it’s an entirely new story

Can't wait to see what will occur next. :)

It's going to hit the fan once Sunset realizes who Breeze's sister is.

I have a feeling that Fluttershy is going to be very pissed when she finds out...

Out of curiosity, what made you decide to rewrite the whole story? Not that I’m complaining or anything. Also If I remember correctly the original story had about around 5 or 6 chapters at least?

Shits about to hit the fan. Hard.

I will contact you shortly.....

When is the princess going to show up to bite some heads off. Those are the best parts of Anon-a-miss with sunset trying to kill herself. In fact I’m working on that myself for a confrontation as a flashback

So how long until Blood and Sunset start making out or even jumping each others bones?

I hope you opt for a different choice in dealing in the aftermath. Tem going back to equestria seems like a bad idea.
Just makes it Anon A Miss won, unless exposed finally.

i say let Sunset SUE the pants off the families. Not only witht he friendships broken, but sueing them all will be the icing on the cake!

No bad Sunset! You and Fluttershy’s brother?


Let's hope the story doesn't forget the point it even made in the first chapter, namely that the evidence for it being Sunset Shimmer isn't all that weak. The pictures were on her phone, and only on her phone, and she said nobody else had access to it.

I never thought about lawsuits but I do see that Anon-a-miss don’t really delve into the inevitable lawsuits....possible sequel?

she assumes this, thing is cellphones by there nature are almost always networked in some way, if you know the right code you could get data off anyone's cellphone so thats still them jumping to an assumption.

the case as you described it wouldn't have enough evidence to get a warrant never-mind a trial. if anything character evidence would disqualify sunset immediately simply on the fact she isn't that stupid.

That sounds VERY far-fetched. Also, there's Applejack's embarrassing nickname that only a few friends and Sunset could know about; that one wasn't on her phone and could hardly be blamed on a random hacker.

also pretty much any apple, think about that, thats a large pool of suspects.

anyway as noted the phone was present at the house at the time, and this would seem more akin to something in RD's nature then sunsets so there is still plausible deniability here.

I would love to read it. Be a first, where Sunset the one suing.
If the same thing happens as before Dash trying to get her killed, then yeah for sure, Rainbow face being charged with kidnapping, attempted murder and knowing the rest be sued and that Scoota was part of the reason would really burn.

”I found her hanging off a bridge!”

”Hanging off a bridge..was she gonna kill herself? But why? She did what she wanted she exposed our secrets why kill herself when she can keep it running...unless..”

“What if she didn’t do it?” Fluttershy asked herself.

And all it took for you to even consider giving Sunset the benefit of the doubt was your brother saving her life.:facehoof: Does Sunset still have her book? If Twilight ever hears about this?:twilightangry2:

I was watching Titanic while writing this

Believe me, I could tell. I can't judge you for using an exchange from a movie, I'd be a hypocrite if I did.

Oh, Gilda is making me very furious. :flutterrage:

I always thought G was a lesbian.

And I never knew my hair was white.

Shit I thought I changed that to blue. Sorry

Not bad, but I think you need to work on your dialog a bit. Rainbow doesn't speak formally unless she's mocking that style of speech and Rarity generally has a more intricate form of vocabulary.

For example instead of this:
“Yes indeed Flutters mentioned you many times. I’m Rainbow by the way.” Rainbow Dash said.

Rainbow's dialogue should sound something like this:
"Yeah, Flutter's mentioned ya' a few times. About time I got to finally meet ya'!" Rainbow smirked as she held out a hand to shake. "Names Rainbow Dash by the way."

The way you wrote Rainbow's dialogue sounds like it would come out of Rarity instead of Rainbow.

I gotta stop writing when I'm tired cause that actually was supposed to be Rarity talking :twilightblush:

Fluttershy, when your brother have sex, don’t walk in! :rainbowlaugh:

"Alright you girls go in and me and Sunset go in after and sit as far away from you girls as we can. And we exit after you and pray the girls don't see us." Blood said.

"I hope this works." Fluttershy replied.

"Same here." Blood said finishing his coffee.

Murphy: Time to get to work.

I'm glad Blood prevented Sunset's suicidal demise, who knows what else would occur. Good chapter. Oh, and here's another thing:

“Now over there is Sugarcube Corner, that’s where Pinkie works. Ifyou can’t find me after school that’s probably where I am along with the girls.” Fluttershy said.

I think you might want to put a space between "If" and "you".

“It’ll be done in around 20 minutes. And umm Fluttershy we have a guest that will be staying with us for a while. She said you two had bad blood but her apartment collapsed and he has nowhere else to go.” Blood explained. Fluttershy stopped.

You forgot the letter "s" in "she".

“Ok first of all..you guys still use MyStabe? Jesus Christ that shit is ancient! You must be the only people on the planet who still use it. And second may I see the account?” Blood asked. Sunset pulled out her phone and went to the Anon-a-Miss page and gave her phone to Blood.

"MyStable" has been spelled wrong.

“What are you gonna do? Go full Hercule Priot?” Sunset asked.

You also misspelled "Poirot".

Please don't tell me that you stopped writting it.

Oh no it's still going. I'm just focusing on my other story for the time being.

:twilightangry2: Someone let me beat Rainbow Dash up. I'll wipe that smug right off her face!!!! :flutterrage:


"If only you arrived at that bridge another minute later," Rainbow shot at Blood.

WHY YOU LITTLE-! *strangles Rainbow by the neck* CHOKE ON YOUR WORDS!!!

9249952 O.O Well. :) Couldn't of done it better than myself.

If that's supposed to be a compliment, the phrase you're looking for is "Couldn't have done/said it better myself"

This author has a good taste in cars

Hmm... looks like things didn't go too well back there for Blood and Sunset. Good chapter though.

Oh man, how could Scootaloo allow Applebloom and Sweetie-Belle to put that up.

9252281 Because she's just as stupid as they are, and like her "big sister" has absolutely no concept as to what Loyalty really is?

That'd be my guess.

Seriously, karma's gonna be a REAL bitch when those three finally get exposed.

"Rainbow Dash is gonna kill you," Fluttershy said with worry.

"Let her try.." Blood replied.

Give Rainbow Dash a really good beating Blood.

Ah, Fluttershy now knows Sunset was innocent, but Uh oh, Rainbow will be extremely pissed when she notices the post about her. What will transpire next? Find out next time on the next chapter of... An Anon-a-Miss Tale.

Oh, boy, this is not gonna end Well.

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