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New Story in Development and Updates on Current Stories · 1:24am Dec 30th, 2017

Good evening everyone. It is currently 8:21 EST and I am tired as fuck so I’m gonna write this blog post. I am announcing my new MLP Equestria Girls/Smallville story. Basically it’ll be a story based off the tv show Smallville. I plan to begin writing tomorrow and hopefully the first chapter will be up. As for My Little Pony:Destiny and An Anon-a-Miss Tale both stories are still under hiatus until I can figure out where to go with both stories. Hopefully this story will keep you satisfied till

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Possible Rewrite of Anon · 11:15am Oct 18th, 2017

Hey all sorry about the long hiatus. I’ve been thinking about how I could give this story a good ending but I realized that making Rainbow a demon was a bad idea. No matter what I’d do the ending would be a cluster fuck. So I’ve been thinking about rewriting the last few chapters to make it a bit more realistic. However I don’t want to disappoint you guys so it’s down to you if it should be rewritten or kept as it is.

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Country Name Ideas · 9:40pm Sep 16th, 2017

Hey mares and colts. So I'm planning on making a World War II themed story in the future and I need ideas for country names. So far I have
Equestria as America
Prance as France and that's all I have. Any pun name ideas would be greatly appreciated thanks ^^

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My Little Pony Destiny Rewrite · 9:49pm May 20th, 2016

I'm going back and changing some stuff up in MLP:D for one there will be more arcs,story changes,and a slower pace. That is all

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My Little Pony Destiny II and more · 12:08am May 3rd, 2016

Hey guys so I have so many ideas for stories and I decided to give you guys a little peck at what you guys will be in for the rest of the year.

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