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Well, this a fan of MLP who has just started to watch the show. And I like what I see!



Long ago, tragedy struck Equestria with the deaths of the Princesses and Element Bearers. A thousand years have passed since that day, and the powers of Harmony are calling out for a new generation of Bearers, who must come together in order to bring balance back to the world.

First story in the Pieces Universe

Edited and contributions by Anone Mouse Jr , co-writer.

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Very interesting so far. I like how the stories of the Mane Six have become mythology and I'd love to see how much of the mythology is true and how much of it has been distorted.

I have a feeling that the next few days will, in fact, not be the best days of his life. Love the story so far. I'm very curious about why Xvital is there and what she is researching. The mythology and (apparently) religion suround the Mane Six and Celestial and Luna intrigues me to no end. I will definatlely keep up with this story!

7808165 You will see this very shortly~

7808215 Ah common tropes; how I love thee and to play with thee. Thank you for those kinds words. You'll learn soon enough... As well as the mythology.

Yay! New chapter!! And a bit more mythology!
Now I know Twilight is the Magi of Stars. I'm pretty sure Fluttershy is the Lady, but I don't know about the others. The Blue Sorceress has got to be Trixie. I'm loving this story so far! All of the characters are interesting and I can't wait to see how they interact further!

You are correct about Twilight but wrong about Fluttershy.

Fun fact: I was going to call her the Silent Sorceresses but Anon and I both agreed that it would break the suspension of disbelief.

And I am working on the next chapter, but before I go on: any idea to which elements that these three are going to get?

Hmmm. I'm not sure. I want to say page turner will be Magic or Kindness. But I'm not sure on the other two. Given how Xvital seems to be skilled at telling half truths I'd say probably not honesty.
I thought Fluttershy was the Lady cause it seemed liked they associated kindness with the Lady. If not Fluttershy I'd guess Rarity.

Yay!! New chapter!! I like that we get the same day from different perspectives and seeing what connects all of these characters! Also I'm liking the non-pony characters the most. The ponies thus far are trying to be mean or anything but they are just so blind to the system they live in. I'm really hoping that one of the non-ponies will go off on them at some point. Also I think we just found our element of laughter in Vic-Lei!

7871980 I am really glad to see you enjoying this and how much aware you are of the events

For Vix-Le , I will have to give you a :moustache: as my answer

Also, I am about to post a blog about a look into Changeling's legal rights

Where'd you come up with the name Xvital?

7899817 I take it that Rex is gonna the next character focus of the next chapter?

7899883 Yup.

Also, the Diamond Dog tag should also be another clue...

I am now certain that Vix-Lei will be the element of laughter. I also think she will find tomorrow to be far more exciting. I love how you match the tone of your writing to which character we are following while keeping it third person. I also love how all of the main characters are connected through relatively random meetings on the eve of the festival. I also love that almost every main character is a different species. So far I think Vix-Lei and Xvital are my favorite characters. They are both complete outsiders to Equestria. I love Vix-Lei's upbeat attitude, but I can see how she would annoy those around her. I still really want to know why Xvital is in Equestria and what she is researching. Can't wait for the next chapter for Rex's perspective!

7915363 I was waiting for you to reply and yes, there is no point hiding that Vix-Lei is Laughter, and it's tough to keep the tones separate, although Rex should prove the easiest to keep separate from the rest...

I'm not sure when you will find out why Xvital is here but you will intrigued by it.

I can't wait!

Now with the introduction of Rex and his supply of magical items, I think it would be really cool if he was the element of magic. Though I think that Page Turner as a unicorn is still the best bet for it. Not sure if anyone else can actually perform magic (without items). Can't wait for Rex's chapter. He seems rather well mannered and polite to a certain point. As demonstrated in this chapter, he doesn't seem take well to being looked down upon for being a Diamond dog. I'm very interested to see how diamond dogs are treated in the pony society. They obviously treated better than changelings. His position as merchant at the festival seems to indicate that diamond dogs are treated better than hatchery griffons who have to work odd jobs to pay off their massive depts. Though given the implications that diamond dogs are considered of lower intelegance, Rex might be the exception, not the rule.
I can't wait for all the chacaters to come together and meet each other. I feel like some of them are going to have a difficult time working together.

Sorry this was so long. I just really love this story and thus have a lot to say about it. :twistnerd:

7915934 I can see!

And enjoy a :moustache: for guessing something correct

7915934 And I am glad you are enjoying it.

Next chapter, after Rex's, we will begin to see how they all come together as it were...

7925802 How's the next chapter coming along?

7932582 It's coming along-just working on Vix-Lei interchange with Rex

I love all of the different references to gems and such. It really puts you in the mindset of a diamond dog. I really like Rex. I really hope he is the element of magic. Overall I feel like he would get along rather well with everyone else so long as they don't talk down to him. I feel like he is rather level headed, but if he is pushed to far he could really go off on someone though. I feel like he is a good middle ground. Not a total outsider looking in like Xvital and Vix-Lei, not as high status a a Night Blade, not as oblivious to the injustice of the society as either of the ponies, but not as down trodden by society as Wind Breaker. That's just my take on it though. Another great character that really rounds out our new mane six! And because I fell behind I don't have to wait for the next chapter!!

Wow lots to talk about. So that's why Xvital is there. Looking back to her chapter it makes a lot of sense now. She will definitely not be the element of honesty. Oh. I have been imagining Night Blade all wrong. For what ever reason I thought he was a Pegasus. Oops. Honestly it is so much cooler that he is a bat pony. That means Page Turner is the only traditional pony type character on the team. Yes! Finally!!! They are all together........in jail. It's a start! And I love the way they all came together. Though it seems that several of them were in the same hotels all ready. I love that they come together to defend a changeling. I would love it if that changeling some how made a reappearance later in the story. Fingers crossed. I love that Xvital breaks her rules about not getting involved despite not really knowing any of them and having no real stakes in the fight. I love the group dinamics going on. I feel like Rex and Xvital are going to get along really well. I wonder how they are going to end up with the Elements. I also wonder what is going to happen that will require Element bearers. i suppose I should stop typing now and just read the next chapter.

Well Page Turner is the Element of Kindness. Which means Rex has to be the Element of Magic. Which Vix-Lei being the Element of Laughter. That three down. I want to Night Blade is Loayalty (he's loyal to Page Turner at least), Xvital is generosity (she jumped in to help with the changeling incident even though she knew it would cause her trouble), which would leave Wind Breaker as honesty. Those are just my guesses though, and my reasoning behind those guesses.
I'm pretty sure that what ever is leading them to that museum is doing so because the Elements of Harmony are there. If that is the case I just have this to say: How do you move every significant artifact related to the Virtues, aka the mane six, EXCEPT for the Elements of Harmony?!?
Also I really want to know what Page Turners fortune cookie said. Probably something dark and foreboding.

Well I was wrong about the Elements being in the museum. Ah that stud that Balance was saying about Fluttershy got me in the feels. How in Equestria did Fluttershy come to be known as the Stern Warden? Given what Balance said about some of them need to stop surprising there Elements maybe Xvital is honesty. I want to know who this enemy is and why it is that Balance needs to help them as much as she/he/it/they(?) help the new Elelment bearers. I think I get the gist of it. Since they are currently Balance, not Harmony, a true Balance means that the 'evil' side is equal to the 'good' side in knowledge and power. At least that's how I interpret it. I love that you have personified the Elements in such a way with Balance, making them their own character.

This chapter was short but very intriguing. I have to wonder if this prisoner is one of the villains we know. I feel like the prison might be Tartarus. If it is Tartarus and it is a villain from the show my guess would be Teriek. However I think it would be far more interesting if the villain was an original character. There is not much here to tell who it is or what there goals are or why they are opposed to the Element beards, but that is clearly intentional. Even with its short length there is such a sense of foreboding. I love it! Can't wait to read more!

I completely forgot to mentions Page Turners secrets in my last comment. I am so curious about what they are, but I have a feeling it will be awhile before we find out. It is interesting that she has two secrets specifically. It is even more interesting the way Balance talks about them. Given how long she has known Night Blade and the fact that they are in a relationship means that keeping secrets from him would at the very least affect their relationship. But the way the Balance talks implies that Page Turner should tell the whole group, which means that her secrets, or at least one, would some how effect them all. Or at least effect the group dinamic in a bad way if it came to light later from an out side source. I have a guess for what one of her secrets might be, but I have almost no evidence to back it up.

Also if the last Element to revel itself is Magic like in cannon, then Rex will have to wait for the others to get there sh*t together before he can get his Element. :raritydespair: Because lets face it, with the unicorn being Kindness, Rex is the only one suited for Element of Magic. Though honestly he was probably better suited from the get-go.

Sorry I keep making so many comment this story is just so good.

I don't understand how this has so few views. The concept is interesting. The characters are diverse with unique personalities and all likeable in there own way. It well written and well executed. There is a good balance between character introductions and further plot development as well as sprinkles of the lore that now surround the cannon events of the show.

Yes you should~

You're mostly right on your reasoning-remember, not everything has been revealed and not everything is as it seems

And telling you what Page's cookie said would be too big of a hint

The stories of the Mane Six were told and retold so many times that certain aspects of them were focused on to the point where they overtook everything else of their character

Fluttershy's Stare become exaggerated and intertwined with her animal to the point where she became the Stern Warden


to your question, my answer is maybe


In any relationship, secrets can poison the relationship and as one as important as theirs, this could cost them dearly

Or not.


You'll see~


No coverart to grab attention

Wow. Thanks for responding to all my comments! That makes sense with Fluttershy and her stare.
The cover art thing also makes sense. Really can't wait for the next chapter!

7951540 Working on it right now

7951540 And it's up


I am not the sole source of alerts, am I?

*slow clap* "demon bunny named Angel" :rainbowlaugh: cracked me up!
Very nice chapter. I love how they say that the jerk they met the before set the fire. Brilliant plan. I'm still not sure who all of the mane size are for all of the names, so I'm not sure what Elements they are associating themselves with. Given that Windbreaker seemed to be bad at lying to the cops, perhaps he is the Element of Honesty? Not sure. Only time will tell. I hope the can get out of the city safely. Though I'm sure they will run into more trouble before they get out.
No, I have it on my tracking. The problem is I don't check the site often enough.

I like that Xvital has kind of taken charge at the moment. She is the most versed in sneaking out of some place. Though it seems like Blade isn't entirely comfortable with her taking the leader position. Though it doesn't seem to be conscious dissent. It seems like he is used to being in charge of things so it is hard for him to take a step back. I'm glad to see Vix-Lei is able to make them laugh. They are going to need laughter in the near future. And with them spitting up now we will be able to get more points of view! Yay!

7995832 Thank you~ Angel Bunny was something that made me smile writing.

well thats confirmed, i already suspected pinkie. now if only there were more to clarify who the stallion and the warrior were, unfortunately since i'm pretty sure they were rainbow dash and applejack thats pretty up in the air till it gets around to giving either coloration or if they had wings

8149507 Are you so sure? Couldn't they be the Lady and the Magi of the Stars?

8149694 the magi is pretty obviously twilight, and while the lady was a bit tricky, hints early on indicated it was probably rarity or fluttershy. fluttershy is confirmed as the warden so that leaves rarity. besides, i cant see rarity being either of the remaining options at least not with "the lady" being a choice

8149706 That's a good theory you have there but I'm not saying if you are right or not. Time can change a lot of things, you know.

8149719 i wouldnt be too surprised given the level of mangling that their personas have taken over the centuries, but hey thats what speculation is for.

This is completely out of curiosity. Is Spike still alive by this point?

8161232 He is not; you can check the TV Tropes page for a bit more details.

8161486 I don't know as that hasn't been made known in the show yet.

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