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Because honestly, now we've all come down this rabbit hole, there's no going back.

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I see, I didn't know. Hope you can pull through! I can sympathise on having to deal with extra problems all on a wage slave salary, particularly around Christmas.

Hope you can enjoy what time you do have with family. As always, we will be eagerly awaiting!

No worries, I think everyone’s a bit antsy too, myself included. This is taking far longer than I thought.

It’s holiday season, and as we all know that brings unique problems. For me, I’m unfortunately trying to support a family on wage slave salary. Now is not a fun time for me, with overtime and extra complications thrown my way.

But rest assured, 1011 pt 1 is under production, and will hopefully be done before the end of the week!

Hey there! I know you said you'd be busy for a while with personal issues, but is there any sort of update on how you're going? I'm getting a bit worried haha, hope the issues weren't too bad!

Or maybe I believe we can chat through here now that I have realized, I just made this account just to talk since well discord is not bloody working

cool I claimed all of the badlands with heavy tanks only. All the while listening to sabaton

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