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The Pieces Lie Where They Fell - Evilhumour

A thousand years after the death of Mane Six, a new generation of Bearers are chosen.

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Omake- Total Plot Derailment

Omake - Total Plot Derailment!

The being was standing in its tower room, looking out over the city, when it felt something.

Turning around, it tilted its head to see the air had formed into a reflective surface as a figure stepped through it... a bipedal creature wearing what appeared to be black armor with golden crystal accents on its chest, shoulders, wrists and ankles. The newcomer's head was a golden crystalline skull, its eyes a smokey black that bore hundreds of tiny facets, and they wore a white fedora and a white scarf around their neck. A skull-shaped device adorned its waist.

"What manner of creature are you?" the being asked.

The figure tilted its head. "I'm a detective," it stated in a male voice. "A hero. And a representative of the Brotherhood of Riders. I have come to put an end to your evil."

"You?" The being began to laugh. "You are only one being. What do you think you can do to me?"

"Plenty... Nightmare."

The being hissed. "How do you know that name‽"

"I know a lot about you." The Rider held out one hand. "And I know that now, it's time for you to count up your sins."

"Fool!" it hissed, a black aura beginning to appear around it. "You have no idea what I am capable of!"

"That's what you think." The Rider smirked below his helmet. "I came prepared."

And then, one arm stretching out faster than the Nightmare could react, the Rider grabbed it, and yanked.

Screaming as it was pulled from its host, the Nightmare let out a roar, and struggled to pry itself free. "How are you doing this?!" it roared. "How?!"

"Easy," the Rider snarled. "I have fifty-two powers at my disposal... and I can use all of them at once, including the ability to physically hold the intangible. Like you!"

Turning his head to the terrified pony that had been the Nightmare's unwilling host and was now laying on the floor across the room, desperately pressing himself against the wall, the Rider looked at him. "Go on! Get out of here! Things are about to turn ugly here, and you don't want to stick around to see what's happening!"

The pony nodded fearfully, and ran out the open door.

The Rider looked at the Nightmare, the creature of darkness still struggling. "It's time to end this, Nightmare. You may be a Power, but you have overstepped your boundaries for far too long. And I have come to punish you for over two thousand years' worth of crimes!"

As a glowing light appeared on his chest, the Rider held out the struggling Nightmare. "And now, I send you out of this realm, to meet with your Judges, Jurors, and Executioners... the ones who will choose your final punishment!"

"No... nooooooooooooooooooooooooo!!!!!!"

"Oh, yes..." The figure sprouted a third arm and snapped its fingers. "KEY, MAXIMUM DRIVE! FINAL UNLOCK!"

And then the Nightmare knew nothing more, as every atom in the thing's intangible form was permanently unbound, banishing it to the next realm.

When there was nothing left, Kamen Rider Skull the Second dropped his hands, heaving a huge sigh. "Finally, that's done."

As he switched Memories, causing his armor's golden portions to revert to their usual silverish-gray and his chest repulsor and third arm to vanish, the Rider walked to the window and looked out over Canterlot, and sighed. "Wish I could have arrived in time to prevent all this from happening in the first place, but as the old saying goes... if wishes were horses, beggars would ride."

Then he facepalmed. "Gah. I cannot believe I said that here of all places."

Giving the place one last look, he waved a hand, once again summoning the Dimensional Wall and stepping through it, the air reverting to normal after he was gone.

Meanwhile, in the local astral plane, the spirit of Balance looked on in disbelief, and finally found its voice, saying the only three words it could think of.

"What the fuck‽"

Author's Note:

Author’s note: Anon e Mouse Jr. speaking here. The third omake featuring my self-insert, and not in continuity with the previous ones. Here's what happens when his full abilities, and his most dangerous attack that I’ve come up with so far - one that, backed by the combined powers of fifty-two T2 Gaia Memories, was strong enough to send even a Power into the realm where the other Powers exist and were waiting to Judge and punish it for its crimes - come into play.

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i spotted the name drop and that does sound like a situation codex would get themselves into, typically unwillingly due to an accidental exposure of the power associated with that title.

Is that whole thing with Diamond Back and Wind Breaker going to be resolved in the sequel?

they will cross paths again, I can promise you that.

I couldn't do it perfectly, maybe not even well or right.
But what little i did manage, just rolled of the tongue :moustache:



Is it better?

If the main OCs in this story were voiced, what would they sound like?

not sure- I'm not one to follow voice actors

There are the translations on the TV Trope page

I kind of like Nightmares punishment here better than in the main story.

This was very well done. How does this not have more views?!

Thank you very much and I'm going to guess no cover art and the slow start is to blame.

thanks for te likes, by the way.

So, the most stuboorn and unvilling turns around is is rewarded... Can't say I like it :facehoof:

It's a non-canon omake, it's not meant to be taken seriously.

Until next time...
Anon e Mouse Jr.

Ah, sorry, didn't see that one. Still, half my point stands. This guy doesn't deserve friends, not with how stubborn and blind he has been.

Night isn't perfect. He's also been in a very bad place for most of his life, to the point where Page is his Living Emotional Crutch, and Balance does basically tell him this and why he can't let it overshadow the connection he's been forming to the rest of the group. He's improving, but he still has his rough moments.

And while he may have been stubborn and self-centered, that doesn't mean he deserves to suffer for the rest of his life. He is the Lancer of the group - the Leader's foil and balance, who may come into conflict with them at times. But in the long run, he and Xvital (and all the rest of the team) need one another, and what Night in particular needs, and gets, is a chance to change for the better.

Until next time...
Anon e Mouse Jr.

P.S.: Also, let's not forget that Balance screwed him over by messing up his relationship with his family, as described in chapter 48.

The problem is with his turn around and how quickly everyone gets over it. Like I said in on of my comments. He gets in fight over orders, leaves, comes back, punches a changeling, after some time they lie down, and he ASKS for orders. It's not about HIS prespective, despite being given chance after chance and blowing it, it's about from the point of others he just asks for what to do. Although, if he was a bit quicker on the uptake and being REASONABLE I wouldn't have had as much problem with his character.

His prespective.
Test - fail
test - fail
test - fail
Teacher calls him and outright TELLS him the ANWSER, he still STRUGGLES.

His team perspective
Night is being a problem
Night is Being a problem
Night is being a problem
Night blows a gasket, brutally punches Page, and storms off.
After some time, when he comes back, saves them from an attack, they wake up in hopsital, and he ASKS for orders.

This is my problem. He has been way too unreasonable for far too long, and he had to have been TOLD an ANWSER to an obvious test. He never shown loyalty to ANYONE but PAGE, the only one he PERSONALLY loves. He's SELFISH, not LOYAL. And then he gets loyalty anyway.

How many stories are going to be in this series?

Right now, at least two for certain. The overall multiverse it takes place in has twenty-nine currently published, and more slated to come.

Until next time...
Anon e Mouse Jr.


I will take about it with ANon

Huh... I was not expecting a reply to a comment I made years ago. Love this series by the way!

Thanks for the love and thanks for spotting it. I was finally able to fix it.

Indeed. It was a good movie.

Until next time...
Anon e Mouse Jr.

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