• Published 19th Dec 2016
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The Pieces Lie Where They Fell - Evilhumour

A thousand years after the death of Mane Six, a new generation of Bearers are chosen.

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Chapter Eighteen: ???

Chapter Eighteen


It hissed through its host in anger, sensing that three Elements had Awoken in less than a day. It was galled that the only Power was that could defeat it was so close to being reformed.

“Balance,” it snarled through its host lips, causing the spirit to form. It was not far away, no doubt wishing to keep on eye on it. “You have been cheating, admit it.”

“Do you have proof?” Balanced asked just as sharply. “I already gave you leave to create that evidence to fool your hosts’ Captains to balance the advice I gave to my Elements that they should flee you.”

“Bah,” it snorted, shaking its host head, looking down the city of Canterlot from the very top of the mountain. It was darkened by the energies that powered the lights being extinguished by that fearsome explosion earlier. “I have neither the time nor energy to call in a Court to judge your guilt; not while those six Elements are still around and left unattended and alive.”

“A high claim for you to make; what makes you so sure that a Court will fall in your favour?” Balance raised an eyebrow, no doubt still waiting for a chance to aid its Elements.

“Because I fulfill my Purpose through my actions, while you leave your Duties unattended in this foolish attempt to restore yourself,” it said, scoffing at the spirit.

“Yet while we speak, half of my Elements have Awakened and I have no doubt the others will follow in due course,” Balance countered.

“And yet you know that it will be doomed to failure regardless of what they do,” it grinned, growing fangs on its host’s face. “And if you tell them why, you will be forced to aid me so greatly that it would as if you opened a door right to them while they were all asleep for me to kill them all.”

Balance simply glared at it, smouldering in rage but unable to do a thing. For a long time, it said nothing and then vanished, no doubt retreating to wherever it had claimed as its lair. Making sure Balance was gone, it removed the fangs from its host and turned to address its Captains; more was needed to get the Elements under its control before they got too powerful or out the reach of its host’s incredible reach. Still, Balance’s weakness was that it required six to perform its true power and if it removed just one, Balance would fail.

All it would take is one to fall and then it would win.

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