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The Pieces Lie Where They Fell - Evilhumour

A thousand years after the death of Mane Six, a new generation of Bearers are chosen.

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Chapter Thirty Eight: Vix-Lei, Sunset Shimmer

Chapter Thirty-Eight


“Do you think you have enough there, Vix-Lei?” Wind asked her, tapping a fork against his tray with only one taco on the plate.

“Oh please,” she said, rolling her eyes as she polished another one away. “One, I’m a growing girl and two, I’m pretty sure that we need to be worried about Page here.”

“What, what did I do?” the girl asked, blinking innocently enough.

“Le pusiste suficiente salsa picante para quemar varios muros,” Xvital sighed as she stabbed her salad with her fork again.

“Well she did say she enjoys spicy food,” Rex said with a smirk on his face. “And you’re speaking in your native language again.”

“Justo ahora, ya no me importa, Rex” Xvital groaned, rubbing her temples. “He tenido que lidiar con tantos niños que no podían siquiera hablar el lenguaje, y creían que eran tan inteligentes que yo no podría escucharlos hablar de lo sensual que soy.”

“Well,” Rex coughed for some reason, blushing due to whatever Xvital said. “If I am correct, this is a time where hormones play a factor as the body matures into adulthood and they were reacting to what their bodies are telling them.”

“Yah, and I think a lot of these kids are dealing with puberty and just find that you’re sometaur exotic,” Vix-Lei added in with Rex giving her a flat look.

“Well that would explain the looks I was getting today,” Wind said as he took a bit of his taco. “I wonder about Nig-”

No,” Night said as he sat down in a huff. “I had to deal with girls that had egos the size of a bloody city block that thought it would be a good idea to question everything I said.”

“Well to be fair…” a girl with her hair done up like a rainbow said as she sat down with them, only to trail off when Night gave her a look. “Hehe, I’ll be quiet.” she chuckled awkwardly, nibbling on her taco.

“So I guess you’re Rainbow Dash?” Vix-Lei said as she leaned across the entire table to shake the girl’s hand, causing everyone to give her grief about going into their plates. “Nice to meet you squirt; Page here told me you have some idea of what’s going on?”

Dash simply whimpered as Vix-Lei put a bit of pressure into her handshake, with Wind Breaker and Xvital pushing her back to her spot. “Er, kinda,” she flexed her hand a bit before looking at Night and blushing. “I spoke to Mr. Blade here when we went into that weird world and I appeared na-” Night coughed loudly, causing the girl to yip before going all quiet and even more blushy.

“Yes, apparently our Rainbow Dash told me that she,” Night pointed at the girl with his fork and then tilted his head at the four other girls walking towards their table. “And they are back up Elements.” Night was about to take a bite of his taco before he paused and looked at Wind and Rex. “Also, don’t touch your own Element’s counterpart unless you want to drag them into the Virtues’ Paradises.”

“Care to tell us why, Night Blade?” Rex asked with a tilt of his head.

“No I do not,” Night said with an annoyed huff and bit into his taco as the girls were about to come up to their table. “Suffice to say, I cannot touch her without being dragged into that place, and the same goes for each of you and your respective predecessor’s counterpart. Though given that Vix-Lei was able to shake her hand without being affected,” he added as he gestured to Rainbow Dash, “I would presume that each of us can safely have physical contact with anyone other than the one sharing our respective Element.”

“Yeah, and I don’t know how they’ll take appearing all naked in front of some strange horse things,” Rainbow Dash said causing all of them to do a double-take with Vix-Lei doing her best not to burst out in laughter.

Night sighed and facepalmed. “I was trying to avoid mentioning that part,” he growled.

“Mention what, partner?” a girl wearing a cool hat asked Night only for the former bat pony to glare at her. “Uh sor-”

“Oh please don’t mind Night,” Page said as she waved the rest of the girls to sit down. “He can be a bit grumpy at times but he’s a real softie at heart.”

“Oh thanks for the compliment, Page,” Night grumbled as he bit into his taco. Page just giggled slightly, then turned back to the others.

“We know your names,” she said as she looked at each of them in turn. “And each of you knows at least one of us. But for those who don’t… I’m Page Turner, this is Night Blade,” she gestured to him. “These are Wind Breaker-”

“And I’ve heard all the jokes,” Wind Breaker added. “Though the one about being named for a coat is new on me.” He winked at Applejack, who grinned back.


“Hiya!” Vix-Lei waved.


The kitty-catty-turned-human nodded her head and muttered a greeting in her fancy language.

“And Rex.”

“Charmed,” Rex said, bowing to them. “And I must say, Miss Rarity, it is a pleasure to see you again.”

“I would say the same about you,” Rarity replied as she fluttered her eyelashes at him and smiled.

Applejack rolled her eyes. “So, what’re we here for anyway?” She gave Rainbow Dash a dirty look. “Ah haven’t willingly spent time with her in over a year after what she did.”

“Hey, you’re the one who canceled on me!” Rainbow Dash protested.

“Ah did no such thing!”


Both girls looked up to see Vix-Lei giving them a look. “Break it up, you two. Normally I’m all for a big brawl, but this is a school, and you’re supposed to be behaving yourselves.”

Applejack’s face reddened. “You’re right. Sorry.”

Anyway.” She looked around. “From what we’ve heard, all this trouble between you girls started after some interview with Sunset Shimmer.”

Rainbow Dash slammed one fist into her other hand. “Hey, that’s right! Mr. Blade here said she was involved…”

“Involved in what, darling?” Rarity asked. “As I recall, we just… stopped spending time together. In part because she doesn’t appreciate it when I offer to help…” She pointed at Pinkie. “Every time I volunteer to help with the decorations at a school function, I get an e-mail from Pinkie Pie saying she has plenty of volunteers! And then I find out she's done everything herself.”

Pinkie gave her a confused look. “I never sent you any e-mails!”

Rarity blinked at her. “You… didn’t?”

“No!” Pinkie then turned to Fluttershy. “And Fluttershy stopped talking to me because she didn’t appreciate that party I threw for her!”

“I was trying to have a silent auction for the animal shelter, but you brought all sorts of fireworks and noisemakers,” Fluttershy said, with a touch of bitterness in her voice. “It was supposed to be a serious event, and you ruined it!”

“But you’re the one who texted me and asked me to make it a big party!” Pinkie protested. She scratched her head. “Come to think of it, that was a little odd, considering how you feel about loud noises…”

“You don’t suppose it was Sunset Shimmer who sent those texts and e-mails, do you?” Wind Breaker spoke up. “Er… whatever those are.”

“That would make a lot of sense,” Applejack said thoughtfully. “Did you get some kind of message that was supposedly from me, Dash?”

“Yeah! It said the date for your bake sale had been moved!” Rainbow Dash’s eyes widened. “It… didn’t get moved, did it?”

“No, it did not.” Applejack sighed. “Suddenly, Ah feel like a world-class idiot for doubting you.”

“Yeah…” Rainbow Dash looked sheepish. “Guess I should have actually called you to make sure.”

“So now we know she was trying to split us up,” Fluttershy said softly. “But… why?”

“Because she’s a jerk?” Rainbow Dash suggested.

Rex shook his head. “There has to be something more,” he said. “Such as how she knew about your connection to our predecessors, or why she cared.” He frowned. “For that matter, we still need to figure out how she even knew about Equestria and the Elements in the first place.”

“Ah’m still confused about all that,” Applejack said. “What do you mean, predecessors? What’s this Equestria and Elements talk about?”

“That is a very long story,” Rex replied. “And it starts with the fact that of the six of us, not a one was born human. We are from an alternate dimension, one that is home to multiple sapient species. And, based on my observations, it appears that many of the residents of this world are very much like the ponies who lived over a thousand years before our time.”

Applejack blinked. “Whoa.”

“So you mean there’s an entire land full of magical ponies and pony princesses and you’re all the only ones who can save it but Sunset Shimmer stole your magical crown and now you’ve got to get it back before it’s too late?” Pinkie asked.

Everyone stared at her.

“What?” she asked.

Rex was the first to regain his composure. “That is… mostly accurate,” he said. “Except for the fact that there have not been any true Princesses since… well, since the day of the Changeling Invasion, when all three of Equestria’s Princesses died.” He sounded grim. “Along with your counterparts.”

Pinkie’s hair deflated at that. “I’m… dead?” she whimpered.

“But not gone,” Vix-Lei clarified. “I met the other Pinkie Pie - well, her spirit. She’s doing real well in her paradise in the Elysium Fields, just as happy as a clam.” She paused. “I never did understand that expression… clams aren’t generally happy, ya know? But she’s just as perky and playful as you, and I think she’s having a lot of fun there. Wish I could have hung around for more of that party she threw me after I awakened her old Element of Laughter.”

Pinkie’s hair poofed back up. “Well, if she’s happy, then I’m happy!” she chirped.

“That’s the spirit!” Vix-Lei reached out to clap her on the back, then remembered what the batty-bat had said and thought better of it. “Er, pun not intended.”

“Hey, quick question; was there a sixth member of your little group?” Xvital asked, only to get them looking at her in confusion before shaking their heads in the negative. “Dammit- wait, do they have the same buttmarks that the Virtues have on their clothes?” Xvital turned to face them, with the girls blinking in confusion at the buttmark comment. Vix-Lei nodded with the rest of them, causing Xvital to grin. “Good,” she said as she pulled out a piece of paper and jerked herself to the side before sighing. “Really miss my tailhand…” With a sigh, Xvital used her normal hands to sketch the symbol of the Magi of Stars. “Know anyone with this on them?”

Pinkie studied it. “I think I saw that on this girl who was out in the city and had this cute little purple puppy dog with her,” she said. “But that was a long time ago, so she might not be there anymore. She kinda looked like she was just visiting anyway.”

Xvital snapped her fingers. “Drat,” she grumbled. “So nobody in this school…”

“Nope!” Pinkie shook her head.

“Well, so much for that,” Xvital sighed.

“Um, excuse me,” Fluttershy said. “But you said something about an… Element of Laughter?”

“Right,” Vix-Lei agreed. “Well, apparently, the six Virtues - that’s what they call ‘em, your other pony versions - all had these special traits that they represented. Pinkie’s and mine is Laughter - we keep the others’ spirits up.”

“And our Element, Fluttershy, is Kindness,” Page said as she gave the girl a gentle smile. “We act as the moral guidance to our group.”

“Honesty,” Wind Breaker threw in. “That’s yours and mine, Applejack. We keep the others honest by staying honest ourselves. And with ourselves, which I had a real problem with for a while,” he said embarrassedly.

“Yours, Miss Rarity,” Rex said. “Is generosity. You and I have a natural understanding of people, and we inspire them with our selflessness.” Vix-Lei saw her eyes light up at that.

“And our Element, the one that, regrettably, took the longest to earn…” Night Blade sighed. “Suffice to say, it took quite the kick in the head for me to realize it was Loyalty. You and I, Miss Dash, are the ones who defend and protect the rest of our group, even at cost to ourselves.” He tapped the tray with his fork, causing Vix-Lei to frown; she thought he was all good now. “Case in point, what happened to my wings… not to mention my sides and my eye.”

“You mean, that scar up there…” Fluttershy’s own eyes widened.

“Came when I was fighting that-er, blasted bigot Sharp Point.” Night Blade nodded. “And he broke my sword too… still need to find a proper replacement when we get back,” he grumbled. “I was just about to take down a really good one and get a better look at it when this whole mess with Sunset Shimmer began… hopefully it’ll still be there when we get back.”

“Whoa.” Rainbow Dash looked at him. “You weren’t kidding when you said you were captain of a dueling team, were you?”

“No, I was not,” Night Blade replied. “Though I have found myself doing more serious, life-or-death sword fighting since the day I met everypo-body else besides Page than I have in my entire life before that.”

Fluttershy shivered. “Sounds scary…”

“It is not an experience I would like to go through again, to say the least,” Night Blade said. “But I believe we are getting somewhat off track. We still need answers from Sunset Shimmer.” He gestured to the girl in question, who was sitting alone at one table off to the side, though a pair of shorter boys were a few tables away and seemed to be keeping an eye on her.

“Don’t worry, I got this,” Vix-Lei grinned, causing the human versions of the Virtues to share confused looks while everyone else at the table paled slightly. She cupped her mouth and shouted at the top of her lungs, “HEY SUNSET SHIMMER, OVER HERE!” Every student, including Sunset, turned their heads to Vix-Lei and then to Sunset to see how she would react. “COME ON OVER SUNSET SHIMMER, WE WANT TO TALK TO YOU!” More students were looking at Sunset, who was now blushing and squirming on the spot. “I WON’T STOP ASKING YOU TO COME OVER SUNSET SHIMMER, SO YOU BEST COME ON OVER SUNSET SHIMMER!

That caused the girl, face red with embarrassment, to storm over to the table, with her lunch tray clutched tightly in her hands.

"All right," she growled. "You got me over here, now what do you want?"

"Answers," Xvital said. "For starters, how did you know about my Element? And that portal?"

Sunset snorted. "You mean, she didn't tell you?"

Xvital exchanged glances with the others. "She who?"

"You know, my old teacher!" Sunset glared. "Don't tell me, she's still keeping secrets, even from the servants she's sending into another world to save her oh-so-precious other student's crown." She looked disgusted. "And of course she wouldn't dare send her prized little pupil after me."

Xvital gave her a look. "Sunset Shimmer, I have no idea what you're talking about. We are nobody's servants, and that is my crown." She sighed. "Or at least, it's going to be mine."

Sunset gave a sharp laugh. "Really. You. You don't even have any magic, what makes you think you're worthy of the greatest magical artifact of all?"

"Well, it is one of a set," Vix-Lei pointed out. "And the rest of us have ours already, so... she's kinda the only one left to get it."

Sunset's eyes widened for a moment, then turned back to a scowl. "You're lying," she said. "I know who the Elements of Harmony belong to, and it's not any of you."

"Maybe we're not the original owners," Page said. "But we inherited them all fairly."

"Of course you're not the original owners," Sunset snapped. "They couldn't use the Elements after what happened. But you're not their successors either - you're nothing like those girls." She pointed to the five students, who all looked rather confused. "And four of you aren’t even ponies! So you can't possibly have inherited them."

Xvital blinked. "Wait, are you saying someone else had these Elements before the Virtues we know?"

"Virtues? What the buck are you-" Sunset Shimmer froze. "You're not kidding, are you," she breathed. "You really have no idea about these things' history. But how could you not know? Why wouldn't she tell you?"

"We know they belonged to the six Virtues before the big blowup in Canterlot all those years ago, and we've been chosen to inherit them now," Wind Breaker said. "Not sure how they got them in the first place though."

Sunset glared at him. "What big blowup?" she hissed.

"Um, the one that killed the goddesses and Virtues and a lot of others?" Wind Breaker said.

"Killed-" Sunset sat back in her chair. "Oh dear Celestia," she said in shock. "How long was I gone?"

Page looked at her curiously. "Gone?"

"I believe," Rex said quietly. "That the young lady here is not originally of this world. You were born and raised in Equestria, weren't you?" he asked Sunset.

"I was," Sunset admitted. "I was Princess Celestia's personal student, until she decided I wasn't worthy." She looked angry and disgusted. "So I came here to prove what a mistake she was making, so one day I could come back and show her. And now that I've got the crown, I can!"

"I'm afraid that won't be happening," Rex said gently. "You see, your princess has been dead for a thousand years."

Sunset's jaw dropped. "A thousand years‽" She shook her head. "No, that's... that's not possible! She can’t be dead!" There was a sudden tremble in her voice as she stood up. "... I need to be somewhere else." Abandoning her tray, she stalked off.

"Well," Rex finally said. "That went..."

"Unexpectedly?" Page sighed. "I'll say."

For a moment, there was silence, as the eleven sat there, lost in their thoughts. It was Applejack who finally spoke up. “Something she said is botherin’ me,” she remarked thoughtfully. “This place - Equestria. Pinkie says it’s a land of magical ponies. But Sunset Shimmer says four of you ain’t ponies.”

“And I said that Equestria is home to multiple sapient species,” Rex replied. “Sunset Shimmer is right, four of us were never ponies. But we are native to that world.”

“I know he’s one,” Rainbow Dash said as she looked at Night Blade. “Though, he’s some kind of weird bat-winged pony…”

“The correct term is Nox pony,” Night Blade said, an unpleasant look on his face. "We are kin to Pegasi, like yourself - or rather, like your counterpart."

"Cool beans." Rainbow Dash shrugged.

"Um, what about you?" Fluttershy asked Page.

"Unicorn pony," Page said. "Well, technically, unicorn of mixed heritage. But I identify more with my father's unicorn side. My mother's ancestors were... well, not the nicest."

"Minotaur," Vix-Lei put in. "And I think one of your classmates must have been one too. That Bulk Biceps... what a guy!" She grinned.

“Griffon,” Wind Breaker spoke up, looking at Applejack. “Grew up among ponies, so I have more in common with them than my own species… at least, most of the time.” He shuddered. “Don’t ask - it was in that same battle where Night Blade here got his scar and it’s not something I like to remember.”

“And what variety of being are you?” Rarity asked Rex. “I am certain that whatever species you were, you were quite the fine, handsome specimen.”

“I am a Diamond Dog,” Rex replied. “Albeit one of greater intelligence and sophistication than most of my kindred. I hate to speak ill of them, but suffice to say that most of my species is... well, more brawn than brain.”

“Oh my.” Rarity looked at him longingly. “Well, Diamond Dog or not, you are truly a noble fellow, and I sincerely wish there were more gentlemen like you in this world.” She sighed happily.

Snorting for a moment, Applejack turned to Xvital. “How about you?”

"Oh, I’m an Ahuizotl," Xvital said.

"Ah-hwee-what-zel?" Rainbow Dash scratched her head. "What the heck kind of critter is that?"

Ah-hwee-zot-el,” Xvital repeated. “We’re something like dogs, something like jaguars, something like otters and something like a monkey all rolled up into one.”

“Huh. Weird,” Rainbow Dash said with a shrug. “Sounds cool though.”

“Wait!” Fluttershy blinked. “Vix-Lei, if you’re a minotaur… why are you eating beef?” She sounded horrified.

Vix-Lei shrugged. “Because it’s what they had, and it’s good?”

“But it’s… cow,” she whimpered. “And… minotaurs are part cow.”

Vix-Lei blinked. “You mean that old legend?” She sighed. “Minotaurs may have some bovine ancestry, but we’re different enough that it doesn’t make much difference. Besides, these things aren’t sapient, are they?”

“Well, no…”

“Then it’s no big deal.” She went back to her taco. “Besides, we’re all omnivores… though based on how he was eating back in Equestria, I think Nighty here’s mostly a fruitivore.”

“That’s frugivore,” Page corrected her. “And no, he’s not. He just really loves his mangos.”

“I am sitting right here, you know,” Nighty said grumpily. “Though I will admit to a special fondness for mango, yes.”

“Told you,” Page snarked at him, causing the girls to giggle.

“Ah guess you two are an item?” Applejack asked.

“I would guess so, you two would make a cute couple,” Rarity said, adding to the pile of awkwardness.

“We… were,” Page said reluctantly. “We’re kind of taking a break.” She looked at Night Blade. “I’d rather not talk about it though.”

“Come on, tell us,” Rainbow Dash grinned and went to elbow Night only to stop herself. “What, did you forget her birthday or something?”

No,” he replied sharply. “It was a very bad day for both of us, and not something I want to talk about.”

“Maybe we can help, if that’s okay,” Fluttershy offered. “If… if you want some help…”

“Yeah!” Pinkie said brightly. “It can’t be that bad, it’s not like he hit her.”

Page winced instinctively, and Pinkie’s eyes widened. She looked like she was about to say something incredibly loud, when Applejack put a hand over her mouth. “Ifn’ you want to keep it between the two of you, I’ll understand,” she said firmly. “But we’re here whenever you want to talk.”

“I appreciate the offer,” Page said. “But really, we just need some time to work this out on our own.” She sighed. “Thank you though.”

“Uh… okay.” Rainbow Dash sat back and looked around. “So… what’s the plan for dealing with Shimmer?”

Xvital sat up straight. “Honestly, we don’t have one yet,” she said. “The key thing is getting my Element back. We talked to Principal Celestia about it - she caught Sunset with my Element and confiscated it, since she thought it was the Fall Formal Princess crown. She knows it’s not now, but still, she can’t give it back just yet.” She tapped her fingers against her chin. “If we can get proof that it was definitely stolen from me, then your principal will give it back, but I have no idea how to do that.”

“Maybe we can get her to confess on tape?” Rainbow Dash suggested.

“Nah, she’s too clever for that,” Applejack dismissed it. “Think Snips and Snails would be willing to talk if we had this guy prove he was scarier than Sunset?” She gestured to Night Blade.

“If I knew who you were talking about, I might consider it,” Night Blade said.

“Those two,” Applejack pointed to the shorter boys who had been watching Sunset earlier. “They’re kind of her pet goons. Do all kinds of dirty work for her. Ah bet you could intimidate them somethin’ fierce.”

“Yes…” Rarity scowled. “And I am certain those two are the ones responsible for that debacle last spring… on her orders.”

Rex looked at her. “So you were the one who ran against Sunset Shimmer for the Spring Fling… I suspected as much, after what Principal Celestia told us.” He bowed. “My sincerest condolences over what must have happened to you, my lady.”

“Why thank you, kind sir,” Rarity would have curtsied at him if she had been standing. “It means so much to me to have someone care... besides Fluttershy that is, since she was there to support me after that fiasco.” She smiled at the other girl.

Fluttershy blushed. “It was no problem,” she said. “I know what it’s like to be treated like that…”

“Whatever we do, it has to be before the dance,” Page said. “Principal Celestia said that was the night after tomorrow. So we have two-and-a-half days to figure this out.”

Just then, the bell rang.

“And that sound means that school is out for the day.” Applejack stretched. “Ah hate to up and leave it like this, but Ah got to get back to the farm and do mah homework and afternoon chores. Think we could meet up somewhere later on?”

“Ooh! Ooh! We can all meet up at my place!” Pinkie exclaimed. “It can be a big sleepover for twelve!”

“Twelve?” Night Blade looked at her. “I think your math is a bit off, Miss Pie.”

“Nah, it’s just fine,” Pinkie said dismissively. “It’s all of us, that’s eleven. And then there’s my big sister Maud, she’s number twelve!”

“I see.” Page looked at the others. “Well, I suppose we should get going. The rest of us have a little more paperwork to fill out before we can leave for the day.”

“Alrighty!” Pinkie scribbled something down on a sheet of paper. “Here’s my address. Gotta fly!” Grabbing up her things, she dashed out the door.

“Yeah, and I’ve got track this afternoon.” Rainbow Dash nodded. “Cool hanging with ya, Mr. Blade.” She also headed for the door.

Applejack waved as she grabbed her own things and left, and Fluttershy nodded shyly before picking up her bag and also departing. A small white paw stuck itself out of her bag and waved as she did so.

“I fear I too must be off,” Rarity said with a sigh. “Sweetie Belle will be waiting for me to give her a ride home. I shall see you all tonight, good sirs and madams.” With a curtsy, she left.

Page looked at the others. “Well, we need to get to Vice-Principal Luna’s office,” she said. “Paperwork waits for no one, unfortunately.”

There was a round of nods, and the six stood up, taking their trash with them on the way out.

Sunset Shimmer

How dare they. How dare they!

Sunset stalked along the sidewalk, heading back to her small apartment, an angry expression on her face. This was supposed to be my hour of triumph! I was going to take that crown and show Princess Celestia how big a mistake she made forcing me out… and then these amateurs show up claiming she’s been dead for a thousand years and they’re the new Bearers!

Years of experience had taught Sunset how to read people, to know if they were lying or telling the truth - a learned version of what the Element of Honesty was said to grant its user. She had listened to those interlopers, and much as she hated to admit it, she had understood that they were telling the truth, every word of it.

Well. She stalked onwards. If Celestia is dead, and so is that little brat she tried to replace me with… then there’s only one thing to do.

I’m going to get that crown back. I’m going back to Equestria. And I’m going to prove to the whole world what Celestia’s rightful heir can do when she has the power she was denied.

A grim smile forced its way onto her face. And then nobody will ever hold me back ever again.

Author's Note:

Special thanks to Anon e Mouse Jr. for his work on this chapter, namely all of it.

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