• Published 19th Dec 2016
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The Pieces Lie Where They Fell - Evilhumour

A thousand years after the death of Mane Six, a new generation of Bearers are chosen.

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Chapter Nine: Page Turner

Chapter Nine

Page Turner

Looking around, Page Turner found herself in a very crowded living room that seemed to be a mixture of nature run wild with the structures of civilization.

She was sitting on a sofa with a number of food bowls spread across the table in front of her for the Virtues’ sake!

“Out of all of them, she didn’t like it the most,” a voice chided her, almost startling her out of her skin. Turning her head, she saw a yellow pegasus with a long pink mane walk into the room with a tea-HOLY TARTARUS IT WAS THE STERN WARDEN!

“No no, that’s not her name and again, Fluttershy hated it as it made her seem scarier than she ever wanted,” the pony said with a glazed look in her eyes, placing the tea set down.

“Fluttershy,” she mumbled the true name of one of the Virtues before something slipped into her head. “Wait, she didn’t like it?” Twisting her head, she looked at the pony who was pouring them some tea.

“I am the spirit of what Fluttershy and the rest of what you call the Virtues’ greatest joint collaboration,” the pony thing said as it flashed her a smile. “I am sorry for the obtuseness but due to circumstances, I cannot tell you what I am truly. For now, I am simply the spirit of Balance.”

“Okay…” Page Turner said slowly, reaching out for the tea cup with a shaky hoof. “And where is the Stern- I mean, where is Fluttershy?”

“Resting,” the spirit of Balance said sadly, taking a sip of her tea. “While she had a hidden heart of a dragon when push came to shove, she was still a very shy mare in life. She does speak to the rest of the girls, but rarely. She did not deserve to die as she did.”

Gulping, Page Turner took a sip of her tea to stall for some time. Putting the cup down, she turned to face the pony thing next to her and asked the million Celestian coin question. “Why am I here?”

“Because it is time for me to return,” the spirit said, placing her teacup down. “Two thousand years ago, my power was perverted by those who had inherited it, and it took a millennium for my powers to be restored to their proper form. The ones who then held my power were killed before they had a chance to pass on their boons. Today is the anniversary of their death and thus my return, although I have been preparing for this day for a long time. I must say, this meeting is one of the more pleasant events I had foreseen. It was good that you did not try and diverge from the path I lay out for you, Night Blade, Xvital, Rex, Vix-Lei and Wind Breaker.”

“Oh?” Page asked weakly, her head spinning at all of the information dropped onto her lap.

“Yes,” the spirit said, taking a sip of its tea. “If you had tried to diverge from my chosen location, one of you would have suffered an injury that would have lasted for at least a month. Although it would have allowed me to say more as I am forced to be balanced in my actions now.”

Taking that fact in, Page lifted the cup to her lips and took another time-stalling sip. “And how do I factor in all of these things?”

“You are one of the six chosen inheritors of my power, Page Turner,” Balance said flashing her a look. “You are to replace the Element that Fluttershy once held... and our Element is Kindness, Page.”

Page Turner snapped her head to look at the pony as her entire voice and tone changed, with the pony letting out a meep, hiding behind her mane.

That wasn’t Balance so it had to be…

“Fluttershy?” she asked tentatively, seeing the big blue eyes for a moment before they become fluid again.

“As I said, she is a very timid soul and she has the Elysium to hide in now,” Balance said, shaking its head. “But she spoke the truth; you have endless love and compassion for all, seeking to give whatever aid you can to others. From helping a colt that was so miserable at home find solace in another to risking your own life to help that nymph mare. You are Kindness, the Element that acts as the moral guidance to the others.”

“That kinda sounds like I’m a generous mare, not a kind one,” Page chuckled weakly as she was still coming to terms that she was heir apparent to a Virtue!

“You would have been another Element if not for you wishing to keep your secrets.”

Page spat out her tea, her heart almost out of her mouth while at the same time pounding in her chest. Feeling her blood go cold, she turned to face this thing and wanted to know how it knew that she-

“I am connected to you through your Element and I have watched over this world, so I know what your secrets are,” Balance said sharply. “So that is why you are Kindness and not another Element, Page Turner.”

“Oh,” Page tried to calm her racing heart but she couldn’t do that as the sheer terror of someone discovering her secrets was overwhelming and-

“Keeping secrets will only do you harm, Page Turner,” Balance said, looking at her. “It would be in your best interest to tell them that you-”

No,” Page Turner hissed, dropping the cup onto the table.

“You have kept the truth from Night Blade for fourteen years and the others are in the dark,” Balance said unperturbed by the outburst. “The fallout will only increase as long as you stay silent.”

“I have kept my secrets from Hush Tone, and that griffon raised me and is practically my mother,” Page snapped, gathering her magic. “So I think I will keep my two secrets to myself, thank you very much.”

Shaking its head, Balance placed the teacup down. “Very well, Page Turner. But now it is time for you to wake up, for I need to speak to the rest and I do not wish to repeat myself.”

Before Page could say anything, she found herself staring up a flakey old ceiling, with Night and the rest arguing about something.

“Look, she’s waking up Night, so you can calm the fuck down,” Wind Breaker said, gesturing a tallon at her.

“She passed out for no reason, so I think I had the right to be worried about her,” Night said, giving her a relieved look.

“And yet you did not wish to take her to a medical professional?” That had to be Rex, as only he spoke in such an educated fashion.

“I don’t like most doctors,” Page grumbled, running a hoof across her head. “Night knows that so thank you dearie.”

“While this is all nice,” Vix-Lei said, squatting down to look her in the face with worried look on her face. “I think we’ve been ignoring the cocktrice in the room long enough.”

“What are you talking about?” Page raised an eyebrow at the minotaur, dropping a hoof onto her chest when she felt something off. Looking down, she saw that there was a second necklace alongside the one she got from Rex. “What the…”

Then her memories of Stern Warden came slamming back, with this necklace being the proof that something had happened.

It is time,” a voice boomed, startling all of them. All of them reached for their weapons as a winged unicorn creature appeared in the middle of the room, which Page noted was bare of any paintings and that she had been resting on a bench. “I have spoken with Page Turner already and she is the first of you to inherit my power as the new Bearers of the Elements.

“Whoa, what the crap is going on?” Vix-Lei swore, moving her hammer towards the translucent being in front of them. “Holy fuck!” she shouted, dropping the hammer with a loud thud echoing out in the empty building.

“Who or what are you?” Rex peered at the thing, reaching for his glasses.

I am the Spirit of Balance, although that is a lie that I must endure until you have learned of my true nature,” it spoke to Rex before moving around to look at each of them.

“Care to tell us what is going on?” Xvital asked, shifting on the spot while looking around.

I am here to inform you of your destiny and your fate. You were all chosen to carry out the work that your predecessors did and inherit my Elements,” the spirit said with a stern look on its face. “Some of you will come to your Element with ease, some will simply just need to stop suppressing them. For some, you will need to halt your actions as you are preventing your Element from awakening, and the last Element will only show itself when the others have been brought to the fore.

“Okay, that’s good and all, but why don’t you tell us a bit more, like what these Elements are or who you are,” Wind Breaker fowned, flexing his wings.

Because I am no longer who I was once and now am of Balance,” the spirit told the griffon. “I am already being pulled to our mutual foe, whom I must inform of your presence. If I were to tell you more, I would be forced to aid them in equal amount, and they are far more able to strike you in a lethal fashion than you possess a chance of defeating them currently with only one Element.

“Wait, foe?” Night asked, stepping forwards. “Is Page in danger?”

You are all in danger until you vanquish this threat; it will be allowed to take control of this nation’s might due to the aid I have given you,” the spirit of Balance turned its head from Night to look at all of them. “Now go; go forth in my former name and bring back unity to this land!” It shouted the last bit even louder then the rest of its conversation, with the walls actually catching on fire as it exploded into a ball of light!

“Oh shit, we need to get out of here now!” Xvital shouted, directing them towards what Page believed to be the front door.

As she ran outside, Page knew her life was going to get a lot more complicated.

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