• Published 19th Dec 2016
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The Pieces Lie Where They Fell - Evilhumour

A thousand years after the death of Mane Six, a new generation of Bearers are chosen.

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Chapter Twenty Nine: ???

Chapter Twenty Nine


It stared down at its city, Canterlot.

It was its city; through the host it claimed the city had become its new domain.

It was not worried, not truly. Four of the six Elements had awoken; Kindness, Laughter, Honesty and Generosity were on the field. It was not worried about Loyalty or Magic as both it and Balance knew it would be pointless in the end, it already had victory assured.

It was not a fool, however and that was the reason it was going to see to their deaths. Leaving a thing like Balance alone would be asking for trouble. Hence why it taken this host primarily so it could control the Captains of Canterlot.

“The six traitors are still loose,” it said through its host, matching the manner of speech perfectly. No need to alarm the Captains; while they were powerful and they were no match for it, they and their Guards would pose most vexing to kill and would lead to no end of revolts and resistance groups. “I have thought long on this matter and I have decided that the time has come for the Guards to meet the changing times and use these powerful creatures.” It turned its host’s head to the side and revealed what ponies of this age called Manechurian Dragons. “You are all as aware of how dangerous these creatures are as I am and while we have done our best to keep them out of Canterlot and Equestria, we cannot be stagnant when the world is moving forwards.”

“They are still very clumsy and dangerous for their handler,” the stallion in gold muttered. “I could not in good conscience allow my Guards near them, sir.”

“I understand your complaints and I agree with you.” It truly did believe these words, one of the few things that were not lies it had peddled to the Captains. In Ages past, Manechurian Dragons had elegance, simplicity, grace and a terrible killing power that those who lived in those times had perfected to their destruction. Of course, like their true name, knowledge of what they could do was lost to time but nothing was truly lost to Time and others who had a Role and Purpose related to death, destruction, pain and sorrow like it had. “I have ponies working on refining them, perfecting their power. Once it is done, you will use them to hunt down the six and bring them in, killing them if need be.”

The Captains looked at the host before nodding and leaving to address their Guards about their new tasks, leaving it alone with its host.

It turned the host’s head to look down at its city and smiled.

Victory was assured; now it was just a matter of bringing everything together.

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