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I am a very recent brony as well a fan of Spike and Shining Armor and a first time writer, so wish me luck!


It's been a year and a half since The Super Megaforce Rangers defeated the Armada that was led by Prince Vekar with the help of the legendary Rangers. Small remnants of the Armada survived and after gathering together with the help of their new leader, Vildrax, they flee to a new dimension known as Equestria in order rebuild the Armada and make it stronger than ever.

To help them get back in their fighting force, Vildrax plans to conquer the entire planet of Equis, a task he believed would be quick and simple. This would be the exact opposite as the being known as Gosei and his new assistant Alpha 5 have followed the Armada and had spent the year creating new keys for the recently discovered Super Sentai verse.

Now it's up five children, each one a different species, to save their world from the evil Armada as the New Super Megaforce Rangers!

Spike the Dragon as the Red Super Megaforce Ranger
Bram the Minotuar as the Blue Super Megaforce Ranger
Rover the Diamond Dog as the Green Super Megaforce Ranger
Aeris the Griffon as the Yellow Super Megaforce Ranger
Melody 'Mel' the Kirin as the Pink Super Megaforce Ranger
Garble the Dragon as the Silver Super Megaforce Ranger
Ember the Dragon Lord as the Aqua Super Megaforce Ranger

Nyx and any other Past Sins character belong to Pen Stroke

Gore and sex tags there for occasional bits of blood and small innuendos.

Chapters (3)
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Comments ( 45 )

Morphinominal sweet story hope you keep up with it!:pinkiehappy:

I dislike Super Mega force But I do love Gokaiger.

7231853 I'm gonna try to use elements from both shows.

7231896 I just meant the shows I means Nick did a mayor bad job on Super Mega Force, Dino Charge and Super Dino Charge.

Let me guess that the Aqua Ranger will use the extra Ranger keys (like SPD shadow ranger)

Garble and Spike on the same team that's going to be interesting I have no idea how you're going to get that to work but I am interested

7245791 I plan to have Garble and Ember become Rangers in a retelling of 'Gauntlet of Fire.'

Good start. Their Dairanger Power Ranger keys better be called Mighty Morphin Dai-Thunder cause that would be so fitting being the lost rangers minus the White Ranger are thunder based and the Dairanger suits finally being fully used.

I love it how about Dairanger, Kaku/ alien rangers, ninja storm, dino thunder, rpm, and operation overdrive

7324094 I just posted a new chapter if you want to read it. I also made the mistake of uploading at 12 in the morning...... :twilightblush:

I like it, however it could use a little brushing up in some spots. Also have a few other ideas

7701661 I love this story a whole lot I can't wait for more uploads to this story I'll b waiting my friend

7328093 what it's complete that can't be right what about the other chapters

7881771 I changed this into a pilot story that's all.

7881866 then where is the real story if this is a pilot story

7881888 I'll be making multiple story one shot episodes trying to focus one or two characters.

7881926 OK keep me posted on the story thanks

Well, it has promise as an idea, though A) it needs a major touch-up by an editor in the spelling/grammar/punctuation/wrongly capitalizing "said" tags/failing to put each new speaker's dialogue in a new paragraph/leaving out random words everywhere/etc. departments, and B) gotta be honest, the fight scenes are embarrassingly short and nondescriptive, and put a major damper on an otherwise neat premise, especially since the fights are what draw most people to Power Rangers (for one example, two generals have fired missiles at the Rangers, and yet no mention of where they're shooting these missiles from). And a subtle C) even though I haven't actually seen the episodes, from the clips I have seen, the first chapter seems almost a copy-paste of parts of the Megaforce and Super Megaforce premieres almost right down to the dialogue used (which, again, I haven't actually heard, yet I'm still thinking I recognize).

On a positive note, Pinkie's "Are you coco in the loco?" and everything Piranhatron said are keepers.

7882383 Sorry, I'm using a tablet and it has a tendency to put in words I didn't intend to put in.

Nope, but did I accidentally copied his name?


You didn't actually. The guy you're thinking of is called Vilgax. Vildrax is still original for a name.

Um did you accidentally mispost the next chapter? I got an email for the next update.

Yeah... I quickly unpublished when I accidentally pressed. Doesn't help I'm typing on a tablet.

Okay, so worth the wait. Now, let's go, let's go Gokaigers! Er, sorry, Super Mega Equestrian Force. Doesn't roll off the tongue as much, but more accurate. Anyways, I think the first character you should focus on is Rover. Has a interesting backstory, would love to see you delve deeper into that. Then again, we know so little about Melody as it is, and she needs some development...

Thanks! By the way, what ranger modes or Gokai chages do you think I should put in?

Hmm, that's a good question. I say leave it up to your own mind, really. Unless you're doing a tribute chapter and want to pair similarly themed Rangers together as Gokaigers often did, the picks could probably be random.

What character would you like me to focus for the next chapter after Attack on Canterlot?

Hello I was wondering when will be the next chapter I really like it so far answer me when you can

Have The Mane 6 face a monster. They will use their Rainbow Power but the monster will have the power to absorb energy and shoot back even stronger. They'll try to reason with him only to discover that he cannot be reformed. The rangers come and manage to hold them off but the Mane 6 interfere stating they should let the pros handle it, letting the monster to attack them and escape. While the 6 recover, the rangers call them out. Soon they get to witness them destroying the monster twice, while the 6 learn to not fight in battles they cannot win.

I'll think about it, it's a very interesting idea.

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