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I am a very recent brony as well a fan of Spike and Shining Armor and a first time writer, so wish me luck!


Once upon time... There lived a childless baker and his wife, a carefree young dragon, a hungry little filly, a royal guard, a kind Pegasus, and an ugly witch that all lived near the edge of the woods. An adventure shall take place like no other.

Based on the Disney adaption of the musical.

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Shining Armor has always believed that hard work and dedication was the only thing needed to achieve what you want to do in life, which is why the only thing he's ever focused on was his guard training in order to move up from being a simple recruit to a full fledged Royal Guard.

Though he always thought the only friends he needed were his family, little sister, and his two young dragon assistants, Spike and his twin sister Spines, he soon has to rely on this in order to face the return of Nightmare Moon on the one thousandth year of the Summer Sun Celebration.

Additional character tags: Nightmare Moon, original characters, Hondo Flanks/Magnum, and Spike.

Reimaging of 'Friendship is Magic'
This awesome artwork does not belong to me and belongs to the original creator, icyfire888.

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They've failed. The Kaiju Earth Defenders have been defeated by the alien race known as the Vortaak.

With Space Godzilla using a mysterious device, the remaining Earth Defenders and Godzilla's son, Godzilla Junior, are transported to a new world known as Equestria

Now stuck in the form of creatures known as ponies, the five Kaiju must rely on the help of five kids and protect their new home from Vortaak and other evil Kaiju.

Main Kaiju and their partners.
Godzilla: partner, Spike the Dragon
Baragon: partner, Applebloom
Anguirus: partner, Button Mash
Mothra: partner, Sweetie Belle
Rodan: partner, Rumble
Varan: partner, Scootaloo
King Caeser: partner, First Base

Other kaiju:
Godzilla Junior

Note: Inspired by a story whose name I can't remember, and this is my take of the Godzilla Unleashed ending.

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It's been a year and a half since The Super Megaforce Rangers defeated the Armada that was led by Prince Vekar with the help of the legendary Rangers. Small remnants of the Armada survived and after gathering together with the help of their new leader, Vildrax, they flee to a new dimension known as Equestria in order rebuild the Armada and make it stronger than ever.

To help them get back in their fighting force, Vildrax plans to conquer the entire planet of Equis, a task he believed would be quick and simple. This would be the exact opposite as the being known as Gosei and his new assistant Alpha 5 have followed the Armada and had spent the year creating new keys for the recently discovered Super Sentai verse.

Now it's up five children, each one a different species, to save their world from the evil Armada as the New Super Megaforce Rangers!

Spike the Dragon as the Red Super Megaforce Ranger
Bram the Minotuar as the Blue Super Megaforce Ranger
Rover the Diamond Dog as the Green Super Megaforce Ranger
Aeris the Griffon as the Yellow Super Megaforce Ranger
Melody 'Mel' the Kirin as the Pink Super Megaforce Ranger
Garble the Dragon as the Silver Super Megaforce Ranger
Ember the Dragon Lord as the Aqua Super Megaforce Ranger

Nyx and any other Past Sins character belong to Pen Stroke

Gore and sex tags there for occasional bits of blood and small innuendos.

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Unexplained occurrences happen every day, but if you posses the Yo-Kai Watch, you will have the amazing and rare ability to see the elusive Yo-Kai. Invisible spirit like entities, responsible for life's daily annoyances. But beware.... When a Yo-Kai enters your life, things will never be quite the same....

After he gets lost in the Everfree, Spike stumbles upon an odd capsule machine in front of an old tree and after inserting a bit, he opens the capsule that comes out of the machine. A strange ghost creature by the name of Whisper comes out and introduces Spike to the world of Yo-Kai.

My second story! This was another idea I had going on in my head for a little while now, so I am really excited!

There are adventure elements but I can't put them in due to the slice of life tag.

Yo-Kai Watch is a copyright of Level-5.

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Zordan's sacrifice was thought to have wipeout all evil in the universe. Unfortunately, though Divatox was turned good, a fail safe she created when she was evil brings an exact clone of her to life along with her other evil minions. The evil Divatox creates a portal to a new dimension in order to continue her evil campaign.

Dimitria figures out where Divatox Is going and along with Alpha 5, travels to this new dimension called Equestria and call upon six children to become the new Turbo Rangers.

These six children must now defend their hometown of Ponyville as well all of Equestria from Divatox's evil forces.

Spike as the Red Turbo Ranger
Rumble as the Blue Turbo Ranger
Button Mash as the Green Turbo Ranger
Sweetie Belle as the Pink Turbo Ranger
Applebloom as the Yellow Turbo Ranger
Scootaloo as the Orange Turbo Ranger
Later, Dinky Doo as the Purple Turbo Ranger
There will be original characters in this story but I can't put the tag in because I can only put in five character tags.

Power Rangers Turbo is a copyright of Bandai.

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Spike the dragon, number one assistant to princess Twilight Sparkle and faithful friend. Sadly for Spike, ever since Twilight became a princess and defeated Tirek, he slowly began feel like he doesn't a place in the world and doesn't believe he is useful for anything, especially since his six friends are once again called to prevent another disaster and having him stay behind and has also given up his crush on Rarity.

Sweetie Belle, Rarity's little sister and Cutie Mark Crusader and great friend to fellow crusaders Applebloom and Scootaloo. Sweetie had earned her cutie mark along with her friends and her talent was having an incredible singing voice. Despite having stage fright, she signs up for a talent competition, though she slowly begins to lose her confidence in her singing and it gets worse when her sister is called off to save Equestria from another disaster and has to miss the talent show.

Both children go to sleep that night and experience unlike anything they had and end up in the dream world of Nightopia and meet one of the inhabitants of this world, Nights.

Spike and Sweetie Belle decide to gather the ideya that was stolen from them and help their new friend, Nights save the dream world from the Nightmarens.
Takes post season 5 and after "Crusaders of the Lost Mark"
This is the very first story I've ever written outside of short five sentence paragraphs for school so some constructive criticism would be greatly appreciated.

Note: I've recently become a brony so yay for me! As well as some Spike, Sweetie Belle shipping.

Nights series and characters are a copyright of SEGA and Sonic Team
MLP: FIM characters and locations are copyright Lauren Faust and Hasbro

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