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Power Rangers Turbo: Equestrian Branch Pilot - Joeyjambo122

Six children are chosen by a being from another dimension to become the new Turbo Rangers.

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The Return of Divatox

An abandoned fish shaped submarine layed down at the bottom of the ocean on planet Earth. The inside of the sub was surprisingly in good condition. Suddenly, some of the controls of a console started shifting, which in turn revealed a hidden tube with flashing lights.

After a few minutes a whirring sound started to go off.

The tube slowly opened, letting the smoke inside out. The silhouette of woman started emerging from the tube. "I'm back!" The figure yelled as she laughed evilly.

"Now then, time to get my crew back and get the dimensional portal up and running. An entire new universe to conquer and there will be no Power Rangers to stop me. Ha ha ha ha ha!"


Elsewhere in the universe, a small robot named Alpha 5 was checking over the scanners when suddenly an alarm started sounded off.

"Ayi-yi-yi! The alarm is going off! That must mean she's back! I've got to inform Dimitria at once!"

Alpha quickly went to main room of the new base command and approached a strange tube. A woman dressed in white robes appeared within the tube.

"Ah Alpha, I see you've noticed the alarm as well. Looks like Divatox's suspicions were correct. Her evil clone has been created and now seeks to conquer a new dimension. We must take action at once. Alpha, is the dimensional portal up and running?" Dimitria stated.

Alpha quickly responded. "Of course Dimitria, the has been tested and approved and we are ready to move the base to this new dimension."

Dimitria was pleased by this news. "Good work Alpha, once we've arrived, we must select new individuals from this new world to become the new Power Rangers!"

The new youth center, opened and owned by Mr. and Mrs. Cake, had only been opened 3 months ago and had quickly become a great hangout for the youth of Ponyville. The youth center even includes a gym as well as several different clubs for the colts and fillys of Ponyville.

One club particularly caught the attention of a young baby dragon named Spike. Spike was the personal assistant of Princess Twilight Sparkle. He had been taking martial arts class and had become a black belt. He took the class with three fillys and two colts.

The three fillys were part of their own club called the Cutie Mark Crusaders and their names were Applebloom, Sweetie Belle, and Scootaloo. The colts were Rumble and Button Mash. Rumble was the younger brother of Thunderlane, a member of the weather patrol. Button Mash was a big video game fanatic, but was also a wiz at electronics.

Their favorite past time after the club was dismissed was to hang out at the salad bar in the workout area.

Spike was exhausted by the time the club was dismissed. "Whew, at the rate you guys are going, your gonna get your black belts faster than I did." Spike jokingly complemented. Applebloom commented on this. "Are ya kidding Spike? Ya'll got your black belt 2 weeks ago! Your still the best in the whole club!" Spike gave her an incredulous look. "Applebloom you mastered the round house kick in 2 days! It took me three weeks to get it down right."

Carrot Cake stood in the salad bar getting some fruit smoothies together for children at the bar when he noticed Spike and his friends approaching. Giving the children a kindly smile, he happily greeted them. "Hey kids!"

All six children greeted him back. "Hi Mr. Cake!"

"So how are our favorite customers doing today?" Carrot kindly asked. Spike walked up to the counter took a seat along with the others. "We're doing great Mr. Cake, I swear these ponies are gonna get they're black belts faster than I did. Rumble here actually beat me in a sparring match earlier." Rumble blushed at this before saying his order.

"The usual for me please." Carrot Cake happily obliged and got to work making Rumble's favorite cherry cream smoothie... before the smoothie machine suddenly malfunctioned. Carrot let out a frustrated sigh. "That's the fifth it's done that this week and it's really starting to annoy me."

Button Mash looked at it curiously before asking. "May I take a look at this Mr. Cake?" Carrot merely shrugged his shoulders. "Sure, be my guest." Getting a better look at the machine, Button Mash took out his handy tool box set to work on fixing it. "Ah, here's your problem. There are several screws loose on it, but don't worry. I'll have it fixed in a minute!"

Carrot look at him curiously. "Gosh, Button is really good with these with machines. This could be his special talent if he just realizes it.

While Button Mash was working his magic on the machine, Scootaloo decided to start up a conversation. "So Spike, how do you find time for martial arts anyway? I figured Twilight always has a bunch of crazy chores for you."

Spike answered. "Twilight hired some servants for the castle a few months ago and it has really decreased my work load, so I've had a lot of free time on my hands." Sweetie Belle picked up on this. "Your lucky, Rarity always has me be her test wearer to try her new outfits and it's not like she can't hire anypony else to do it instead." Sweetie Belle complained.

While they were chatting, Rumble looked around and noticed the local bullies, Diamond Tiara and Silver Spoon walked in.

Rumbled groaned in annoyance. "Great, look who just walked through the door." they turned in the direction of the door and joined Rumble's annoyed groans.

Diamond looked over to the bar and noticed Button Mash had just finished repairing the smoothie. Soon she gained a snide look before walking over to the group, Silver Spoon tailing behind her.

"Funny, I didn't know they allowed blank flanks and overgrown lizards in the youth center. They must be really desperate for customers." she taunted. "Yeah, and look." Silver Spoon said, pointing her hoof at Button Mash. "Look's like the blank flank over there has become a giant nerd." Button Mash blushed something fierce upon hearing the hurtful insult.

Spike scowled at this scene. "The "Blank Flank" your referring to is my friend and his name is Button Mash." Spike said defending Button Mash. He may have only met Button Mash a few months ago when they joined Martial Arts club, but Spike already thought of him as his friend and wasn't just gonna sit there and watch him take Diamond Tiara and Silver Spoon's insults.

Diamond Tiara sent a scowl his way as well. "Stay outta this lizard breath! Besides, what are you gonna to do? Use your karate skills on me? News flash, I'm a girl, and boys can't hit girls." Silver Spoon piped up as well. "Yeah, what kinda of stupid karate class is it anyway? I heard you can't even use it to beat ponies up.

Spike glared at them and sent a toothy growl their way, which actually caused them back up a little. "Martial Arts should never be used to attack others unless provoked." he said still glaring at them.

Unfortunately, Diamond Tiara and Silver were undeterred. "Wow, I thought dragons were supposed to be fierce and mighty, not small and wimpy!" Diamond managed to say despite still being glared at by Spike, who's face was now boiling red.

Both Rumble and Sweetie Belle were tired of the insults as well and Rumble spoke up first. "This coming from the filly who hasn't thrown a punch a day and her life." Sweetie Belle continued the insult. "And would probably only know Martial Arts because her rich daddy bought her a fancy new gadget." After several chuckles from the patrons, including Spike and Button Mash, Diamond Tiara finally yelled. "Oh yeah!? I could charge any of you and give you bumps on your head that would there for weeks!"

As Scootaloo watched this scene unfold, she noticed Snips and Snails standing nearby, signaling at her to come over. She walked over to the duo and they whispered something in her ear. All three gained mischievous smiles. Scootaloo walk over a few 10 meters near the edge of a small platform. When Snips and Snails gave her a hooves up, she initiated their plan.

"Oh yeah Diamond Tiara? If you and Silver Spoon can charge me and lay a single hit, then you can treat me as your servant for the rest of my life!" Several patrons gasped at the bet and Spike was about to speak up when he noticed Snips and Snails slipping a moving tray behind the spot Scootaloo was standing on as well other little traps and caught on to what they were planning, causing him to struggle to hold down a giggle.

"Alright, your on Blank Flank! Come on Silver Spoon!" Diamond Tiara yelled. Both girls charged toward Scootaloo, before stepping to the side at the last moment. Both girls fell on the moving tray and started moving. The cart went trough tar filled buckets, a pillow stuffed with feathers, and a small contraption that put paper beaks around their mouths and red rubber gloves on their heads. With the nutty ride over upon stopping at the entrance, everypony in the building couldn't hold it in any longer and burst out laughing.

Diamond Tiara and Silver Spoon upon seeing themselves, both cried out in embarrassment and anger, before declaring. "We won't forget about this anytime soon, so watch your backs!" Before fleeing through the entrance.

Once the laughter settled down, Scootaloo went over to Snips and Snails. " Hey guys, thanks for helping us deal with you know who." Scootaloo said as she thanked them.

"Ah, it was no problem Scoots. Besides I think it was about time somepony taught them a lesson."

Button Mash walked over to Spike. "Hey Spike... did you really mean it when you said we were friends? I mean we only met each other a few months ago when we both joined the same club."

Spike gave him a small smile. "Of course I meant what I said. I know we've only known each other for a few months but I can definitely say we're friends. Plus, I wasn't just gonna sit there and watch them tease you like that. A good friend doesn't leave another friend hanging, that's what Rainbow Dash always says." Spike then looked at the others and asked. "Isn't that right guys?"

"Are you kidding? Of course!" Scootaloo proudly stated.

"You bet!" Rumble shouted.

"Definitely!" Sweetie Belle.

"Ya darn tootin!" Applebloom yelled in her cowboy accent.

Button Mash looked at all his friends giving them a small smile and started blushing. "Aw shucks, thanks guys."


Meanwhile, in the newly established base command, Dimitria smiled warmly at the heartwarming scene unfolding in the viewing globe. "I believe we have found the new Turbo Rangers." Alpha once more looked at the viewing globe. "They certainly seem like Ranger material and if I remember correctly, young Justin was twelve years old when he became a Ranger."

"Yes he was, and I believe these six children are capable of the same bravery he displayed time and again."

Suddenly, a massive earthquake occurred out of nowhere.

Dimitria sighed. "It appears Divatox has finally arrived to this dimension. I believe it's time to call the young ones here."

"Aye-yi-yi-yi, already!? But we just can't grab them out of nowhere." Dimitria merely sighed. "I'm afraid we have no choice in the matter Alpha. With Divatox having just now arrived she will be ready to attack this world with her minions. We must summon the new Rangers post haste!"

Alpha, knowing there was no changing her mind, started up the teleporter.


Back at the Youth Center, the earthquake was causing everypony in the building to panic as Mr. and Mrs. Cake attempted to lead them outside.

As Spike and the others were attempting to leave, the six of them suddenly felt strange. "Uh guys, I feel funny." Spike stated out loud. Everypony else also felt the same thing Spike was feeling.

The feeling intensified even more. "It feels like I'm being taking somewhere!" Rumble yelled. "Same here!" Everypony else said. "Guys, I don't know what's happening, but I think we better hang ooooooon!" Spike's voice yelled as all six children were enveloped in different colored lights.


The six different lights that enveloped the kids had finished it's journey and arrived at it's destination, depositing the children in a strange control room. Spike was the first to recover from shock and look around the room in awe. "Guys, guys wake up! You gotta see this!" Spike's constant yelling finally stirred the unconscious colts and filly's awake.

"Spike will you keep... it... down?" Rumble's complaint turned into awe as they all gazed around the control room.

"This place is awesome!" Button Mash shouted at as he gazed at the the control panel. "Just where in tarnation are we?" Applebloom questioned.

Button Mash started fiddling with the controls excitedly before being interrupted by a robotic voice.

"Aye-yi-yi-yi! Don't touch those contro-oh oh oh oh!" A robot yelled from out of nowhere before tripping and falling on its face.

"Wow! A fully functional robot!" If Button Mash hadn't been excited before, he was now ecstatic. After the six help the robot to it's feet a nearby blue tube suddenly flashed, revealing a woman with white robes inside.

"Welcome young ponies and dragon." The woman kindly greeted them.

"Uh... hi? No offense but who are you and what are you?" Spike questioned curiously.

"I come from a different dimension on a planet known as Earth, home to a race called humans. As for my name, you may call me Dimitria." The woman introduced herself. "And my name is Alpha 5, pleased to make your acquaintance." The robot said as he introduced himself.

"Okay, can somepony please explain to me what the heck is going on? Because I am really confused." Scootaloo stated her confusion.

"It is quite simple my dear. This dimension is under attack, and I have summoned you six here to save it." Dimitria explained.

"Wait, save it? From who?" Sweetie Belle questioned.

"Focus your eyes to the viewing globe behind and your questions will be answered." They did as they were ask and got closer to the glowing yellow orb behind them. The image showed an evil looking woman that looked to be the same species as Dimitria.

"This is Divatox." Dimitria explained. "She is an intergalactic space pirate bent on universal domination." Several years ago, a being named Zordon, after sacrificing himself, unleashed a wave of power that not only destroyed all known evil in the world, but also purified three of them, including Divatox. However, as fail safe she created when there was still evil in her heart, brought to life a clone of her and her minions and her Piranhatrons.

Spike looked back at her. "I understand but what does it got to do with us? We aren't exactly special."

"What I witnessed in the youth center says otherwise" All six children answered with confused "huh?"s all at once.

"The way you all each defended each other against those bullies insults, and each of your own talents, as well as your fighting capabilities, proves that you are all worthy." Dimitria explained.

"Worthy?" They all said simultaneously.

"To become Power Rangers." She answered. "Power Rangers? As in super heroes? I didn't I was that special..." Button Mash answered.

"Ah have to agree with Button Mash on that. We ain't exactly hero material." Applebloom commented.

"Yeah and besides, we're just kids." Rumble stated and the others agreed. Dimitria wasn't deterred by this reluctance. "Believe me, you wouldn't be the first children to become Power Rangers."

"Wait, you mean, we weren't the first people to be asked to be Power Rangers" Sweetie Belle questioned curiously. "Correct. While most Rangers were teenagers, there was one boy who was twelve years old when he became a Ranger." Dimitria explained.

Now everypony and dragon were curious about this Ranger, but Rumble spoke. "Who was he? If don't mind me asking."

"Of course. Return your gazes back to the viewing globe." Once more returning their attention to viewing globe, it showed an image of a human with brown hair. "This is Justin Stewart, the youngest person ever to become a Power Ranger. He was he was part of a team Rangers known as the Turbo Power Rangers, which consisted of Tommy, Kat, Adam, Tanya, and of course Justin himself." The image then showed four older humans.

"But how did Justin become a Power Ranger anyway?" Spike asked. Alpha started explaining. "Believe it or not, it was actually a complete accident. Allow me to explain. When a previous Ranger by the name of Rocky injured his back during a karate tournament practice, Justin visited him in the hospital and hid under the bed when the other Rangers walked in and overheard everything they talked about, including being contacted by Zordon.

"After the other four Rangers left, Justin revealed himself. Rocky, knowing his injuries wouldn't him to help his friends chose Justin to be the new blue Ranger." Alpha began to describe Justin himself. "Justin was a very intelligent boy, and was highly skilled in martial arts. He was also very kind and brave."

"But what about his parents? I mean, they would have been worried sick." Scootaloo asked.

"I'm afraid Justin's mother passed away a few years prior to him becoming a Power Ranger, and his father was a businessman and was often away on business trips." Alpha answered hesitantly.

"Oh.... sorry I asked." Scootaloo apologized. Dimitria spoke again. "There's no need to apologize young one."

"I know this a lot to process but if you will, this world needs Power Rangers to protect it from Divatox's forces. I have full confidence that you all will display the same courage Justin wielded long ago."

Before anypony could respond, another quake started. "Divatox has begun her attack, and she's starting with your hometown." Dimitria warned.

"WHAT!?" All six children exclaimed. Once more looking into the viewing globe, it showed an image of fish like creatures attacking Ponyville, ponies running around in panic, and finally the Mane Six attempting to hold off the attack.

"it is time to make your decision young ones. The fate of your world rests on your decision. "

The kids looked back at the image of Ponyville being attack and their loved ones in danger, before looking to each other and nodded in agreement.

"We'll do it. We'll become Power Rangers and stop Divatox and save our families and friends." Spike answered for all of them.

Dimitria smiled. "I knew you would agree. Now." At her command, Alpha pressed some buttons and a pedestal with strange items on it rose from the ground.

"These are your Turbo Morphers and Turbo keys. These will allow you to morph into Power Rangers." Dimitria explained.

"Sweetie Belle, you shall become the Pink Turbo Ranger and pilot the Wind Chaser Turbo Zord."

"Button Mash, you shall become the Green Turbo Ranger and pilot the Desert Thunder Turbo Zord."

"Rumble, you shall become the Blue Turbo Ranger and pilot the Mountain Blaster Turbo Zord"

"Scootaloo, you shall become the Orange Turbo Ranger and pilot the Orange Lighting Turbo Zord."

Applebloom, you shall become the Yellow Turbo Ranger and pilot the Dune Star Turbo Zord."

"And finally. Spike, you shall become the Red Turbo Ranger and be the leader of this team, and you will command the Dragon Fire Turbo Zord."

"While morphing, your bodies will grow and make you appear older and physically fit to fight Divatox's forces. They will also make your voices sound older as well." Alpha explained. Spike had to ask. "Why do we need to disguise our voices?"

"It's to help keep your identities a secret." Alpha explained. "Now then." Alpha said as he pulled out wristwatch like bracelets out. "These are your communicators. Use these to keep in contact with each other in case of emergencies and teleporter you back to the command center when needed."

"Alright guys! Let's show this Divatox lady what happens when you mess with our world!" Spike yelled as they teleported away.


Divatox and her minions laughed as their latest monster, Storm Rage, was preparing to finish off the unconscious Mane Six.

"Now Storm Rage, hurry up and finish them off so we can get to conquering this world."

"Please, conquering this world will be child's play!" Storm Rage boasted.

Just as Storm Rage was about to land the killing blow, a young voice shouted. "Don't even think about it ugly!"

Divatox, her nephew Elgar, her second in command, Rygog, her technical adviser Porto, and all the Piranhatrons, looked in the direction of the voice. Six small figures stepped forward revealing themselves to be a dragon and five ponies.

Storm Rage laughed mockingly. "Oh yeah? What are you shrimps gonna do about!?"

Spike was undeterred by this mocking. "We'll show you." he said, turning to his friends.

"Ready guys?" Spike said holding his wrist up. They all held their wrists up as well. "Ready!" They all said simultaneously.

Turning his head back to the villains, Spike shouted. "All right! Let's shift into Turbo!"

Their morphers materialized on their and wrists and their turbo keys appeared on in their left hand and hoofs. Making hand and hoof motions, they inserted their keys in their respective morphers and different colored enveloped them each.

"Wind Chaser Turbo power!" Sweetie belle shouted as a pink suit and helmet materialized on her as well growing in size, which attributed to everypony else.

"Orange Lighting Turbo Power!" Scootaloo shouted as a orange suit and helmet materialized on her.

"Dune Star Turbo Power!" Applebloom shouted as a yellow suit and helmet materialized on her.

"Desert Thunder Turbo Power!" Button Mash yelled as a green suit and helmet materialized on him

"Mountain Blaster Turbo Power! Rumble shouted as a blue suit and helmet materialized on him.

"Dragon Fire Turbo Power!" Spike shouted as a red suit and helmet materialized on him.

At last the transformations were finished. All six hero's stood heroically as the power suits, which by the way, each one appeared to look like a car, flashed in Celestia's sun.

"Wow! This is so cool!" Scootaloo shouted.

"Ya'll got that right!" Applebloom agreed.

"Wow! I look good in pink." Sweetie Belle.

"This is awesome!" Rumble shouted excitedly.

"Alpha was right, we did grow in size, even our voices changed!" Button Mash noted.

"Okay guys. Let's show Divatox and her goons what happens when you mess with Equestria!" Spike shouted.

The Mane Six slowly regained consciousness and noticed the six colored figures.

"Okay, who the hay are they!? First that nutty Divatox and now 6 weird ponies and a dragon!" Rainbow Dash shouted.

"I don't know Rainbow Dash, but they don't appear to be hostile." Twilight noted.

"Ah have a good feeling that their on our side girls." Applejack stated.

"They do look kinda nice...." Fluttershy meekly said.

"I have to agree with Applejack girls. They do look very heroic and their uniforms are simply dazzling!" Rarity excitedly stated, admiring the Rangers uniforms, already chalking up ideas in her head.

"Ooh ooh! Maybe their super heroes and their here to save the day!" Pinkie Pie correctly stated, jumping up and down excitedly as if she didn't get knocked a few minutes ago.

By now, the ponies of Ponyville slowly emerged from their hiding places in their homes and also noticed the new arrivals.

Divatox was really angry now. "Power Rangers!? Here!?" She angrily questioned. She then looked to Porto. "You said there wouldn't be any Power Rangers in this dimension!" She angrily shouted at her minion. "I..I said there was a 90% chance that there would be no Power Rangers here!" Porto terrifyingly answered.

"Power Rangers?" The Mane Six all said simultaneously.

"Alright Divatox!" Spike shouted. "Are you gonna surrender or are we gonna do this the hard way?" He offered.

Divatox merely spat at the ground. "Like I'm gonna surrender to the likes of you! Piranhatrons, attack!" She commanded her troopers.

All six stood in battle ready stances before charging themselves at the group of Piranhatrons as well. Using their martial arts skills, they dealt with each baddie one by one.

Spike sent several of them flying into others with the use of his longer tail. Rumble and Scootaloo flew into the air before flying through the bad guys, sending several punches their way. Sweetie Belle used both her karate skills and the magic from her own horn to blast them all away. Button Mash used his natural Earth pony strength to charge through them, finishing the rest off.

After finishing several baddies himself, Spike turned to Divatox. "Yo, Divatox you ready to give up!?" He taunted. Divatox merely scowled before turning to her nephew. "Elgar! Show power boy my answer!" She ordered. "You got it aunty D!" He saluted before charging at Spike with his whip. "Whoa!" Spike shouted as he dodged the attack. Elgar got angry before. "Get back here you little twerp!" Before snapping his whip again.

The onlookers were amazed by the sight. "Okay, I have to admit, they got some moves!" Rainbow Dash shouted excitedly as the battle continued to unfold.

Storm Rage eventually shouted. "That does it! I'm gonna take care of you creatures right now!"

The Rangers suddenly got a call from Alpha. "Rangers, use your morphers to summon your Turbo weapons!" Alpha explained.

"You got it Alpha!" Spike confirmed, before holding his left up to his helmet. "Summoning Turbo weapons!" He commanded.

All six Rangers gained special weapon for each them. "All right guys, let's do this!" Spike shouted.

"Turbo Wind Fire!" Sweetie Belle shouted, holding a bow like weapon.

"Turbo Star Chargers!" Applebloom shouted, holding two Blaster like items with metal poles on the end of them both.

"Turbo Arm Cannon!" Scootaloo shouted, having a cannon like weapon over her right arm.

"Turbo Power Staff!" Button Mash shouted, holding a staff life weapon.

"Turbo Hoof Blasters!" Rumble shouted, having to hoof shaped blasters over his front hooves.

"Turbo Dragon Sword!" Spike shouted, holding a sword with a dragon shaped handle.

They all fire fired their weapons at Storm Rage, while he in turn fired back a lighting bolt at them, the blow barely missing them. Spike charged the monster, sword held tight and started slashing, and eventually causing Storm Rage to grow tired from the blows.

"All right, let's finish this guy off once and for all!" Spike commanded and all six Rangers fired their weapons at the dazed monster. With the monster falling and exploding upon impact with the ground, all six Rangers struck a victory pose.

"This isn't over Power Rangers! I'll be back stronger than before!" Divatox declared as she and her remaining minions teleported away. "Drat! They got away." Spike frustratingly growled.

They suddenly heard cheering and turned their heads to the source. The ponies of Ponyville happily cheered at the defeat of the invaders.

"Just who are you?" Twilight asked in amzement.

"For now, just call us the Power Rangers and we are to help." Spike said unanimously. Before anypony could ask anything else, the Rangers teleported away.

"Just who the hay are they?" Twilight questioned.

"Ah don't sugar cube, but as long as that Divatox lady is around, they are here to stay." Applejack stated confidently.

"Aww, I wanted to throw them a welcome to Ponyville and thank you for saving Ponyville party!" Pinkie Pie moaned, to the eye rolls of her friends.


Back at the Command base. "Very well done young Rangers. You have all proven you are worthy of becoming Power Rangers." Dimitria said, congratulating them. "Thank you Dimitria." Spike said on everypony's behalf.

"Now that you are all Rangers, there three strict rules to being a Ranger. 1. Never use your powers for personal gain. 2. Never escalate a fighr unless Divatox fores you. And finally 3. Never reveal your identities. You will risk your ability to use these powers if you break these rules on purpose, you'll lose your powers." Dimitria warned in a stern voice.

"We understand." All six kids said simultaneously. "Good, now I think it's time to send you all home, I'm sure your friends and families are very worried about you." Dimitria stated.

Alpha activated the teleporter and sent the pint size heroes back to Ponyville.


Arriving at the edge of Everfree forest, the six children quickly ran off to find their families.

Spike quickly ran toward the Crystal Palace he called home along with Princess Twilight Sparkle. Running thru the various rooms looking for Twilight, he eventually came upon the library room where he found Twilight going thru several books at once, frustratingly searching for something. "Twilight I was worried when I saw you and the other girls running off toward that Divatox lady's goons."

Twilight noticed Spike enter and ran toward, almost tackling him in hug. "Spike, I was so worried when I didn't see you in the crowd evacuating town!" She said worriedly.

"I'm fine Twilight." Spike said returning the hug. "I was just in the youth center when the earthquake occurred. I got a look at those Power Rangers guys battling that Divatox lady." Spike smiled, trying to hold back that he was one of those Rangers. "That red dragon Ranger was so cool wasn't he Twilight!?" Spike giddily asked. Twilight rolled her eyes jokingly at her assistant.

Spike once more noticed the stack of books. "Uh Twilight? What are you researching at a time like this." Thinking for a moment, Spike realized what she was trying to research. "Your trying look up information about the Power Rangers aren't you?"

Twilight nodded before sighing in frustration. "Trying to but, I can't find any information at all on them or that Divatox woman. Maybe the princesses will know something. Spike take a letter." Knowing there was no stopping her now that she was on a roll, Spike started writing the letter.


Rumble ran as fast as he could to get home to his probably worried older brother Thunderlane. Upon arriving at his and opening the door and entering, he was tackled in a hug by his big brother. "Rumble! I'm so glad your safe! I had no idea where you were and..." Before Thunderlane cold continue his worry rant, Rumble interrupted him. "Whoa big bro! I'm fine! I was in the youth center with the CMC, Button Mash, and Spike.

His brother sighed in relief. "Whew... that's a relief." Rumble decided to get his brother's opinion on the Power Rangers.

"Hey Thunderlane, did you see those Power Rangers too?" His brother nodded. "Yep I sure did, and let me just say they were definitely awesome!" He leaned toward his younger siblings ear and whispered. "Don't tell anyone, but the blue Ranger was my favorite." He said as he winked at his brother. Rumble's grew wide in shock. "You... you know?" He asked stuttering.

Thunderlane chuckled as he broke away from the hug and tousled Rumble's mane. "Rumble, I've been to enough of you and your friends karate classes to recognize all your signature moves during the fight." He explained. Rumble simply faced hooves before his brother continued talking.

"Don't worry bro, you and your friends secret is safe with me, I promise." Thunderlane stated.

Smiling at his older sibling. "Thanks bro, but I need to take this up with Alpha and Dimitria first." Thunderlane looked at him curiously. "Who are they exactly?" Rumble answered the question. "For now, let's just say that there the ones who gave us these powers." His brother nodded in understanding.

Rumble went to his room and contacted Dimitria about the situation.


Button Mash wasn't a few minutes in his run to his home before his older brother Gibson called to him. "Button Mash, there you are! Mom's been worried sick about you!" His brother said in a concerned voice. Gibson soon became curious. "Where have you been anyway? I got worried when those fish attacked and I couldn't find you."

Button got a little nervous, but luckily didn't show it. "I was at the youth center with my friends. I actually got a glimpse of those Power Rangers guys." His brother sighed in relief. "Good. Anyway, we better get home before mom goes crazy with worry. Button Mash nodded and both trotted off toward home.

As they walked, Gibson suddenly spoke. "Hey bro, I heard what happened with Diamond Tiara today from Carrot Cake." Button Mash looked down with a sad look on his face before silently nodding. "Do you think you could remind me to thank Spike for defending you?"

Button mash looked up in surprise. "Mr. Cake told you about that?" His brother nodded. "Yep, and me and mom want to thank him personally, so do you think you could over tomorrow?" Gibson asked. Button mash nodded and brother happily smiled before contuing on their way.


Scootaloo zipped thru town on her scooter and eventually saw her brothers, Flash Sentry and First Base looking for her. "Hey guys!" She shouted happily as Flash and base noticed her running toward them and all three siblings ran and grabbed and held each other in a tight group hug.

"I was so worried about you sis..." First Base cried quietly. "Where in Equestria have you been since that Divatox woman attacked?" Flash asked his little sister in a worried tone.

"I was in the youth center with my friends and I even saw the battle between the Power Rangers, which by the way was totally awsome!" She squelled excitedly, and it was becoming really hard to try and keep it a secret.

Flash merely rolled his eyes at his younger siblings eagerness. "Yeah they were pretty good." First Base looked at his older brother. "Pretty good? They were awsome!"

Flash chuckled happily. "Alright let's get home before it gets dark." His younger siblings nodded and followed.


Applebloom ran down the path to Sweet Apple Acres as fast as she could knowing her family must be worried sick about. She spent most of the trip back trying to think of way to convince her sister that she was in the youth center with her friends during the incident.

She eventually caught the familiar sight of her home and noticed her family looking around the area for her. Not wasting time, she called out to them. "Hey, I'm home!" The family of three noticed their youngest member running toward them. With grins on their faces, they ran toward as well and they all tackled each other in a huge hug.

"Where in tarnation have ya been!?" They all asked at once. "I was in the youth center with my friends when the earthquake hit and I got a glimpse of those Power Rangers battling those bad guys." She said without skipping a beat.

Applejack gave her a suspicious look before shrugging it off for now. "As long as safe, that's all that matters." Applejack and Granny Smith proceeded to return to the barn house and Applebloom was about to do the same when she was stopped by her brother, Big Macintosh. He smiled down at her before lowering his head and whispered. "Don't worry, Ya'lls secret about you and your friends being Power Rangers is safe with me." He winked at her before walking to the farmhouse himself, much to a shocked Applebloom.

Big Mac was smarter than most ponies gave him credit for despite his large size. He, like Thunderlane, payed attention to Applebloom's karate classes and reqounized her moves almost instantly upon seeing her and her friends fight.

Meanwhile, Applejack couldn't help but ponder about the yellow Turbo Ranger. "Why did she seem so familiar?


Sweetie Belle ran to the Carousel Boutique as fast as she could and spotted Rarity drawing something in her sketch book. Rarity looked to the side at the sound of the door opening and saw her sister walk in. She wasted no time in hugging her tightly.

Sweetie Belle explained that she was in the youth with her friends during the incident and also saw the Power Rangers.

"We'll it's good to know you were safe and sound during the dreadful incident. That Divatox was simply dreadful and not just in fashion sense either." Sweetie Belle nodded in agreement before looking in the sketch book and noticed the designs in it looked alot like her Ranger suit.

"Ah, I see you've noticed the designs I been making since those magnificent Power Rangers came to save the day. The designs are so bold and heroic looking." Rarity stated excitedly.

Sweetie Belle roller her eyes while smiling at her sisters attention to detail when it comes to fashion. "I think I'm gonna go to bed early because I am tired." Sweetie Belle went to her room, leaving Rarity to her thoughts.

What was it about that pink Ranger that seemed so familiar to me? She eventually shook her head and continued on her designs.


Divatox had been stomping angrily around ranting. "Why are there Power Rangers wherever I go!? Is there no universe where they won't attempt to stop me!?" Her minions merely cowered at her angry ranting.

"Well there just a bunch of newbies and I'll destroy them before they can stop me!" Divatox Declared.


The princesses, Celestia and Luna, looked over the letter from Celestia's former student turned princess, Twilight Sparkle. Though Celestia was alarmed that Ponyville was attacked so suddenly and Twilight and her friends were almost destroyed by this "Divatox" woman. She was relieved when she learned that a strange group of six heroes called the Power Rangers had saved them in the nick of time and stopped Divatox's forces.

Twilight also asked her teacher to see if she can find anything about these Power Rangers in the Canterlot Library.

"Sister.... what do you think this means for Equestria?" Luna asked.

"I don't know Luna, but it seams these "Power Rangers" are kind individuals and they are here help against this Divatox cretin.

Both sister nodded to each other and proceeded off to their duties.

Author's Note:

Alright guys that took a little bit to write and this is so far the longest story chapter I've ever written, but I hope you like who I put in my Power Ranger team.

Diamond Tiara and Silver Spoon will be the jerk Bulk and Skull that appeared in the first series, while Snips and Snails will be the lovable goof Bulk and Skull of later seasons.

Let's see if you guys can guess what characters are taking the roles of who in the story.

This story will be set up in an episode format.

By the way, the Turbo Megazord will be same with the exception of Spike's Megazord replacing the Red lighting Zord, And can give me ideas of what Scootaloo's Zord will look like and what it will make up on the Megazord?

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three fillys and two foals

Um, I think you mean three fillies and two colts.

6907870 oh. Thanks for the correction. I'm still new to the community.

6907883 No problem, just remember to check your terms.

I think I saw Turbo quite a while ago. Will the plot be changing from the original. Like different villians and conflicts.

6908154 Depending on how well this goes, I do plan a few team ups from different Power Rangers and an arc about Spike's parents and an original villain, but I'm still in the early planning stages.

Why Turbo out of all the power rangers?

Also can they get like a group power boost like the swat armor and Spike own his own battlelizer?

6908528 Because Turbo was my favorite series and the one I'm most familiar with.
I do plan on bringing in something special for Spike but it's a secret for now. :yay:

Well, the story is really good and I could really get into it. However, I noticed many places where you could use an editor because of missing words or using the wrong word(such as using "their" instead of "there").

Why are Divatox and her forces a threat?

I'm serious, why? Equestria has Magic that can bend the elements to their will, Pegasi that can control the weather, Earth Ponies that can crush rocks under their hooves (and even if you want to limit that to just Maude then there are plenty of other really strong ones) and Ponyville itself hosts a God of Chaos who'd get more than a little angry if Fluttershy was smacked to the ground by Divatox of all people.

I thought it would be because the Pirahnatrons were immune to magic. Until...

Sweetie Belle used both her karate skills and the magic from her own horn to blast them all away.

Yeah, so Twilight could have mowed through Pirahnatrons like noponies business.

And another thought. Why Turbo?

I know you already answered with that it was your favourite series and, you know, to each their own. But their zords are going to be cars! Ponies don't have the anatomy to drive cars.

And I know, suspension of disbelief and all that, but there's only so far you can go with that.

Plus the fight scenes were seriously lacking. Sure you had them, but you kept cutting to Twilight and her gang when it started to get good.

Rainbow Dash immediately flew up to the red Rangers face, and shouted. "Alright, just who are you guys and what do you know that Divatox lady!? Are you in cahoots with her or something!?"

And this felt incredibly out of character! Why would she assume that? She's never had a situation like this that she could draw this conclusion from. And the Rangers just saved her sorry ass. (Though why she needed saving is anybody's guess since she could just plow through them after a Rainboom.)

Honestly, I think this story would've been better in an Equstria Girls setting (Just make it an Alternate Universe fic to have Spike join).

Plus why did Alpha and Dimitria build a sixth Turbo Morpher. If they didn't, where did they get it from? And why do they need six Rangers? There's never been six Turbo Rangers! It's, like, one of the only team of five Rangers that didn't get a sixth! Is it just for future shipping? Cause it'd feel a weird later unless you're planning to grow there relationships. If not, then, it just feels like you wanted a sixth Ranger so Scootaloo wasn't left out.

But seriously, Orange for Scootaloo? That's a little on the nose, isn't it?

And wait, weren't the Turbo Morphers destroyed? Where did any of them come from? If you just made them this Universe's version of them then this wouldn't be an issue, but you drew the continuity of the Power Rangers into this so I'm going to connect the dots.

Honestly it's a bit of a mess right now, some things just aren't established or just thrown at us without much in the way of an explanation and the Rangers are possibly the most generically put in as they get. They all go to Karate class? All of them?! That feels like an incredibly contrived reason for them all to be great fighters. But Dustin wasn't a Karate expert and had to learn his fighting skills from everyone else (I don't count the movie because I hated it, personally) and it would've been cool! Let's just say for arguments sake, If Button didn't know how to fight because he wanted to focus on his machine antics and was suddenly thrown into his Ranger suit and told to fight. He'd be a lot more chaotic, sure, but we'd get to see him adapt and grow more comfortable into the life of a Ranger.

But overall, I can see something in this so I'll stick with it. Maybe it's because I'm a Power Rangers nut, maybe it's because I also have a Power Rangers crossover on my page, maybe it's because there's a certain charm to how corny this is (Just like the show if I do so say so myself. :rainbowlaugh:)

So I'm going to favourite it and see where it goes.

Keep on Keepin' on! :pinkiehappy:

6959910 I wanted try and do something different with this Power Rangers with as much as I could. I try my best to do with what I have and I haven't seen people complain about the Megazord's when they have an all pony team pilot them in other ranger stories on this sight.

I also didn't see people complain when Ninja Storm, Dino thunder, and Jungle Fury started with only three rangers. I just figured I'd break tradition slightly because I wanted to do something different I figured it would make sensemble to start the wit six rangers inoted of the usual five.

As for how they got the morphers back after they got destroyed, if you remember correctly in the Turbo movie, they didn't provide an explanation to where the Turbo Morphers came from, so I figured Zordon and Alpha built them themselves and Dimitria built the orange morpher herself.

Also if you remember from the Rangers in Space, Justin's sentient Zord also had an extra morpher mysteriously at the for no reason, so I figured they had extras on hand, but Zordon and Dimitria weren't around to tell them this before they blasted off into space and Alpha 6's voice box was damaged so he couldn't tell them either.

For the record, this was the first time I've ever done a fight scene ever and it is a lot more difficult than it looks, and you can't expect me to get it right on the first try. I try to incorporate the characters natural abilities in their types, like with Sweetie Belle's magic. The show never explicitly states the Piranhatrons are immune to magic.

I guess I could edit out that part about Rainbow Dash being suspicious of them. I wanted to try to get the characters opinions of the Rangers fight as best as I possibly could. I'm pretty sure I only cut to them once and it was very short.

By the way, I decided to move the Spike's parents arc to a sequel series I have planned. I'm debating whether or not to include the sentient cars from the show or not, so could I have your feedback on that?

Could you also provide feedback about my other story, Spike's Yo-Kai Adventures? Thanks for the somewhat constructive criticism, I only recently started getting into Power Rangers again since I was eight so I'm tryin my best to provide what I can.

6960036 I wouldn't be able to help with the Yo-Kia thing since I have no idea what that is. :derpytongue2:

And yes, I remember there being no explanation to where the morphers came from. I remember it being a pet peeve of mine since we're just supposed to accept these new powers. Remember, the Zeo powers were supposed to be continuously getting stronger and, thus, would probably be better than them.

The advantage to this being a Fanfiction is that you can provide your own explanation to the plot holes of the show to put your reader's minds at ease.

If you ever need to learn about a Power Ranger season quickly, might I suggest watching Atop the Fourth Wall's History of the Power Rangers? It was a big help when I started writing mine.

I honestly wouldn't try to incorparate the senital cars since, well, the cars were able to blend into the environment on Earth since cars are a dime a dozen so could hide in plain sight. They could not do this in Equestria.

Besides, I'm pretty sure the Blue one is still with Justin helping out while the Space Rangers remained in Space to fight up there.

I was also pretty sure that Justin's Blue Turbo powers came directly from the blue car's power source since I was sure the Turbo Morphing grid was shut down when the Command centre was destroyed. (Though these could be fan theories created by me :derpytongue2:)

And don't worry too much about the fight scene thing. I know that they'll get better as we go along.

And I know the show didn't state Pirahnatrons to be immune to magic. I assumed them to be because, if they weren't, Twilight should have mpped the floor with them! She's picked bigger threats then them out of her teeth! (Tirek comes to mind) From what I saw of Pirahnatrons in the show, they were just glorified Putties, so I need an explanation as to why an unmorphed Ranger could take a few down with basic karate and a Princess of Friendship/Element of Magic/Most Powerful MAgic User bar none gets her ass kicked.

And I am trying to give constructive critism, it may not seem like it but I am. I don't revel in the fact that I find these mistakes. I want this story to work and I want it to be alot of fun.

Oh and just for the record, It's only ever been three/five at first. If you wanted to do the SPD thing of ending up with, like, 11 Rangers I wouldn't be against it. But six seems like all of your characters are going to be fighting for "Screen Time" if you know what I mean.

Sorry about how disjointed my reply is. I get muddled with the order in which I write things sometimes.

Lastly, the thing with Spike's parents, I always thought, was kinda stupid. I've never found one that I actually liked since the show portrayed the traditional dragon as a selfish, self-centered bully. The point is that Spike is a dragon, but a pony at heart. It's obvious that he's going to but heads with them, if they would actually be able to tell who he is and would actually care since his egg was used as a science experiment for children.

Keep on Keepin on!

6960457 One thing you should know real fast is that I have my own way of potraying Spike's parents, but I think you should know I don't intend to my version of dragons to have them all be jerks, especially Spike's parents. I have something special planned for them.

If you have any tips for improving the fight scenes, I like to hear them.

I also plan to have some Ranger team ups in both this and my sequel series, so if you have an idea of who I should have my Rangers team up with, I would like to hear it. One idea I have is to bring in the very first team of Rangers, The Mighty Morphin Power Rangers.

Finally and I just got this idea out of nowhere, I'm thinking that instead have the sentient car, the lighting cruiser, stay in Equestria, I could instead have serve as a special Ranger power up form for Spike. Let me know if this is a good idea or not.

One more thing, how do you think I should introduce Dinky Doo into the story? I don't want her to be captured and turned evil. I would also like to know how Dinky would be able to learn martial arts and be able to fight.

6961121 You know this is YOUR story, right? In the end I can't tell you how to write it, so write what you want. I'll just write my opinions on how to improve it, but you can ignore me if you think I'm wrong.

It'll be fine with Spike's parents, but you're going to need a Hell of a backstory to explain why they aren't like other dragons.

With the fight scenes, I'd honestly just focus on one or two of the Rangers at a time if they're fighting separatly and try to make each scene last longer than a paragraph. Otherwise, it'll feel like they just mowed through their opponents without any difficulty.

But, overal, it's your story. You want to do something, more power to ya. If I don't like it, I'll just have accept it.

Keep on keepin' on! :pinkiehappy:

6960036 can't wait to see what happens next more chapters please

hover jet for scootaloo

6961121 what is taking so long I'm really anxious to read the next chapter of this story

7075907 Since my Yo-Kai Watch story is my most popular one, I'very been focusing my efforts on that and occasionally working on my other stories. I hope you understand but it's my favorite story to write. So please try and be patient.

7075932 I understand I've been reading ur yo-kai watch story and............ I LOVE IT

7075932 man what's taking so long

7075932 why did u cancel the story

Comment posted by Joeyjambo122 deleted Jan 11th, 2017

Curious on if this storyline will continue?

Really enjoy seeing Power Ranger/Sentai fics or Kamen Rider fics where Spike gets to be a Ranger/Sentai or Kamen Rider.

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