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I am a very recent brony as well a fan of Spike and Shining Armor and a first time writer, so wish me luck!


New Chapter Uploaded! · 12:12am Jul 16th, 2017

I finally got the new chapter of my power rangers story, so I hope you enjoy!

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Back to original Megaforce story. · 8:50pm Apr 23rd, 2017

At the suggestion of a fellow author, I deicided to continue the main Megaforce story instead of making one shot stories.

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A Family Loss.... · 5:46pm Oct 20th, 2016

My grandfather, age 73, had passed away of cancer around 4 and 5 o'clock last Friday surrounded by his family and friends. He trained troops to go to war in his days.

He was ornery and grumpy and sweared occasionally, but was still loving and caring when he needed to be. He and my grandmother lived across the street from my house all my life and it's gotten very quiet since them. My family and I are supporting my grandmother through this.

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