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I am a very recent brony as well a fan of Spike and Shining Armor and a first time writer, so wish me luck!


Once upon time... There lived a childless baker and his wife, a carefree young dragon, a hungry little filly, a royal guard, a kind Pegasus, and an ugly witch that all lived near the edge of the woods. An adventure shall take place like no other.

Based on the Disney adaption of the musical.

Chapters (3)
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Comments ( 18 )

lyrics please, i really like this and look forward to new chapters.

Dammit, combines my two favorite things. Into the Woods and ponies. XD

I am in love with this so much

you picked the perfect characters for this and it works so beautifully, I will have nothing else on my mind until the next chapter comes

P.S. i never liked musical stories all that much before, there are a few i like. But this one is amazing

This is the best musical story I've ever read. Definitely going in my "Incomplete" bookshelf. Hope to see more of this soon!

Please sir/ma'am, I want some more.

yay!!! new chapter!!!! so much music!!!!

7724087 I had to give this story a teen rating due to the nature of the 'Hello Ltitle girl' song and I had considered not putting it in.

Well things are moving along at quite a click. Interesting to see how this all goes with the extra characters.

Not to be rude or anything (as I do like the concept and all that, plus both Into the Woods and MLP(of course) but isn't posting it in script format which this seems to be in against the rules?

"Stories written in chat or script format. This includes stories in which dialogue is indicated like this: “TWILIGHT: I sure do love books!”"
(Taken from the rules of what not to do when submitting a new story.)
I don't want to see this taken down because it doesn't follow the rules, so just trying to clarify? I might be totally off but just wanting to make sure?:pinkiesmile:

7753582 Most complaints I get from stories is that I have two characters speaking in the same paragraph and it's hard to tell who speaking, so I tried having one character speak in one paragraph at a time.

7753582 Besides, I only label someone is singing so that the reader knows who's singing.

Again i loved this it was just fantastic and just ..... amazing!!! i love it and i can't stop saying it.

I haven't seen this story for a long time and I absolutely love it as much as I did before. I hope more is added soon.

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