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I am a very recent brony as well a fan of Spike and Shining Armor and a first time writer, so wish me luck!


They've failed. The Kaiju Earth Defenders have been defeated by the alien race known as the Vortaak.

With Space Godzilla using a mysterious device, the remaining Earth Defenders and Godzilla's son, Godzilla Junior, are transported to a new world known as Equestria

Now stuck in the form of creatures known as ponies, the five Kaiju must rely on the help of five kids and protect their new home from Vortaak and other evil Kaiju.

Main Kaiju and their partners.
Godzilla: partner, Spike the Dragon
Baragon: partner, Applebloom
Anguirus: partner, Button Mash
Mothra: partner, Sweetie Belle
Rodan: partner, Rumble
Varan: partner, Scootaloo
King Caeser: partner, First Base

Other kaiju:
Godzilla Junior

Note: Inspired by a story whose name I can't remember, and this is my take of the Godzilla Unleashed ending.

Chapters (1)
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Comments ( 9 )

Hmmm.... Godzilla as a colorful pastel pony. Interesting concept. You have successfully gained my attention. :duck:

Good start I'll give it a 8.5. That's another thing I like about your stories. It feels like I'm watching a show not reading a Fic.

7912643 No, this is just a small side project while I work on bigger stuff.

7912720 well I hope u finish the next chapter soon I really like the story and I wish u luck finishing it

A small frightened roar from the sky caught their attention. What Godzilla saw made his blood boil. He saw his thoroughly frightened adopted son, Godzilla Junior, who's eyes were glowing red from fear, being held prisoner in a floating crystal cell and and his space clone, SpaceGodzilla, floating next to him with an evil grin. " RRRAAAAAAOOOOOORRR! " (HAHAHAHAHA! A pleasure to see you again blood brother! Like the little greeting card I brought with me?) SpaceGodzilla asked as he shook the crystal prison, frightening the young Godzilla even more.

I don't know about you, but Xenilla would be shocked and embarrassed!:rainbowderp:
Link to this "Xenilla" and his story here:

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