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Since 2012, I've been writing a number of crossover-based stories. My most famous literacy works is my main story, Saiyan of Equestria. I'm the founder of the first DBZ group, Equestrian Saiyans.


There are nine crests of virtues: Courage, Friendship, Knowledge, Love, Reliability, Serenity, Hope, Light, and Kindness. Each crest having a chosen child who best represents this virtue, but when a tenth called the Crest of Imagination is sent into a different human realm. The unforeseen consequences shift the destined paths of many worlds. The Crest of Imagination splits into four pieces, and arrives within a small meeting of children whom it had chosen.

Within this world, many other realms are showcase for the purpose of entertainment. These, television shows, impact the mind of a child's imagination. And when given the physical representation of imagination to a group of children influenced by such showcases, it might react in a way unexpected.

Now four human kids are sent spiraling into the world of Equestria, with powers, partners, and devices unheard of. But don't worry, only the fate of the Digital, Ghost Zone, Human, Equestria, and Pokémon realms fall in their hands as a evil force seeks their crest. What can possibly go wrong?

(Warning, Multi-crossover between MLP:FIM, Digimon, Danny Phantom, and Pokémon. Cover image not created by me.)

Chapters (8)
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Comments ( 47 )

This is great! Like, seriously, great!
With an editor, this could be perfect! In fact...

You have gained, 1 follower!


I like this. I haven't read a multi-crossover before, and it seems interesting. Please continue.

I'm a sucker for multi-crossovers... :rainbowderp:

Wait what if there was a pokèmon and digimon crossover? DUNDUN DUUUUUUU

Not to sound negative, but this story could use some more detail in its writing, also the pacing is a little to fast to build up a proper setting, so you should probably get a good editor because this story has a lot of potential and I'd hate to see said potential go to waste. Putting all that behind however, this story has got my attention because I really like Danny Phantom, Pokemon, Digimon, and MLP so seeing all these in one place really interests me, so I'll see how this story goes.

Nearly 4k chapter, rushed. What a twist :rainbowderp:

I wrote this story to have fun mostly, but I won't abandon it. It's less descriptive than my usual stories because I'm being comedic with it. But not to worry, I'll try to expand on my descriptions as the story takes a more serious turn now and then.

Great story so far keep it up I am loving it.

You know, that was the perfect way to end a chapter. With Pinkie.:pinkiehappy:

I got to say you have an interesting story here so far :coolphoto:

Digimon? CHECK!
Pokemon? CHECK!
Danny Phantom? CHECK!
Humor? CHECK!

Awesome combination Boyzilla, it makes for a hilarious story so far, I see a great amount of potential here, and the way I see it, that potential is being used for sure!
Simple yet funny, yet sometimes serious!


- Avatar Korra -

Short chapter guys, but hey! Still 2k long, so yay! :yay:

my one and only request for this story is that its got to have the box ghost in it

"Before we meet you, in Applejack's farm, we were attacked.

I'm pretty sure you meant Before we met you

Ryan Chukareth, eight years old, stood up late

he stood up late or he stayed up late?
Just some things I noticed while I was reading, really just nitpicking. I love the new story and I cant wait to see where you take it.

Hehe, I must have missed those. Thanks for telling me!

I always hated spearows, I couldn't walk through grass without atleast once getting attacked by a spearow


"This crossover is great." ?

Thank you! :twilightsmile:

Well this looks like a ....... an ambitious crossover project.... Chaosdvaramon applauds you.
(current look...will change once I design a KH style crest to match Chaos and Order)
Orderdvaramon is still an outline sketch, so he's mute on the subject.

I'm putting this on the read later list. I'll let you know what I think once I get to it.

Nice, nice. Very impressive look. And I look forward to what you think of it. :rainbowdetermined2:

Comment posted by Charedfirescale deleted Jul 27th, 2014
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I suspect atleast a Charmeleon :trixieshiftleft:

I would re-follow you if I could!

I feel the younger boy needs a power two. It's unfair if only his freinds get power!

He does have a power, read on my friend.

The dark foreboding ominous, and whatever other word you can use to describe the Everfree forest, pretty much described the forest.

Kinda redundant... don't ya think?

Here's some BGM for this chapter!

It's so awesome and fitting, it sends chills down my spine!

Wow, I can just feel the cold :P

There names were Clockwork, Mew, and the wizard was Gennai.

Clockwork? From Ben 10?

Riddle me this, What is Ryan's power?

Magic, ability to shift between the magic of Earth Ponies, Pegasus, and Unicorns.

Ryan waved her off through, "Nah! We're fine! It's Equestria! What's the worst that can happen?"
Three... Two... One...

Murphy's law: Challenge Accepted.

Gigimon charged forward, showing its teeth, "Hot Bite!" he exclaimed biting the Goblimon's legs with flaming teeth. No seriously, Gigimon's teeth were on fire!

Gigimon used Fire Fang!

"I am curious on what's on the next chapter through." Pinkie Pie stated absently.
Ugh... She really needs to stop breaking my fourth wall.
"Once you give me more screen time in your other stories."
"Pinkie!" The eight year old Ryan shouted a bit away.

it could be worse:

She never makes this much of a fuss in Saiyan of Equestria.

Got writer's block on this, so I had to push to create it. Apologies for a shorter chapter than usual.

I'm having trouble deciding if I like this story or not. It's interesting sure but at the same time it's just not really holding a good wow factor. I'll keep reading see if it gets better. I've personally never been a fan of the wish fulfillment motif. I think it might have been more interesting if the humans turned into their respective instead of the trainer/tamer bit. Example they turned into the digimon, pokemon, and pony (for Ryan) but if that were the case then it would fell less wishful. Buuut that's my take and what would keep me interested right off the bat. Until then On with the story.

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