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Already liked, jesus where do YOU come from Drace! All your stories hit my mark!

Edit: And now I want an epilogue of Dash finally coming home and giving Flutters the rut of a lifetime, damn!

Which shippings you love, like, or dislike?

Added to favorites! :D

7581950 Thank you darling :duck:

7581885 Like most deviants, I come from a religious upbringing by incompetent parents!

Love: Sunset/Sci-Twi, Rarity/Pinkie Pie, Luna/Celestia
Like: Applejack/Dash, Dash/Daring Do, Zecora/Twilight
Dislike: Mostly straight ships. >.> In the world of ponies, it's the F/F or futa play that does it for me.

7582248 Ah.

Ever heard of Corruption sex?

I so expect dash to, when she gets home, have a torrid night of Dom sex with flutters... Only to break down right after it with both the guilt of betraying her and with traumas of war, that she associated with dominating during sex. :pinkiesad2:

Cue then said yellow Pegasus forgiving her, because fluttershy, and finding a way to keep their sex life without war flashes going in rainbow's head...

By making the blue girl her bottom bitch so hard that riding another pony would never pass through her thoughts ever again :yay:

Rainbow Dash=Sergeant Collier (Brad Pitt)
Maud=Corporal Bible (Shia LaBeouf)
Pinkie=Corporal Grady (Jon Bernthal)

I find the title funnier than I should :rainbowlaugh:

10/10 on the title.

Well, I'm glad to see this and all your other stories from The Archive here on this site.

I loved the concept but im afraid i had to downvote because it wasnt very clearly written, especially during the maud double dip, i couldnt make heads or tails of what the position looked like. aside from that it was nice and id love to sequel involving fluttershy as others have suggested.

I did read this. I did love it so dang much.... :heart: fave

Ooh! Ooh! Have Fluttershy find out in the far future, and punish her for being unfaithful. That'd make a great sequel!

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