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After a certain rainbow-maned pony takes away Angel's only source of food, he makes plans to deal with the interloper.

Pre-read by NeonGreenTiger and Majin Syeekoh

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Majin Syeekoh

It lives!

After a certain rainbow(-)maned pony takes away Angel's only source of food, he makes plans to deal with the interloper.


It does!

Never did watch that cartoon.


I wasn't sure whether or not to add a hyphen, thanks!

Saw this in group. Will check out later and let you know how it is:twilightsmile:

Angel Bunny Plots Murder

So an average day for Angel then?

But then he wouldn’t be able to see her face. There had to be other ways, perhaps he could beat her over the head with a newspaper like Fluttershy did to him so often, until the words on the paper were imprinted all over her face.


Cute, funny little story. Now write a sequel: "Angel Bunny Murders Plot". :trixieshiftright:

If Angel can hold a pencil, why not a knife? Knives aren't very original, but if you want to see their face and have them know its you then a knife is probably the way to go. I would suggest poison, which you cant get caught doing, but then Dash wouldn't realize her impending doom, which Angel pretty clearly wanted. Rainbow is off the hook for now, so it doesn't matter, but really Angel Bunny, you should know better than nail clippers.



This is exactly why it's not a serious dark fic.

This was a good start. I think it'd have been funny to see Angel try and actually go through with his half-baked plans.

This is why dog people exist.

It's not impossible to imagine because angel is pure evil.

Uh... ok. Not bad but that was something:pinkiecrazy::twilightoops:

This story deserves more comments!

Angel is obviously where they got the idea for the character of Snowball


Author Interviewer

the harsh reality came crashing down onto him like a dozen heads of lettuce

Can't explain it, but I love this line. :D


Thank you for the review! I wrote this in a while ago just to force myself to get something out and I think the story reflects that. Glad you deemed it worth it, though!

I found this story through PaulAsaran's review. I immediately upvoted it due to the cover image. I have to say that Angel Bunny is perfectly in character, especially at the ending. Fun story. 5 out of 5 Spikestaches.
And a bunny, 'cause why not. 🐇

Appropriate music:

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