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I never used to think of hooves as hot

then I read this story.

you gave me a new fetish

you monster

7304465 Uh, you're welcome? :twilightsheepish:

Their little hoofsies are totes adorable though....

7304465 Take four and call me in the morning. :raritywink:

Can never get enough of human x dash...

Wonderful. Just absolutely perfect in everyway. Just like Rainbow herself.

Gr8 m8 I r8 8/8 hope u can make moarz

I tried to like it, I really did, but the continual subservient worship of the female body obliterated the mood in 10 seconds flat.

7304465 If you can make me like hooves then I hope to god you never write about diapers, cause then I'm fucked.

And I thinking it was going to be a sequel... I liked the previous story.

7305187 Me neither. :rainbowkiss:

7305456 Thank you for the kind comment. :rainbowwild:

7305595 There is great potential for more as long as Manifest Harmony commits to more. :rainbowdetermined2:

7305635 :rainbowlaugh:

7305749 I personally think the 'subservience' swings both ways. There are quite a few ways a woman's experience of sex differs from a man's, and one of them is the greater emphasis on self-image, how she thinks her man perceives her, whether or not her beauty, allure and love arouses him, pleases him, etc. It also means praise and 'worship' affects them stronger. So writing this from Dash's point of view means a lot more of that comes to the foreground, going as far as making her feel like a 'showmare' conducting an epic performance for her stallion. But I know it's likes/dislikes/boat-floating, etc, so I'm sorry this wasn't your thing. :pinkiesad2:

7305832 Diapers? :rainbowderp:

7305848 Twilight’s been working too hard lately. Rainbow comes up with a solution - Obviously the best way to get her away from work is to have the Friendship Guard arrest their Princess. Unfortunately Twilight takes being a jailbird very seriously. She even brought flashcards. :raritywink:

7306107 If it was the inverse and it was Rainbow, I could imagine something like "Prison Break" even if maybe Twilight could try it if they put her in a house arrest without books

Interesting story. Rather... interesting. The good kind of interesting, not the neutral or bad kinds, mind. Though, I don't actually understand clop stories. I've read a number of them, some good, some bad(this is one of the good ones), but I don't actually understand the point of writing stories about characters fucking each other repeatedly for 20 minutes straight. Not bashing the good writers, like the two that made this (Manifest Harmony made the clop itself, right?), but I just don't understand.

Also, what fetishes do you two have?


but I don't actually understand the point of writing stories about characters fucking each other repeatedly for 20 minutes straight

It's porn, brah.

So, sequels, eh?

Your writing is among the best of this site but you don't have any finished 'series or long stories'.

Both dread and looking forward to the 'sequels' and the 'updates of all the stories'.

7306346 My fetish? :rainbowhuh:

People commenting on my stories. Especially when they scream 'WHY'. :rainbowwild:

(Borrowing images from Robecakeran's library, because I can)

In all seriousness, some people enjoy it, some people don't. Those who do enjoy it for various reasons. Some enjoy it for it's (obvious) pornographic qualities (i.e. because it's sex), some enjoy it because it adds a mature flavour to the story, some enjoy it because, hey, free sex, why not?, some enjoy it because how two lovers make love tells reflects a lot upon the dynamics of their relationship, and of course some people just enjoy it because it's, well, sex.

7306524 tl;dr, this.

7306552 Brb. In 1000 years. :rainbowdetermined2:

7306595 *Gun cocking*
Time to go hunt the secret to immortality.

7306605 Just drink the blood of some of my bats. Possibly the Ice Bats. I have a few. Just to warn you, they have a body temperature of 2° Kelvin, which for those that don't know that there are three temperature related types of degrees, is 2° Celsius above the temperature at which molecules can't move. If you survive that, there's a 78.264% chance of you becoming ageless, unless you were immortal, because both mean you can live forever, it's just that immortals just can't die ever. If that fails, you can try again or attempt to hunt down and eat one of the bats which are actually made of bananas, by the why, did I mention this are the living bats, not baseball bats, and these banana bats will make you immortal at the low cost of your skin burning off and every other person trying to crucify you.

It's writing like this that makes everyone want to cum inside Rainbow Dash in the first place.

Do you even SLEEP bro?

(Story is awesome btw)

Yes. Most people read this for sex:rainbowwild: Great story /)

7306107 A suggestion for a idea... Did you think about go with the part of the 'factory'? They tried to take revenge in Rainbow but failed because Marshall and Ponyville. Now, the higher forces of Cloudsdale try to make their live impossible.

Good to see that even in this age rating the awesome humor wasn't ditched. Neither was the cuteness.

And it was a great read. But damn, Rainbow is REALLY flexible.

Both stories were incredible but it appears this ride ain't over yet as a sequels coming

I'm looking forward to reading your future works!

This is bewilderingly-equal parts adorable and hot. :rainbowlaugh::heart:


Borderlands reference

Is it just me or does the word count for the story not match the word count for the one chapter. :rainbowhuh:

A while later, but yea... what...?

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