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I like big ponies and I cannot lie.

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That was pretty funny


Did you like this story?


Glad you enjoyed it.

Dammit Bendy, you're like the alcohol to my addiction.


Did you enjoy this story? What part did you like?

7051446 Your name is basicly what thier penises do.....

Well, i was not expecting that.

This story is terrible in all the right ways. Well done(?)


This my first anthro story. I needed to make parody story about it.


If you seen my other stories...

7051513 First of your stories I've read.
Might check up the others.


If you do decide to read more, I hope you enjoy them.

We need stories like this to keep from taking things too seriously.

Erm...what the hell did I just read? Is this a trick? IS this secretly anonpencil's secret silly account? This is madness!

Like seriously, is this all a trap to get us to read such things? Is this all just a dream within a dream?

always bringing a smile to my face bendy.

7051658 anonpencil and bendy same person confirmed.

This was the first futa fic that I actually liked...

Majin Syeekoh

This is fucking amazing.

5/7 would recommend.

Anthro?:yay: Didn't expect to see this from you.

Wai... It's normal for... Then how?... Da baby? WTF?!!?!

Now that I have a little of my sanity back, it was a god fic. I would rate it 7.9396/9.4
Also, I'm guessing Bendy is going through a nipple faze?
And how would 80 inches of thick anthro pony cock not hurt anons small human butt?

Don't know why, but I expected it will be a milking fic, not futa, but it nice too.
Hmm... Could be nice to milk 4 alicorn mares, no matter anthro or not.

And thus Bendy decided: "Let there be anthro boobies." And so it was written on fimfic for this story.

You're becoming slightly predictable Bendy......I worry for my own health because of this.

Do my eyes deceive me? Did bendy just made an Anthro fic?


Also this.

The purple alicorn was only about four foot tall

Boy Twilight is a midget in this fic, a midget with huge tits.


Indeed we do. I wish more people would write stupid stories.


Nah, we're different people.


Glad to be of service.


Was it the fact the human rejected their penises?


Glad you enjoyed this parody of anthro pony stories.


It was about time I made one.


Magical protection of course and hyperspace magic so he can take it all in.


Now, that a nice thought. I wonder what their milk would taste like?


It needed to be done.


Did you enjoy this story nonetheless?


Well yes, but my headcanon is that most MLPFIM ponies are about 4 foot tall.

Bendy.... Man,I don't kow what compelled me to say...

"How did I not see this coming?"

7052858 If they are cuadruped that size works fine, but if you make then biped that is another story XD

7052858 Of COURSE I enjoyed it mate, it's YOU I can't NOT read you're stories!

Also I think you should compare Celestia's boobs to exercise-balls instead of beach-balls.

This tale was interesting to say the least. I personally could of done with more detail to flesh out, pardon the pun, all of the princesses' finer points.

since women from my world often don’t have them."


Makes me wonder if you know some women that do have them...

7052858 nope it was the fact he didn't get raped after rejecting their penises.

You are the Chuck Tingle of horse words.


Transgender men who identify as women. Personally I don't know any in person.


Thank you very much.

I hate to sound negative, but futanari is a really BIG turn-off for me. On the positive side, it was funny, but sorry. :ajbemused:

love it but what about the other princesses i feel disappointed that they didn't come and apologize like twilight, then all four have anon in the bed having sex afterward.
with that i give three out of five pinkie smiles: :pinkiehappy::pinkiehappy::pinkiehappy:

After reading the book. Anon should have made excuses came from every pore of his body to avoid not being able to walk for an entire month. And then married and say "I'm old fashioned, sorry". Eventually they would have got him but at least he would have been old enough to accept his fate

Damn it Bendy, you and your futamares! :rainbowlaugh:

to reveal…. massive horse cocks.


it'll be like

Their sizes aren't proportional,

If Celestia is 2.5 times the size of Twilight it's weird that her member it's 4 times the size of Twilight's.

Unfortunately, they've got a most terrible, big surprise for you.

Fortunately, they've got a most wonderful, big surprise for you.

FTFY :twilightsmile:

Reading this then got to the futa part and thought: "Huh... Kinky." And just kept reading.

Well... 5 foot dick means death. 6 ft 8 in dick is horrifying

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