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"Never grow a wishbone, daughter, where your backbone ought to be."– Clementine Paddleford


The Legend of the Howling Beast was one mostly lost to time, but a resurgence of claims in recent years has brought ponies in from all over the planet to try to crack the case.

The Mane Six might just be the ponies to do it.

Written for the Monthly Shipfics group.

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This was a very good story

7000342 Thank you! I am glad you enjoyed it :twilightsmile:

Well done on this story! On to the next chapter!

7000623 Thank you! But the story itself is complete :twilightsmile: There won't be new chapters of Howl, but I do love me some TwiLuna.

Very nice story.

I found it a tad odd. But it was an enjoyable read :)

Umm, what happened to Spike? :unsuresweetie:

7001063 stayed at the farm with the guards and presumably Fell asleep. I apologize for not making that clear!

7001063 spike, who is that :rainbowhuh:?


Twilight, you're in love. And she loves you back.

This is really well-written, and quite beautiful! I think you write Luna's character in particular really well. I'm interested to see what will happen in the next chapter!

The town itself was chaos. The normally quiet farming village was packed with ponies, most wearing tee-shirts with grotesque depictions of the Beast. At least one unicorn jumped around in a frightful mask, terrifying the ponies with their own rendition of the Beast. Food carts were parked on once fertile and growing fields, and all around them they saw litter, heard screaming ponies, and occasionally saw the tell-tale glow of campfires dotting the farmlands. Teenagers and adults alike galloped around the town, passing out flyers and throwing up even more dirt with every hoofbeat. The small homes in town were hard to spot through the chaos, but fearful eyes peering over windowsills from within were enough to get Luna's blood boiling.

Bloody tourists...

That sounds like spot-on description of Bonaroo Music Festival (or any large outdoor concert/festival in general)

"And I'm guessing half of them haven't taken baths since they got here."


That is definitely Bonaroo...

"Nay. I feel foolish. This was meant to be under your jurisdiction. I feel as though I have trod on your hooves."

"Not at all! I'm still learning this princess stuff, and these ponies were more likely to believe you anyway." Twilight chuckled, stretching her wings out absently, feathers trailing over Luna's back. Blushing, she retracted her wings. "Sorry, sorry. Just, do you want to fly, maybe? Kind of oversee things?"

A gentle smile wound across Luna's muzzle, soft teal eyes pinning Twilight in place. "Indeed, but only if you fly with me, young Princess."

Something about these lines really catches my attention. Something about how you have shown, through a few lines ageless and immortal Luna coming alongside and helping Twilight take her first wobbling steps as one of Equestria's rulers. You know, it occurs to me that there is an absolute dearth of stories concerning Luna and Celestia (and Cadance) mentoring and training neophyte, adorkable Princess Twilight for her duties as a princess.

Celestia teaches her the art of War...
Luna, the art of Diplomacy...
Cadance the finer points of Realpolitik...

Spike mumbled something that sounded suspiciously like 'something something Rarity something', but nopony paid too much mind.

Nice try there loverdrake.

Yikes. That alliteration in the very first line is a suckerpunch.

7002381 I'm glad you enjoyed it ^_^ I wrote the last 4k words or so of this story at like midnight so I apologize if it's not great ^^

7002484 spot on. I was thinking more like Woodstock or that stupid festival they had out my way years ago. MUSIC IS HELL, SON.

7002563 Eh, I had to. Pinkie Pie just lends herself to it.

"Howl with me."

This was playing in my mind throughout the story:

Story itself was good, but due to it's (relatively) short length, the relationship between Luna and Twilight could only go one of two ways. One, awkwardly shoehorned in because the author likes to ship (fortunately this did not happen) or the second direction which the story took: painfully obvious in being central to solving the mystery of the Beast.

7001305 That's okay!

7001681 Trollestia Strikes Again! XD

Is there a moving castle involved?



Liked it a lot. Not what I expected it to be!

Great story. One nitpick: the title is Duchess, not Dutchess.


I do love a mystery with a happy ending... and this:

grinning at the flushed, fluffed up ball of alicorn in her hooves.

is just the best mental image ever. :rainbowlaugh:

Oh, this is good so far, and with not nearly enough views! I'll have to finish it after work.

I dunno what it is about TwiLuna, but it's one ship I always seem to enjoy.

Goodness, they got together awfully quick at the end there.

Luna: Being with others has caused me horrible pain.
Twilight: *kisses Luna*
Me: Um.

This feels like it worked out too clean and quick under the circumstances.

Second time through, new comment: evenings like this always manage to make me feel lonely and fulfilled, at the same time. Also, now I'm craving apple crumble.

the book on Alicorn physiology she'd planned to study

Is that what twilight calls "pornography of my mentor" these days?

" Legend has it that on the longest day of the thousandth year, the stars will aid in her escape... " Pinkie cut off her recitation, smiling innocently when Twilight whirled to give her a sour look.

I love this moment. Only Pinkie can be a smart mouth and still seem totally innocent.:rainbowlaugh:

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