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Awwww yisss.

Has my seal of approval, sons!

This needs the human tag.

Thanks for spotting that! :twilightblush:

A Prism Bolt story? Awesome!

Sometimes I feel that Prism gets neglected by the Kilala fandom.

Same here, most of the time he's just the butt monkey or end's up being a punchline.

That being said, I'm glad to see another story starring my favorite Kilala character and my OTP.

EEEEEE! Another Prism and dubz sexytime fic. Yazzz.........
on other note, better fix up some grammatical errors here and there.

Raine : (closes her mom's diary) eww..... MOM! My Faust. There's more.
Apollo : try comparing that with my mom's. Eurgh....
Raine : Just......don't Apollo. JUST. DON'T.

I ship these two guys.

Wooow ! That fiction did hurt my wrist is really great ! Good handjob Otaku-boy !
As always, I recognize your style in the traitment of the characters' personalities and your always fabulous way to depict the sexual intercourses.

I'm in the line for the commissions, waiting my turn for you to take me as your lover customer !


Nice! Even better since Golden Delicious, Crème-de-la-Crème, Turquoise Blitz and Princess Nidra are good friends even before they were parents!!

BTW: Fraise--Daughter of Golden Delicious and Crème-de-la-Crème
Apollo--Son of Turquoise Blitz and Princess Nidra

So yet another Marty Stu wish fulfillment fic. -cringes-

... By saying that you've proven that you know nothing about these characters, didn't even click the link to learn anything about the characters, and instead made a insulting comment without even reading the story.

6976212 The grammar and spelling I'm seeing in this comment section demonstrates the, ah, "target audience" these stories are aimed at. So you'll understand if I don't take you seriously.

6976120 Correction: You're thinking of Peridot. That's T and Nidra's colt. Apollo is T and Anthea's son.

6976394 Right. :facehoof::facehoof: I keep forgetting that T is a lot like Nidra, Claire, and Illusion, where they all have extended lifestands. And I can't believe that I forgot T had kids before he and Nidra hooked up way on down the line, after Annie went to the Big Pasture in the Sky. Apollo is Annie's son...

Thanks for the correction. :twilightsmile:

6976130 Actually these characters are from a legit fan made universe. Just humanized.

6976394 ding. Correct. Apollo is Annie and T's son. And maybe twin to Oasis.

You have time to upload a story but no time to update The Third Roommate...

Adding this to my Read Later shelve, though~:pinkiesmile:

Need that commission money to live, bro. Me living equals Roommate updates. :raritywink:

6983773 I guess that's true...

Guys, commission him some more for Roommate updates!!:rainbowkiss:

"It's 'cause of your gazungas, isn't it..?"

What are gazungas ?

and what's the problem ?

and what's the problem ?

Her melons might make it harder for her to fly, that's the problem.

didn't she fly with them before ?

Yes, but it's implied that her tits growing to that size is a recent thing.

Reader interpretation.

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