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I am a writer... An artist uses lies to tell the truth, while politicians use them to conceal the truth... And I, like God, do not play with dice and do not believe in coincidence...


Fluttershy is saddened that Discord is in Canterlot and last time he visited, he spent almost every ounce of time with her friends... She wishes he would spend time with her like he used too....

Chapters (8)
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Good start you got going there. A bit sad, but that's the point of course :derpytongue2:
I like to read the continue when you got it up. So I will return later again.

I would agree dear friend, it is interesting.

Thanks for the great comments :pinkiehappy: I'll try and update every day :pinkiesmile:

" GET OUT OF HERE, ANGEL!!!?!??!?!?! "
I lost it.

I thought that would make someone laugh :rainbowwild: Fluttershy rarely loses it on others so I thought that part would be funny to see her lose it on Angel :pinkiehappy:

" Angel, you know better then to kick people!!! "

I think you meant ponies not people.

The one thing you need is just add one exclamation point.

Awwww..... I like to know what's going on in Discord's mind right now.

Ok thanks for finding those mistakes :twilightsmile: I'll go and fix them :pinkiesmile:

I'll be posting the next two chapters hopefully today, so you might find out in one of them :raritywink:

so what happens next ?

I'm just on a minor writers block right now :applecry: It will be done be tonight though!!! I guarantee :rainbowlaugh:

I will try, but no promises :twilightoops: I'm just stumped on this chapter :fluttercry: And its frustrating the heck out of me :flutterrage:

Can't wait for the next chapter


Did you enjoy this chapter? And I'll get right on the next chapter :pinkiehappy:

I will sometime this week, and this promise I'll keep :twilightblush:

Yay, I finally read this. Good stuff, and I hope that we see more of it soon. :twilightsmile:


Thanks I'm glad you enjoy it :twilightsmile: I should have the last two chapters done by the end of the week :pinkiehappy:

when will there be more chapters?


I will try and update tonight :twilightblush: Just remember that I can't always come up with a chapter with a snap of my fingers :twilightoops:

I can't wait for the epilogue

6786309 Um when will it come out


I've had a minor set back, but it should be done today :pinkiehappy:

I laughed when Discord put RD in a pink and frilly dress! Priceless!!:rainbowlaugh:

I'm glad everything worked out. :twilightsmile:
LOL at Rainbow Dash! :rainbowlaugh:


Glad you enjoyed that part :twilightsmile::rainbowlaugh:

You don't put a space after the first quotation mark. You don't need them right before placing the other.


I know I just did it cause for some reason it bugged me that it was without a space :twilightoops:

:flutterrage:Rarity behave yourself!
:moustache: Wut cha doing with Fluttershys old bucket?
:duck: bouquet Spikey poo
:twilightoops: Rarity bring Spike back right now!
:rainbowlaugh: Haaaaaa Ha Ha ha
:applejackconfused: gosh they eloped faster than Angel Bunnys bride!
:facehoof:Oh Rarity


:rainbowlaugh: So I take it you enjoyed the chapter?


That's a great picture! :pinkiehappy:


That story is very well done :twilightsmile: Your very creative

Aww!!!!! He gave her a little hiding place!!!! With a waterfall, nonetheless! So sweet!!!!!! :rainbowkiss:


I'm glad you enjoyed that part :twilightsmile: Are you enjoying the story in general?

I feel like there was a little more angst than was necessary (or maybe it just needed more explanation), but that didn't stop me from wanting to cry a little near the end.:fluttercry: This story keeps getting better and better! :pinkiehappy:


I was trying to limit the sadness a little, and I apologize for the over statement of despair in here :fluttershysad: Don't cry you'll make me cry! :fluttercry: Glad to hear that your enjoying it :yay:

Well that escalated quickly! I thought Discord's prank on Twilight was pretty funny. I'm just imagining her flipping out over the torn books she's never even read. For all she knows, they could be cookbooks.

6917519 Oh no, they were happy tears. Which doesn't happen hardly ever for me, so its definitely a good thing. This chapter was so cute!!!!!! This scene completely blew me away:

" Discord, don't scare me like that! Why are you even up so late? "
He looked at me flirtatiously.
" Well the bed wasn't really warm after my fiancé left my side "
I blushed crimson. I was still angry that he would scare me like that, but that smile caught me in a bind of forgiveness every time I saw it. I relented, and smiled, still staying concealed with the curtain.
" You still shouldn't be in here, it's bad luck to see the bride in her dress before the wedding "
He smiled. Coming over and placing a gentle kiss on my cheek. He started to place kisses down my neck, and made it almost to my throat before I giggled and pushed him away.
" And we are definitely not supposed to do that before after the wedding "
He put on a fake pout, as I laughed at his adorable face.
" Go back to bed, dear, I'll be up in a second "

That's exactly how I would picture them interacting! I've gotta say, this whole story has greatly impressed me. Honestly, I was expecting a lot less. But you really pulled through! I award you with moustaches: :moustache::moustache::moustache::moustache::moustache::moustache::moustache::moustache:


I was laughing when I wrote that part of the chapter :rainbowlaugh:


I liked writing that cute scene the most in this whole story :scootangel: I thought people would like it, and I guess they do! :twilightsmile:


Yay, my first set of mustaches!:rainbowlaugh: You can have one for being so fantastic with the comments :moustache:

6917782 You deserved it! Except for a few bumps and some slightly shaky grammar, this story was way better than the rating makes it out to be.


Thank you so much, this means a lot to me:twilightsmile:

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