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After receiving a fashion line deal from FancyPants himself, Rarity must consult the one pony whom she connects the least with for fashion advice. As she sees her friend more often, she learns more and more about her and learns that not only Friendship is Magic.

Currently being reworked.

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687295 I'm not the biggest fan of my tense either, but it sounds even weirder to me when I don't keep it consistent. Also: Can you point out some of the biggest convention errors? I'll fix them up. Thank you for the critique.

Yay new Rarijack! Only one thing I found on my first read. In the first line, sews, not sows.

687362 Thank you for that. I must have missed it when I went through the editing process.

going to be interesting, looking forward to seeing more.

This gave me diabetes. :pinkiehappy:

687427 Well I hope to be able to give you as much Diabetes as I can....in a good way. :ajsmug:

687469 Thank you for the help. I wasn't sure about consarn so I had googled it and got a few different responses. Guess I just need to read through it a few more times before submitting. :yay:

Also, make longer chapters please.

I loved this chapter. I like how everything wasn't outright screaming "ITS APPLEJACK, ITS APPLEJACK!" but still hinted it. Can't wait for chapter 2 to see where this goes!:derpytongue2:

As a RariJack fan, I will be keeping a close eye on this one! :pinkiehappy:

A new Rarijack to add to my reading collection? :trixieshiftleft: :trixieshiftright: TRACKED!

Good story so far. A bit of tense inconsistancy here and there, but I can overlook that.

Also, RariJack. Good ship. :ajsmug::raritywink:

Punctuation and formatting errors here and there - check out this one for a reference formatting. Other than that, there's a tense error (present tense in the beginning, switches to the correct past tense a quarter into the chapter). Style-wise, OK. Plot-wise, also OK. :twilightsmile:

Good story but your lines need a little work. At some points they separate in odd places and it messes up the flow of the dialogue or story point.

729480 I believe I fixed them up. I don't know why it changed so drastically when I imported it from google docs but hopefully it's fine now.

Comments comments, lets see....umm....l am truly enjoying this story so far. Watching Rarity drool over AJ os always fun. :ajsmug:

Likeing the story so far! Can't wait for the next chapter. Definitly like this pairing. :ajsmug::raritywink:

Must have more!! When will you update??:raritydespair:

826284 I procrastinate/am lazy and had exams until yesterday. I'll write the rest of Chapter 3/4? tonight and then I'll have my editors go through it. After that, it'll be up. It'll be before Saturday, I promise.

A big thank you to my editor, Parcly Taxel, who spends their hours editing my work. Also I want to thank the readers and those who put criticism in the comments which will help me in the long-run. Stories almost done guys!

Almost done already? But its been so good....

838497 There will only be 5 chapters and a shorter epilogue. At least, that's how my outline goes. It might expand depending on if I get a better idea.

I really like this story, like almost all rarijack stories so keep it up!

If you want the next chapter to be around 2000 words, you should make it 3000 words or more before you send it off for editing. I can be harsh at times. :ajsmug:

Oh, can't wait for the next chapter :pinkiehappy: :raritystarry::ajsmug:

852301 But you always make it great so it's alright that you are harsh :twilightsmile:

I like this story a lot, its cutsey and still has a moving plot. However, the beginning of the third chapter was a little confusing, especially the kiss. You should consider rewording that so it flows better and makes more sense. Other than that, I am looking forward to their date!

893661 ...I'm the editor for this story. :twilightoops:

Once again I'd like to thank my editor: Parcly Taxel. Please leave some critique and thanks for reading.

I love the reference to Johannes Vermeer. He is truly one of my most favorite painters.

"who found herself amongst an orchard of apples"

Ah! There! Said it right there!

Keep it up with the updates. This has, from the start, been shaping up to be a great story.:twilightsmile:

wow applejack, you were waiting for her to ask this whole time? :applejackunsure:
you nearly had rarity freaking out!
But again this is really good, cant wait for next one, and do you still plan on ending on the fifth chapter?

934103 I don't know now. It seems some people want it to keep going so I'll see how it plays out. It's all how the story wants to go. I really want to end on a d'aww moment...

Heh, heh, loved this chapter. :ajsmug:

I made a small error at the section where you mention zap apple jam. It should read "...in front of the Oranges, but gave to Applejack a very large daisy sandwich..." :twilightsmile:

I found this story through one of your Reddit comments, and it's been an awesome read so far! :raritywink:

935005 Oh, hehe. Glad you like it then. Always nervous when I link it to other people.


I can see. I've been attempting my own fanfics, and I'm a bit scared that no one will like them so they're usually kept close to my chest.

I am working on a story for my game "Pinkie Pie's Perilous Platforms!", though so maybe folks will like that. :pinkiehappy:

935012 Oh that's awesome! I've been waiting for that game for a while and was glad to see it in ponE3. A story would be cool, just make sure you have at least an editor and a pre-reader is always nice. :pinkiegasp:


Yeah, I'm hoping to get that down as soon as possible. I've written some fine material (original works), but MLP is going to be an interesting challenge.

Glad to hear that you saw the game at Pon-E3!

I like D'aaaawww endings too!!! I want more, more more. Soon........

Fantastic. I have been awaiting another chapter of this, and I feel a bit embarrassed to say I almost forgot about the story. However it was great, and I like how she finally got to ask her on that date. It was cute the way you did it. Keep it up

Where is chapter 5? :unsuresweetie: Also, you should credit me as the principal editor of the story. :twilightsmile:

989965 I'm about 1.5k words into it. I've been vacationing and now I've been trying to...umm...I'm lazy :scootangel:


I knew that. I thought maybe you hadn't gotten to that chapter yet. Lol.

Here it is, Chapter 5. Thanks to my editor Parcly Taxel, again, for spending their hours cutting and changing my raw work into what you see before you. Thank you to all the readers who've commented and favorited. I hope you've enjoyed reading the story. This isn't the d'aww ending I really wanted, so I'll probably make more chapters. :applejackunsure:

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