• Published 3rd Jun 2012
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An Orchard of Apples - DivineGlory

Rarity needs fashion advice for a new line of clothes but finds something else as well.

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No Longer Just Business

The next two days were but a couple of hours to Rarity, sewing on and cutting off various parts for her dress for Fancypants. Before she knew it, Applejack came knocking.

"Come in, dear!" Rarity yelled. As Applejack walked in, the fashion designer yawned like she was in an opera.

"You been sleepin' much, sugarcube?"

Rarity was mute for now, but a fire went off in her mind. Sugarcube. She calls me that all the time... but that use was so unique! Maybe... wait, I'm not sure anymore, what time was supper supposed to be? Her stomach grumbled.

"Sure glad Ah' brought some apples." Applejack reached into one of her green saddlebags, took out a fresh red apple, and tossed it. Rarity directed it in mid-air to her mouth, clamping her teeth down at the right moment, letting apple juice splatter onto the floor. Being nice as usual, Applejack moved up and wiped Rarity’s chin with a hoof.

"MM?" Rarity gasped, pieces of the chewed apple flying out of her fiery mouth. She took a few steps back, fighting a losing battle against the happiness within. She...just...does she? A smile graced her face, shining in the daylight coming through the window. A bigger grin was elicited on the other side, her beauty of a similar yet different nature. Rarity completed the chewing action and frowned for a second. "So, um, to what do I owe the pleasure of you coming over here this fine day?"

"Erm, Rarity? That sentence didn't make much sense. Haven't been sleepin' much, have ya?"

"No." Her face greyed out a little.

"Nah, it's alright sugarcube, just lie down a minute." Applejack laid her hoof around Rarity's neck, and both fell on the bed. Rarity felt herself chained to Applejack, her neurons misfiring and her legs shaking. Her eyes were shuttering, and the scent of a thousand apples filled her nose, until two hooves pushed her down and the predicament revealed itself.

A kiss.

"What in Equestria are you doing?!" Applejack yelled out, turning away with her nose raised. "You could have found somepony else for that!"

Rarity tried to wave her hoof, but her strength was gone. She sank into her bed and cried, sinking her even further. “What... what have I done?” The door slammed and the mascara fell, but she was paralysed, lying on all fours. The clock ticked its rhythm of passing time.

Sweetie Belle came back at noon, but she was now devalued and irrelevant. "Um, Rarity?" she asked from the door.
Rarity's eyes fluttered open. "What?"

"I... just thought that maybe we could get lunch together?"

"No." Sweetie heard the meanness in Rarity’s voice plain enough. The younger sister closed the door, leaving the elder to ponder... Where am I going?

The door opened for the third time that day. Rarity's eyes fluttered, but stayed closed; she could hear several pairs of hooves and felt one of those pairs touch her side. My friends... I wonder if Apple- No, no, NO! Don't think of her. She drenched her face in a flowing sadness, which was wiped away with a cloth.

"Rarity?" Twilight inquired. Rarity stayed mum, but harboured contempt. She told our friends?! She could have at least kept it between us. The librarian continued. "Look, I know you're sad and everything feels so awful, but it’ll get better."

"And what book did you read that from?" came a retort. Twilight's mane stood on end, and she got up to whisper her apologies: I shouldn’t have said that. Another pony took her turn beside Rarity, but the mattress was soon bouncing all over.

"Hey Rarity! I know how you feel so super-duper sad right now but it does get better like Twilight said. What if I threw you a party? That'd make you feel better right! I got my party cannon right here! BLAM!” The confetti fell down on Rarity’s face, but no hoof came to deflect them, and silence enveloped the room once more. “Woohoo! So whaddya say Rarity? Huh? Huh?” She heard a small deflating noise in addition to her hoofsteps. “Why aren't you listening..." A few more hushed whispers and Pinkie's hair puffed up again, but Rarity was still in her hole.

"Um...Rarity?" a timid voice called. "Never mind."

"We won't bug you any longer, Rarity." Twilight pushed the other ponies towards the door. "Just make sure you're ready for the fashion show tonight." With the imposing door shut again, the ratchet clicked inside Rarity.

"How could I have forgotten the fashion show? It starts in a few hours! I'm not even done with the dress yet! I still need a model now that I don't have one anymore! How dreadful today has been! Sketch first! Sketch first! OK, done, make it! Cloth? It’s there, then we have another piece of cloth, then this one..." In around half an hour, the dress was complete, and Rarity slumped to the ground. The heat that had welled up in her horn spread through her body, tickling her. She chuckled.

"Rarity! Rarity! Wake up!" Hooves came in from all sides as her eyes slowly opened.

"Wha-? Sweetie Belle!" Rarity stumbled up quickly and towards her desk. "What time is it?"

"Seven in the evening, I think. When's supper?"

"Oh Celestia!" Rarity yelped, and yelped again as she nearly tore her dress from the mannequin in her haste. With a last look to Sweetie Belle, she galloped out of Carousel Boutique and towards the town square.

Rarity paced around the small room she had set up, trying to think. Duh, I needed her for this! I cannot believe I would do that, but I did! She shook her head, then stared at her impromptu dress. It'll never pass for anything. It's too... simple! Then again, she loved Twilight's dress, but I had a model for that one, not this one! That is...unless I actually do it! She exhaled slowly and walked over to the mannequin. Alright Rarity, this is your time to shine. Not just as a fashion designer, but as a model. Becoming popular. The pony everypony should know, and will know. As she took the dress off the mannequin, the door opened behind her.

"Erm, Rarity?" a familiar voice asked, piercing through Rarity's heart.

"Oh, Applejack. I hadn't noticed you came in." Rarity quickly brought her hooves to her face, making sure she was presentable. She didn’t turn around, hoping the two could stay civil, or at least not cry.

"Sorry fer how I acted earlier. Ah' just..." Applejack hesitated. "...didn't know what was happenin'. Ah'll still help ya, though."

Rarity looked back, letting a grin occupy her face. "I'm sorry, too. I didn't know what I was thinking - shouldn't have assumed you reciprocated any feelings." She faced the dress again, not wanting to see Applejack's reaction. "So, dar- Applejack, I need you to model this dress for me. It'll seem more rustic if you wear it."

Applejack's mouth twitched, but she complied. The flower-imprinted skirt pushed her tail down somewhat, and the top was a bit tight, but other than that she felt OK. "It's pretty, Rarity! Don't look so sad." Applejack laid her hoof on Rarity's shoulder, comforting her.

"It's not that, I'm just nervous." Rarity sighed and moved towards the drawn curtains, the expectant atmosphere outside seeping through. Is Fancypants here yet? I'm sure he'll announce his presence. Three minutes till show time, Rarity! She brushed her hoof along her mane again, feeling small beads of sweat slowly drip down her face.
"Don't worry." Applejack stood beside Rarity, mindlessly pulling a bit on the tight dress.

"Stand still. I can fix that," Rarity said, magically splitting the dress in different places before sending a needle from across the room to piece them back together. Laying her hooves down to steady the fabric, she felt Applejack's muscles tense through the skin-like fabric.

"Rarity..." Applejack hushed. "The show is starting!" Rarity stumbled back and looked towards the curtain.
Spike was standing there, his eyes wide. "Um... erm... um... R-rarity... Fancypants is here," he shouted, before running off on his tiny legs. Rarity saw Applejack smiling, her grin seemingly about to spill over into laughing. She returned the favour before the music started.

"It'll go fine." Applejack glanced at Rarity and winked. The dressmaker felt happy for her, and she galloped out a side exit to watch the show.

Straight away, the oohs and wows were coming from all over the studio. The dress still looked tight from Applejack’s muscles, but there was no doubt about it: “fantastic” was the word right now. Rarity smiled as Applejack sauntered along, looking left and right. I should get her to model more often. The beats deepened, and Applejack whipped her tail towards Fancypants, showing off the skirt. What was that wink all about? Reaching the end of the ponywalk, Applejack sashayed and sent a smile across the crowd. They love it. Fancypants was clapping away against the ground, and everypony was following suit. They adore it. One last smile, and Applejack retreated behind the curtains. What was that wink?

"That was wonderful!" Rarity exclaimed as she met the night’s star, still in the outfit, behind the curtains. "I mean, of course it was going to be wonderful but you were wonderful... if you don't mind me saying." She blushed. There was still plenty of time to discard the dress.

"It's alright. Ah’m alright, too. Don't mind if ya compliment me, wasn't really me but the dress!" She pulled down the dress a bit. "It's really comfy. Those fancy ponies'll love it."

Rarity smiled and blushed heavier before moving over to Applejack. "You can take that off now, you know."

"Ah' don't think I wanna."

"Oh." Rarity blinked a few times, then tried to move back, only to find Applejack throwing a hoof on her shoulder. She looked deep into Rarity's eyes and smiled.

"I'm glad I could help." Without prior notice, she closed up on Rarity, whose legs were shaking. Why is she doing this to me? She's taunting me...I can't do this. Completing the action of backing off, she hung her head in partial shame. "Rarity, I need a favor," the farmer asked.

"Yes Applejack?" Rarity kept her head low, but high enough that Applejack was visible.

"I need you to swing by ma' farm in a fancy dress around... five tomorrow. Also, I need ta' keep the dress." Rarity's head swung up a bit, some small alarms going off. Is she...asking me out? Is this a dinner date at her farm?!

"Er... Of course I'll be there. And of course you can keep the dress! It's yours for however long you want." Rarity giggled. "You do look great in it anyways. You should wear dresses more often."

"Ya," Applejack replied, a little mellow. She smiled at Rarity before waving a hoof and disappearing through the curtains. By this time the audience had gone home, but Rarity heard a few hoots and hollers amongst Applejack’s hoofsteps.

"I've got a date tomorrow."

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