• Published 3rd Jun 2012
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An Orchard of Apples - DivineGlory

Rarity needs fashion advice for a new line of clothes but finds something else as well.

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An Interview With a Librarian

“Mornin', sugarcube.”

Rarity diverted her attention from some sizzling sounds to that greeting, her eyelids letting a piercing light shine through. “Morning.” She smiled at her lover, who did it because Twilight was cooking breakfast, and yawned while fending off the previous day’s memories. Do these early birds really know about beauty sleep? “One minute, darling.”

Applejack exhaled, trying to shake Rarity into awareness. “Ya know yer gunna have to get up – why not now?” Feeling a white hoof intrude her vision, she stepped back. “Fine, Ah'll just wait.” Rarity tuned herself in. Waiting for me? Her orneriness is bizarre. As her eyes flowered open, a large orange blob showed itself. Wha...! Her heartbeat quickened with her blind scramble across the covers.

“Yer up now!” Knocking sounds emanated from the wood.

“Oh.” She flew a pillow at Applejack, who dodged it with a grin. “It... is... on. Teach you to scare me like that?” The two ponies tumbled down, wrestling their anguish away.

“Ah’ got you!” Pinning Rarity, she smirked. “And fer my next-”

“GIRLS!” a voice interrupted from downstairs. “Stop making a ruckus and come down now!” Setting themselves upright, Rarity and Applejack obliged, the former setting her mane straight using a bedside mirror, the latter trailing and savouring the aroma of bakeries. Twilight received them from the doorway, her magic manipulating some crockery and pancakes at once. “Well, good morning.” She knows more than what her make-up suggests.

Rarity made herself comfortable, then cut off a piece. “It looks good,” she exclaimed, her beating eyelids lifting Applejack’s face.

“So...” Twilight drawled. “You girls are dating, right?” The other two ponies jerked up. It’s as if she doesn't even care...

“Ermm...” Rarity looked down to her right.

“Eeyup.” It’s the business.

“How does that work then?” Having reserved nothing, her gaze fell on the kitchen. Was this all planned?

Rarity pushed her lips together. “Well...” She glanced Applejack again, trying to understand her charm. “What do you mean by that?”

“I mean, how does your relationship work? Shouldn’t there be a stallion?” Twilight’s mouth stayed ajar, her magenta energy bringing a quill and parchment over.

“Most of the time there is a stallion...”

“...but there ain't one now.” Applejack bobbed her head.

“Alright...” Twilight scribbled some notes. “Now I know that the stallion often sets the relationship’s flavour. How does this idea of dominance work for you two?”

“It’s complex. In my earlier relationships, I was... quite dominant,” Rarity explained, pausing at her lover’s glare, “but we’re... we’re like a light switch. On and off, without much experience.” Applejack nodded without fanfare.

Twilight wrote down more sentences, intending to keep them between she and her mentor. “OK, I won’t ask that again. So how do-”

“Pardon mah interruption, but...” She stressed her words. “You invited us just fer that?” We think alike. Rarity's mouth curled.

“Well... to answer your question... no.” Redness filled her face. “Yes, I wanted another slumber party, but I also wanted to study the relationship.”

“The Truth or Dare game?” Rarity asked.

Twilight pressed her tongue against the palate. “Pretty clever, huh?” Rarity and Applejack leaned back, watching the cheerful face morph into an anxious one. “Oh Celestia, didn't mean to upset you two! Are you upset?”

“No, darling, I'm not upset, just surprised.”

“Feel free to carry on, though.” Applejack clenched her teeth.

Twilight lifted her quill, smiling at Rarity. “Sure. How did it begin?”

A silence permeated the room. “Everythin’ started with Rarity’s comment when she came looking fer me. Then Ah' went, modelled, got to know her.” She shrugged as the quill danced and formed words on the parchment.

“That is most true. She was all ready for the etiquette and... well, beautiful.” Rarity couldn’t see Applejack's flushed face in her giggling.

“Girls?” Twilight tapped the table. “Applejack, isn’t it that relationships and harvesting clash?”

“Uh...” She checked on Rarity. “Never considered that. We’ll decide soon...”

“Decide what?” I’m clueless!

“Between... applebucking and you?” Twilight hinted. Applejack's nose scrunched up. This is suspicious, Rarity pondered. No, you have to trust Applejack! Hardships are inevitable, after all. Don't freak out.

Twilight kept watching her two friends, any sporadic ideas dismissed as detracting. Should I ask my next question? Rarity’s eyes were glued to what seemed like a regretful Applejack; this was recorded straight. “Does anypony else know?”

Unsure of Sweetie Belle’s position, Rarity gestured no, but Applejack nodded. “Big Mac does. He's been helpin' me with all this lovey-dovey stuff.”

Rarity’s rolling her eyes – she’s disturbed. Is this normal? Bad? No, this needs deciding. “Suppose I was...” She snickered, cautious about forwarding her problems. “...infatuated with an acquaintance. How would I go about telling them?”

“You?” Rarity hyperventilated, her mouth tingling. “You are in love? Tell me everything!” She squeed and cleared her throat, dizzied by sheer exhilaration. Applejack remained motionless.

Tell her my love? Better not. “Well, last Nightmare Night... I don't know, but that pony was so beautiful, couldn’t help but think. Before sleeping, I...” Her head drooped.

“Don’t worry, we’ve probably done what you’re thinking. Right, Applejack?” The farmer nodded, cocking her right eyebrow.

Twilight inhaled. “I thought about how I've always been isolated, never had a super special somepony, how it'd be great to have that special friend I could love.” Hm, not too bad... She shied away. No! Rarity’s giggling again!

“That shouldn’t be anything disgraceful either.”

“Ya,” Applejack added, stooping on her subconscious. “Everythin’ been dusted down.”

The librarian imagined Princess Celestia comforting her, then tilted towards Rarity. “So I desire to settle down with her, but I'm stuck.”

“It depends on who this pony is. If she's one of our friends, it'll be much easier.”

Applejack winked at her partner. “What if she be a pegasus? Then Ah'm sure you could just lay yer feelings on the line.”

“Um, girls, what’s your palaver about?” Do they understand their words?

Rarity spoke up. “There are some rumours circulating involving you and this other peg-”

“Rainbow Dash!” Applejack interrupted.

“Rainbow Dash?” Twilight crossed her hooves. “Aha? Aha?” She induced Rarity and Applejack to laugh with her. “Who told you that?”

Rarity repositioned her chair. “Well... I-I mean... nopony. We conjured it.”

Applejack nodded. “You two are always talking, now she comes here for ‘books’.”

“I totally don’t feel for Rainbow, let alone love her. I love Princess Luna!” She slapped her lips, falling horn-first onto the table. Ouch! The other two ponies’ faces widened, their cheeks bumping in hysteria. Hold on, what in Equestria did I utter?

“Luna?” Rarity bounced with her heart. “The princess’ own student in love with her teacher's sister... oh, corollaries!” Twilight collapsed in her chair.

“Shouldn’t be that scandalous,” Applejack comforted. “The sun’s alright with your feelings and Ah'm sure our fancies would cause the same reaction.” True – I mean, who would've thought about them as a pair?

Twilight blinked twice. “So should I go for it?”

“It all depends.” Rarity tapped her chin. “Does she feel like you do?”

“That last statement you made, is it true for Applejack?” Catching her half-filled parchment in the corner of her eye, she blushed and flew it to her worktable.

“Er... it was a guessing game, and I just threw myself into the flames.”

Applejack raised her hoof. “If Ah' might interrupt y'all, but you should proceed Twilight. All along I feared mah love was one-sided, Rarity pickin’ on me.” She lunged at Rarity’s hoof. “But Ah'm glad she did what she did.” They looked at each other, their eyes fluttering.

“Thanks girls, you've been great interviewees. Now who wants some more pancakes?”

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