• Published 3rd Jun 2012
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An Orchard of Apples - DivineGlory

Rarity needs fashion advice for a new line of clothes but finds something else as well.

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Questions and Answers

Ten Months Later

Rarity looked towards the sun, slowly sinking away from the moon. Her left hoof held tightly to Applejack's, whose head was leaning softly on her shoulder. There was no sound on the hill except for the light breathing of the two mares as they cuddled under the darkening sky. A small smile creased both of their faces, content in the silence of the world. There were no birds in the sky, and no animals in the trees. The only thing in the world at that point, was Rarity and Applejack. Thin clouds flew across the sky as the star's light shone through them to dot the ground like hundreds of fireflies. Rarity's hoof tightened as her head slowly lowered onto Applejack's, resting there peacefully. The farmer's hat was laying beside her, cast aside so she could cuddle with Rarity more comfortably.

The sun had left the world the same way it came, and Luna's domain was shining brightly above the two mares. An old free form poem echoed in Rarity's mind.

Under the stars, the two ponies sat.
Their smiles were as bright as the stars
Their hoofs intertwined as lovers.
Nothing mattered but them.

The thought made Rarity's heart jump, her happiness being pushed down in order to keep the quiet of the night. She pulled Applejack closer with her right hoof, which was lain across AJ's shoulders. The two mares sat and watched as more stars began to appear. A bird in the distance broke the silence as it sang it's happiness, and Rarity watched as a Squirrel moved into a tree for shelter from the night. How could they not love Luna's night? The way the stars seem to only glow for you. The way the moon smiles down upon you and how the light glances along the ground. It's so romantic, no matter who you're with. And... Rarity lifted her head, smiled, and kissed Applejack's forehead..I'm with the greatest mare. Applejack's own head raised up and smiled back at her, before leaning in for a delicate kiss. They held it for a few, precious seconds before parting and staring into each other's eyes. Rarity smiled.”It's getting quite late, darling,” she said pointing towards the moon. It had traversed at least a quarter of the sky. Time flies when you're having fun.

“Ah' guess we best be gettin' back then,” Applejack responded, a bit of sorrow in her voice still, “But...” She scooted closer to Rarity, “One last kiss.” Rarity obviously agreed, as she quickly met Applejack's mouth with her own, pushing herself closer to Applejack in a passionate embrace. Once it was over, they stood and Rarity tossed Applejack's hat to her. With a quick thank you, Applejack slowly turned and started the trek to the farm with a final wave to Rarity. As Rarity started the walk back to her own home, she replayed the night through her head. Uneventful was a word she would never use for any of her dates with Applejack which were so unlike her dates with other stallions. Applejack was tender, and calm while the stallions were often trying to hard to be masculine and dominant. Applejack was content with what they had, yet the stallions Rarity was used to were always wanting to go further and further. After every date, Rarity ran the day through her head. She couldn't help it. It seemed too good for her. As if every date with Applejack was a dream she couldn't control, one that she'd have to wake up from eventually and only be able to cry from the longing she'd have. Why am I having these thoughts? She screamed at herself, unable to contain her anger at her own self-doubt. Why would Applejack ever leave me? She racked her brain for the answer for that question before silently sitting on the ground. I don't deserve her, that's why. Self-doubt was always a problem with Rarity. It plagued her thoughts as she created her dresses for clients, and it was always there as she talked with her friends. Always worried that a pony would want something else from her, something bigger and better than what she thought she could accomplish. Of course, it always seemed silly in the end considering nopony ever ruined her life as much as she thought they would. Still, the thoughts followed her through her life, always nagging at her when she was so close to being truly happy.

Her hooves stumbled a little along the uneven road to the Carousel Boutique. Tonight's date, as it normally did, went perfect. They met at the designated time, and they never seemed as if they were just going through the motions. Every conversation was a new experience to Rarity, the flow never stopping or stuttering as it had on their first date. They had grown close the past few months, moving slowly in the relationship while still moving ahead. Applejack always seemed to love ending the dates with silence, and Rarity was content to do the same. They would cuddle for what seemed like hours underneath the pale moonlight and the stars. Kissing often, but always gentle and passionate. Rarity smiled at the memories of her dates, and all the warm feelings that were always with her during them. Yet, she still couldn't admit her full feelings for Applejack.

The door opened in front of her and she stepped inside, closing it with her horn. The night's weariness finally hit her as she staggered towards her bedroom, opening the door absentmindedly and dropping on her bed. I...She fell asleep almost instantly.


The sun shined brightly through Rarity's lacy drapes, falling directly on Rarity's face. Her mouth was smiling as she dreamed of Applejack. Her mind galloped through the orchards with a farmer chasing after her, giggling at the sky as she fell when caught. They cuddled, and hugged tightly. The sun blinded her to the visual world, but she could still feel it. Her mind slowly left the dream world, and she was brought back into reality. She sighed, and gracefully swung her hind hooves over the bed to stand up. I wonder what Applejack is planning on doing today...

She magically opened the closet and started to shift through her wardrobe, moving aside dresses and hats that would look out of place on such a sunny day as today. After a few minutes, and a few dozen dresses, she decided on a purple-tinted sunhat. As she fitted it onto her head, her thoughts wandered back to the mare of her dreams. I should see how she's doing. With the agenda for the day fully set in her mind, she sauntered out the door, turning towards Sweet Apple Acres.

Her hooves kicked up dust when her pace quickened. The excitement she felt when she was near Applejack was already starting to build up in her stomach. Changing into a full-out gallop, she made her way to the orchard in almost-record time. Slowing down at the dirt path, she looked around and smoothed out her mane. How easily I forget grace when I think of her.... She rolled her eyes at her own thoughts before moving forward, trying to determine how her forthcoming conversation would go. We'll go out to lunch today. Perhaps visit the top of that hill. She's always talking about how the view is the most beautiful in Equestria there. Only if she knew... Rarity giggled a bit at her thoughts this time. The thoughts faded though, and she approached the farm. Knocking on the door, Rarity stood to the side and waited for an answer.

“Ah' got it!” Applejack screamed from the inside. Rarity's mouth turned up into a larger smile as she heard the pony's voice. At least I won't have to deal with Big Macintosh's questions this time. It wasn't that he was obtrusive, he just seemed too inquisitive of his sister's relationship to Rarity's liking. She figured it was just natural curiosity. “Oh, hi Rarity,” Applejack said suddenly while Rarity noticed the door had opened when her thoughts were still happening.

“Were you expecting somepony else, darling?” She asked before giving Applejack a quick kiss to say hello. They both smiled at each other before the orange pony stepped out of her farm and stood under the open sky with Rarity. Seconds passed by without a word before Rarity spoke up. “Lunch?”

Applejack smiled and tilted her head towards the town, “You lead the way, sugarcube.” Rarity smiled back before doing as Applejack had said. Conversation was minimal as they walked, but Applejack had upped her pace so she was side by side with Rarity as they traveled. Every now and then, Rarity or Applejack would look over at the other and smile. They didn't need to speak to make a day perfect, they only needed to be together.

Applejack scooted ahead of Rarity when they approached the restaurant so she could hold the door open. “Madame,” she said while she tilted her own hat to Rarity. Rarity responded with a giggle and a thank you before moving through the door and finding out the restaurant that Applejack had picked, was another fast food joint. Why must she always insist on eating this...filth? Rarity sighed, but kept her silence. At least I'm here with her. “Now ah' know you don't really like these types o' places,” Applejack whispered from behind her. “but this one's got some fancy stuff as well.” Rarity just rolled her eyes again, smiling at the farmer as they were brought to their table.

“At least I get to pick next week,” Rarity teased before looking down at the menu. Fancy food? Ha! How can such dribble be called.....it's for Applejack, Rarity. With that last thought, she looked up at Applejack and started to talk.

As they left their table, Applejack quickly handed some bits to the waiter and held the door open for Rarity again. “Now that wasn't too bad, was it Sugarcube?”

“No, I must admit, it was fairly adequate,” Rarity responded as her stomach grumbled in defiance. Oh stop it you. Applejack was once again standing beside her, but this time she was much closer than before. “Dear, I was thinking we could go to that hill you were talking about a few nights back. You know the one?”

Applejack's brow furrowed for a moment before she remembered what Rarity was talking about. “Ya, Ah' know the one. It's this way.”She pointed a hoof to a path that would move around the Carousel Boutique. Rarity knew the path was there, but she had never bothered to follow it all the way to it's destination. Following the farmer, Rarity looked to the sky and beheld the sun, glowing brightly in the center of the sky. The heavens had always fascinated Rarity ever since she was a young foal. Stars that glimmered more than any gem in her collection, and a large celestial body that stood out brighter than her most fabulous dress. No matter where you were in Equestria, one could always marvel at the sun and the moon. One would always see the stars shimmering in the night sky, calling down upon the mortal ponies of the world. The beauty of it all always put Rarity in an awe-struck mood. “Y'all comin'?”

The words brought Rarity's eyes back towards the beaten path, where she noticed Applejack beaming at her. “Oh, um, I must have gotten lost in thought again.” Applejack chuckled as Rarity quickened her pace to be beside the pony.

“And what were ya' thinking of this time?” Applejack asked that almost every time, which was a lot considering Rarity got lost in thought plenty of times. Mostly it was about their future, or about how much she loved her friend.

“I was just thinking about the sky, darling. How the sun was always with me and how it shines day until night, when the second-most beautiful object came out. The stars, that shine so bright upon the ponies heads. It's poetic, really.”

“Second most beautiful?” Applejack asked, a smirk hidden on her face, “What's tha' first?” Rarity giggled before moving in close to Applejack.

“My darling, the most beautiful thing in the world is,” Rarity moved her muzzle so Applejack could feel her breathing on her own muzzle, “The sun.” She quickly backed a step up, grinning like a filly. Applejack's eyes narrowed.

“Y'all think that's funny?” she asked, her voice still being serious while teasing, “I'll show you what's more beautiful than the sun!” Applejack sneered teasingly at Rarity and pawed the ground with her hoof. “Ah'll give you ten seconds.” Rarity smiled back at Applejack before gently laying her hat on the ground.

“Three,” Applejack continued her counting as Rarity slowly brushed her mane with her hooves. “Four,” Applejack cracked both her hind legs as she readied to run after the mare who was still smiling in front of her. At six, Rarity turned around and shook her tail at Applejack, who stopped her counting. “Ten.”

Both the mares took off, Applejack taking it slow so Rarity could keep ahead of her. As the farmer passed Rarity's hat, she picked it up and held it in her mouth. They ran along the path, Rarity's thoughts leaving her for a few precious moments as Applejack laughed behind her. The wind through her mane, the sun on her face. It was all too perfect. Looking behind her, she noticed Applejack closing the distance between the two. With a giggle of delight she threw herself into the grass, and Applejack jumped after her. They both lay on their backs, staring into the sky and panting. Looking over to the farmer, Rarity scooted over and hugged her tightly. Applejack responded by placing her and Rarity's hat to the side before hugging back. They cuddled there, underneath the afternoon sun as the day clicked on. Only comforted by the beating of their own hearts and the breathing of their own lungs. I love her. Rarity cuddled closer to Applejack, her head being lost in Applejack's neck. I love her. With all my heart, I love this pony. Applejack held her closely and Rarity happily obliged to be closer to her. Should I say it? Ten months... Is that enough time? She felt Applejack shifting her position underneath her, but Rarity continued to think. Have I ever actually had a relationship last this long? Oh, woe is me. I should know what to do at this point! Celestia knows the books have covered relationships that have gone on this long.

“Somethin' wrong, sugarcube?” Rarity sat up and looked towards Applejack, who was sitting up as well.

“Just...thinking.” Rarity responded. Thinking about us. About our future. About love and expressions of it. She wanted to tell Applejack everything that was on her mind, but a feeling in her gut stopped her. I don't want to take this any faster than it needs to be.

“Ya' do that a lot,” Applejack teased, playfully making contact with Rarity. Rarity smiled back, but her smile was only half-there. The thoughts still crowded her mind. Oh, I must figure this out! What if Sweetie Belle asks me in a few years...I mustn't not have an answer! Wait,....oh horseapples. Sweetie Belle will be off school soon! Rarity jumped to her hooves and brushed grass out of her mane.

“Yes, quite a lot. Right now I'm thinking about how we really need to get going. The girls will be off of school any second now!” Rarity bent over Applejack and grabbed her hat, putting it magically on her head. Applejack did the same with her own headgear.

“Horseapples. How long we been sitting out here?” Applejack asked, looking towards the sky, trying to determine the position of the sun.

“Long enough, darling,” Rarity responded before starting her way back to the path. Giving a quick glance back at Applejack, she kept moving ahead.

“Can Ah' ask you somethin?” Applejack asked as she appeared to the right of Rarity.

“Of course.”

“What'cha doin' fer supper?”

“I'm not sure. I think I was planning on making something quick for Sweetie and I.”

“How about you come on down to that one fancy diner?”

“Which one?”

“The one we went to our first date.” Applejack cocked an eyebrow as Rarity thought. Returning to the location of the first date? Doesn't that normally mean....Oh Celestia. “It's fine if yer busy,” Applejack continued, still staring at Rarity as they walked along.

“Of course, sure, we could go there,” Rarity stammered before adding, “Any particular reason why?”

“Nope.” Applejack smirked at her before turning back to the path in front of her. Nope? She's read the books...Has she not noticed the significance of this? Is ten months enough? We haven't even said I love you...

The rest of the walk was plagued with an awkward silence that Rarity would brood on for hours, even while she was 'relaxing' at the spa. Her thoughts would never stray from her own worries, fears, and emotions.


Her hooficure felt wrong, and her mane felt a mess. She brushed far too many times already, yet it still wasn't enough for her. Is she really going to do this? Am I just imaging things? I must be ready for anything. She brushed the comb through her mane again, worrying about overdoing it and knowing that it was already overdone. As soon as she got home from the spa she had started to get ready. Four different dresses were lain across her bed and eight corresponding hats were hung up around the room. Can never be too prepared. Twilight taught me that. Her friend's names seemed weird in her head, as if they all held a different connotation than before.

“Don't you think that's enough?” a small voice asked from her doorway. Rarity turned to look at her sister and sighed. Sweetie Belle's hair was supposed to be done as well, but her sister had whined about liking it the way it always was. At least she put on the dress. Sweetie Belle's dress had small frills at the back of it, covering her entire body from neck to the base of her tail. “So nopony sees my blank-flank,” she had stated.

“Yes, I suppose you are right,” Rarity gave another sigh before casting a glance to her dresses, “Be a dear and help me pick one.”

Sweetie Belle beamed from the door before rushing to the bed and grabbing a purple-embroidered one in her mouth, “Mmph mpph!”

“SWEETIE BELLE!” The dress was quickly yanked out of her sister's now agape mouth, “Don't you know you'll ruin the dress! This has been made from the finest fibers our bits could buy, the embroidery being imported from Manehatten and the lace imported from Canterlot. ” Rarity used her magic to brush the dress and fluff the part where Sweetie's mouth had pressed. “Don't touch any of them, just pick one!”

The small filly frowned and pointed her hoof angrily at a random dress. “That one. I guess.”

“Too simple.”

“That one?”


“Fine then. The last one.”

Rarity made her way over to the bed and stared at the last dress. “Too...gaudy.” Sapphires were laid across the seams so the wearer would sparkle when the sky shined onto her.

“The only one left is the one I 'ruined,'” Sweetie Belle replied, her voice giving off how annoyed she was at having to deal with Rarity's typical routine. Rarity looked over to the dress that was laid across her workspace and picked it up.

“It's perfect.”

“Can we go now?”

Rarity rolled her eyes at her sister. Always in a rush. “Now, which hat do you think looks the best?”


“Hurry up, we're going to be laate!” Sweetie called to Rarity, drawing out the 'a' on late as she sometimes did with different words.

“Just one last check,” Rarity called, looking into the hoof-mirror she had brought along with her. I need to be perfect for this. No matter how many times Sweetie Belle had insisted she looked fine, Rarity always would find something that needed fixing. Her mane was too curly or too straight. She picked the wrong dress and the wrong hat, or she didn't have enough make-up on. It had annoyed Sweetie Belle, who thought it would be over once they left the Boutique. It wasn't. The few minutes it would have normally taken for Rarity to get to the restaurant instead took almost half-an-hour. Her constant stops to look into the small mirror were enough to make Sweetie Belle almost insane, and Rarity almost late. Luckily,, they made it to the restaurant five minutes before the agreed upon meeting time, and noticed Applejack standing by the door waiting.

“Howdy girls,” She called. Rarity's eyes trailed along the farmer's body, which was covered by another dress. Simple, like the one I made her. But it's not the same. Lace covered her cutie mark as well, and the seams were fitted with small little diamonds. Did Fluttershy make that? “Why don't y'all come inside and we can start?”

“Hello, beautiful” Rarity stated as she kissed Applejack hello.

“Eww, gross!” Sweetie Belle called from below them. Her tone was enough to make Applejack chuckle out loud and for Rarity to giggle politely.

“You'll see, Sweetie. When yer a little older, you'll be wanting to kiss plenty a stallion.”

“Never!” Rarity's sister declared before squeezing past the two mares and inside the restaurant. Rarity looked through the door and smiled.

“Shall we?” Applejack laid a hoof along Rarity's shoulder before following Sweetie Belle into the restaurant.

“Waiter? A table for...did you only bring Big Mac?” Rarity asked as her eyes scanned the small lobby. Big Macintosh stood in the corner, his eyes dotted with bits of red as if he was crying before.

“No need, Rarity. Just y'all follow me. You too Big Mac.” Applejack lead them through the dining hall where ponies sat, eating their dinners and pretending not to stare at the group of ponies walking towards a larger door in the back. She got the dining suite? The doors opened to a rush of laughter and joy.

“There's the two lovebirds,” a tomboyish voice called from Rarity's right. She looked over and noticed Rainbow Dash standing off to the side of the table, one leg in the air as if she was preparing to do a trick.

“Hi girls,” Twilight called from the center of the table. Her mane was curled slightly at the tip and Rarity noticed she was also wearing a fancy gown. Were my suspicions correct?.

“Hey you two! Aren't you excited? I'm super excited! I mean, normally I'm the one planning the parties but this time it was Applejack who planned the party which NEVER happens and I mean NEVER happens because it's usually me planning the parties! Isn't that so silly? Or is it ironic? Which one is that? Hey Twilight, what's ironic mean again?” Pinkie Pie was practically bouncing off the walls with excitement, her gala dress almost shaking.

“Irony. The use of words to convey a meaning that is the opposite of its literal meaning,” Twilight stated.

“Told you. I'm not the dictionary. She is,” Rarity heard Sweetie Belle whisper to her two friends. A smile came across her face and she felt her worries wash away. How could I ever be worried with friends like these? The most understanding and wonderful friends a mare could ask for.

“Shall we sit?” Applejack asked, pointing to a chair that was held out slightly for Rarity to sit in. Rarity obliged and Applejack sat next to her. The conversation between all her friends continued. Twilight sat patiently in front of them, nodding to Pinkie Pie who seemed to never stop her sentence. Rainbow Dash stood in the corner with Scootaloo and the other CMC, miming different tricks that she would normally do while Flying. Big Macintosh and Granny Smith sat on the far left, whispering to each other so as not to disturb anypony's conversations. Rarity looked to the right of Twilight and noticed Fluttershy, who was sunk a little into her seat.

“Darling, why do you seem so nervous?” Rarity asked Fluttershy.

“Umm...no reason. There's just a lot of noise....maybe somepony outside is going to come in and tell us to quiet down or they'll kick us out of this real fancy restaurant” she stammered and Rarity tried to stifle the giggle that almost escaped her.

“Fluttrershy, nopony is going to come in and stop us from conversing. This room is warded against noise so as not to disturb the other patrons.” As Rarity finished, both doors opened to a long line of waiters and Fluttershy squeaked, sliding closer to the ground. The waiter ponies each held a silver tray, which were put onto the table and opened. Pinkie Pie's eyes widened at the large array of food before her. Everything from pears to pastries were laid out before the eleven ponies that sat at the table. The ponies that were standing took their seats, and the ponies that were seated took their food. Rarity's jaw was left on the floor as she stared at the food. This must have cost at least....well, it must have cost a fortune! She leaned over to Applejack and whispered, “Dear, I know you want this night to be special but you don't need to spend a year's savings on this!”

Applejack chuckled slightly, “Sugarcube, this ain't even half o' the year's savings. It's been a good harvest this year.” Is something left unsaid? Or is that just in my mind? With Applejack's calming words, Rarity took a small amount of food and placed it gingerly on her plate. As others stuffed their mouths, she gently cut her food and placed it into her own mouth, waiting for the surprise that she knew was coming. The longer she waited, the slower she ate. When? When will it happen? The waiters came and took their dinner away, half of Rarity's still left untouched on her plate.

“CAKETIME!” Pinkie Pie yelled as she bounced to her feet and hopped over to the corner. But, isn't dessert on the table? Pinkie Pie was still jumping as she reached her head into a bag that Rarity had not noticed before. The pink pony reappeared with a large cake balanced on her nose. Twilight's confused face sent the Cutie Mark Crusaders into fits of giggles.

“That could never fit inside that...but...” Twilight rolled her eyes and muttered to herself, trying not to draw too much attention.

“For the lovely couple,” Pinkie Pie said before placing the cake between Applejack and Rarity. This is it, isn't it? Am I ready for this? Rarity did a mental check of her appearance as Applejack thanked Pinkie Pie for the cake. Upon further investigation, Rarity would have noticed that one half of the cake was apple-flavored with diamond icing while the other was flavored with Canterlot spices and decorated with Apple icing. Except, she didn't investigate further. She continued her mental check-list and waited for Applejack to speak.

Instead, the earth pony cut the cake and passed one piece to each of the ponies sitting at the table. Rarity stared at her own piece, smaller than the rest. Why isn't she asking the question? Applejack smiled at her from the side as each pony ate their cake. Pinkie Pie was finished first, and had started on the different desserts that were left in the middle of the table. Still Rarity stared at her cake. Why?

“Something wrong?” Applejack asked quietly, her voice full with care.

Rarity nodded her head slowly, “I'm...not hungry.” Applejack took her plate from in front of her and passed it over to Pinkie Pie who gladly ate every bit of it.

“Yum! I wish I made more!” Pinkie Pie said, staring at her empty plate after everypony was done eating.

Fluttershy nodded in agreement, “It was very delicious, Pinkie. Thank you so much. Can I have the recipe? I mean, if you don't mind that is. I think Angel would love it.”

“Okie Dokie Lokie,” Pinkie Pie shouted over to Fluttershy who smiled in response. Conversation continued on as normal, Applejack giving words to each pony occasionally. Rarity sat staring at the table in front of her though, only looking up to nod in agreement or laugh politely with everypony else. Why hasn't it happened yet? No matter how gloomy Rarity felt, the feeling of excitement kept everypony going for another hour or so. As conversations started to dwindle, Applejack stood up.

“Ah'd like to thank everypony for coming here today. Ah' know we don't really get to hang out as much as we used ta' when evil ponies were always threatening Equestria, but we'll always have each other no matter what. So, thanks again everypony. Ah'll see y'all when Ah' see y'all.” Applejack smiled at the everypony before looking down to Rarity. The nine other ponies stood as well, starting to say their goodbyes and leaving. It's not happening.... Rarity noticed Applejack whispering to Twilight and pointing her head towards the three fillies in the corner. Twilight nodded before leaving the room, the Cutie Mark Crusaders following behind her and Fluttershy. “Mah' lady,” Applejack extended a hoof to help Rarity out of her chair. No matter how disappointed she was, she couldn't let Applejack see it. She stood along side the farmer and watched her friends exit the restaurant.


“Ah' figured we could use some alone time. Twilight's got the girls until tomorrow afternoon.” Applejack gave Rarity a sly grin, a bit of red appearing in her cheeks. Rarity's heart fluttered, and she felt a small pain in her stomach.

“I have a...shipment. Coming in. Tomorrow,” Rarity made sure her nose didn't scrunch up at the obvious lie. Is she really asking me...to...Why not? Rarity's mind argued as Applejack talked. She's not like anypony else I've ever met. She's kind. We're going too slow anyways. But it's too soon! Don't I want it be special? Don't I want it to be with a promise of forever? The others never promised forever. They didn't promise anything.

“So what'dya say?”

“Yes?” Rarity answered quickly before mentally facehoofing. What did I just agree to? Did I just...Oh Celestia, why must I always fall into my thoughts? Applejack smiled at her and pulled her lightly at the shoulder out of the room, and out of the restaurant. She kept her smile as she lead Rarity back along the path to the farm. As Rarity saw the barn come into view, her heart sank and she stopped in her path.

“I can't,” she whispered.

“What's that?”

“I....I can't do that. Not with you. Not without....I want it to be special,” she tried to explain but only ended stumbling over her words. At the confused glare of Applejack, she continued, “I don't want to rush into anything. Not without knowing that you'll love me like I love you. Because I do, Applejack. I love you.”

“Love...me?” Rarity clapped her hooves over her mouth. Why did I go and say that? Applejack took a step forward and pressed a hoof to Rarity's mouth. “Darling, Ah've loved you since Ah first laid my eyes on you. My thoughts have always been filled with your smile and your beautiful eyes have always visited me while Ah' slept. Ah've never dated nopony else because deep down, Ah' knew Ah' always loved you. And that's why...” Applejack bent at her hindhooves at looked up at Rarity, “Ah' want you to be my wife.”

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