An Orchard of Apples

by DivineGlory

The Final Day

Rarity awoke at the crack of dawn, her heart pounding in her chest as she stared at the ceiling of her seemingly small bedroom.

Darling, Ah've loved you since Ah first laid my eyes on you. My thoughts have always been filled with your smile and your beautiful eyes have always visited me while Ah' slept. Ah've never dated nopony else because deep down, Ah' knew Ah' always loved you. And that's why...Ah' want you to be my wife.

Her heart pounded faster as she remembered the way she had fallen to her knees and broke into tears... The memories of Applejack's confusion, written clearly on her face, stung Rarity's heart. Only when she was able to stop the sobs, could she explain her answer.

Applejack, I.....yes.

One simple word was enough to bring elated joy to both ponies. It was weeks back and yet she still remembered it perfectly. Rarity thought that she remembered it so well because it was her least busy day for months. Every day after the affirmative answer had been filled with invitations to ponies- although Pinkie Pie had happily handled most of that- and having to take congratulations from everypony on the street. Rarity spent weeks with Applejack just trying to pick which ring they were going to use, and she did not even want to think about how long it took to find a designer, at her level, that would make a wedding dress like she wanted. How foolish of me to not work on my own wedding dress. Her heart pounded faster when her head turned towards the clock. Oh horseapples!


Applejack looked towards her own clock and sighed. In contrast to Rarity's excitement, Applejack only had a slight feeling of joy. Once it's over I'll be happier. She promised herself that for weeks on end, and she still held onto that hope. The hope that the only thing bringing her down was the fact that she hadn't had a second to just buck apples. I wonder if Big Mac'll need me to come and help....she stopped the next thought as it tried to invade her mind by standing up. Well, here goes nothin'. Her back ached and cracked as Applejack moved quietly along the wooden floor of the farmhouse. Rarity had installed a mirror in the corner for Applejack to preen herself in-No matter how much Ah' was against it. Ah' ain't the preenin' type.

She lightly brushed her mane, taking out the knots that formed while she slept and tying it back into her usual ponytail. She looked across the plain white dresser and slammed her head down on top of it. Just a few more minutes of sleep. Her eyes started to close and she let out a small snort before flicking her head back, her heart starting to pound. Ah' gotta go get ready! Applejack shook her head and smacked it once, trying to wake up. “Macintosh! Ah' need you to bring that girly stuff!”

“Eeyup,” was the answer from the doorway. Applejack turned to look at Big Macintosh carrying what seemed like far too much makeup and various aesthetically pleasing items that Rarity had painstakingly bought for Applejack. Ah'll only wear 'em this one time, Applejack had promised Rarity. She had a feeling Rarity was going to make her wear them more than once though, somehow the fashion designer had that power sometimes. “Y'all ready?” Applejack nodded to her brother before closing her eyes. This is going to be a loong day.

“And then I sent out invitations to Mrs. Cake and Mr. Cake and Celestia and Luna oops I mean Princess Celestia and princess Luna or does she like to be called Nightmare Moon still I don't really know I haven't seen her since Nightmare Night anyways I also sent an invitation to Lightning Bolt and Twilight and All the Apples and Applejack's Aunt Orange and Applejack's uncle Orange and really the rest of the Oranges over in Manehatten but I don't know if they're actually going to come and I sent a few over to Appleloosa to go to Braebu-”

“PINKIE!,” the librarian yelled as she shut Pinkie's mouth with her horn, “I just wanted to know an approximation of the amount of ponies who were planning on attending, a number will suffice.”

“Oh...about,” Pinkie lowered her eyebrows and started to count on her hooves out loud, “fifty-six, fifty-seven, one hundred twenty-six....around three hundred.” Twilight sighed and looked behind her towards Spike before looking back to Pinkie.

“Thank you, Pinkie. Now you can name them but try to slow it down a little.”

“Of course Twilight! So there's Rarity and Applejack and Twilight Sparkle, that's you,  and Pinkie Pie, that's me, and Fluttershy and Big Macintosh...”

This is going to be a long day, thought Twilight as she helped Spike create the list of the guests that were planning on attending.


“Oh, no, excuse me,” The timid yellow pony murmured as she looked towards the birds perched in front of her, “Mister Blue? It is Mister Blue, correct? I'm sorry but you're a tad bit off-tune. I don't want Rarity to get mad or anything so if you could just sing a little higher....please.”


“Oh, thank you so much,” Fluttershy said kindly as she moved back in front of the tree where the birds were stationed, “One more time, if you don't mind. One...two...three,” The birds started to chirp again as Fluttershy conducted them. What is that...oh no, should I correct him? No, he'll just get angry. No, Fluttershy, you promised you'd make this the best wedding choir and by Celestia you will do that! “Mister Blue!”


“You need to sing higher, or you will be unable to preform with the rest of the birds!” Fluttershy stared at the blue jay that was perched in front of her, the yellow pony's eyes growing as the stare lengthened. The blue jay wanted to fly away in fear, but found itself unable to. The only thing it could do was let out a weak chirp. “Oh, good. Thank you very much. Once again now. No, no, no. Robin, you're off a little now.” This is going to take a while.


Rainbow Dash's wings felt cold against her back as she sore through the air, the wind rustling her short mane slightly. Phase Three: The Sonic Rainboom. She took herself back to that day, the one that was always ready in her memory. The day she had finally showed up those guys from Flight Camp, and the same ones from Flight School. More importantly though, she showed herself that she was capable of everything. And now? Rarity had requested a flight show for their wedding. “Oh, I'll give you a flight show,” Rainbow had replied before soaring off without another word.

Clouds brushed her face as she tore through them, moving higher and higher into the air. She was only practising, but Rainbow Dash was never one for not showing off. She tried to smile but could only let out a small smirk before her she started to plummet towards the ground. Her speed was increasing, and her eyes were tearing up. Go for it. Practice Shmactice. With a new found spirit, she pressed her wings tighter to her body and kept speeding towards the ground. A small cone of air could have been seen around her if somepony was watching, but Rainbow Dash had picked a place far away from Ponyville, just in case the trick didn't work out too well. Her ears flattened to her head as she felt the world explode. A rainboom appeared behind her, the sound of the crash deafening her for just a second before she let out a cheer and dashed parallel to the ground. Awwww yeah. This wedding is going to be the Best. Day. Ever!


Rarity paced back and forth, her friends shuffling awkwardly behind her. Twilight sat in the corner, reading up on various marriage customs while Rainbow Dash stood beside her, stretching her muscles for the big show. Fluttershy was off in another room, tending to her song birds while Pinkie Pie was bouncing off the walls, her mouth in a constant motion. “This is so cool! Rarity and Applejack getting married is so awesome! We were friends before and I mean we're still all friends but we're just friends and now Rarity and Applejack are going to be more than friends although they were kind of that before but that doesn't really matter right now because this is so much bigger than that!” Pinkie Pie kept up the jabber, hyped up  from the “taste tests” she did while baking the confectioneries that were to be served for the night. Rarity and Twilight kept their parts up in keeping Pinkie Pie going, giving her acknowledgement when she needed it. There were more important things than Pinkie's motor-mouth after all. The door opened and in walked Spike, his eyes a little red but still wide at the sight of Rarity.

“Wah! Spike! Are we ready to go yet?” Rarity asked impatiently, looking between the mirror and young dragon quickly. She was already wearing her dress, and was worried about every imperfection. Her dress was long and flowing, as most dresses were for the occasion, embroidered with a white thread. The main dress was orange though, apples and diamonds intersecting with eachother along the sides. When Rarity had seen it, her heart almost couldn't take the excitement of wearing such a beautiful dress. Thoughts of how she would've done it were in her mind, but they were pushed back quickly.

“Umm...Twilight, can I speak to you outside?” Twilight looked towards the young dragon and back to the bride, who was staring in the mirror. She nodded and stood up before creeping outside with a small shrug to Rainbow Dash who was glaring at the both of them.

“Twilight, is there any mean, they've been dating for a while but now I'm right there and...well, remember that secret I told you?” Spike hurriedly whispered to Twilight, checking beside him to make sure nopony was listening.

“The secret that,” Twilight looked around before bending to Spike's ear and whispering, “you like Rarity?”

Spike blushed, “Ya...that one. Is there any way that I can sort of, not be around for the main wedding part? Not to say I don't want my friends to be happy though! It's just that...”

Twilight hushed him and nodded, “That's fine Spike, I know how you're feeling. I remember how jealous you can get sometimes. But jealousy doesn’t help at all, Spike. Remember Owlicious? Just know that you're going to have to get over it soon. Any news about Applejack?”

Spike's sigh of relief was followed by a small huff of green smoke, “Nothing new. Just, keep her busy.” Twilight nodded and moved her way back inside while Spike shuffled off.


“Oh dear, no,” Fluttershy whispered to Spike as he relayed the news, or rather lack of news, to Fluttershy, “This isn't good...I don't know what I'd do if I was in her position.” Spike shrugged at her reply before sighing with the puff of green smoke again.

“Should we...send someone to the farm again?” he asked, hoping Fluttershy would agree so he'd have an excuse to get away from everyone for a little while, just to collect his senses.

“Well, I did send a canary over there not too long ago with a message, but, if you want to, I wouldn't stop you,” her voice was getting softer and softer as the nervous energy of the ensemble gathered at the hall increased. Even if she was away from the rest of the ponies, she still felt  that something was wrong.

Spike smiled a little, “Well I'll go make sure your canary is safe and maybe I'll find out what's taking so long at the same time.” He quickly left, giving Twilight a quick update before running out of the large party hall and towards the Apple farm on the outskirts of town.


“Ah' can't!” Applejack's southern twinge was stronger than ever as she screamed at her brother and cousin who were trying to pull her by her tail. Her hooves were clinging desperately to the apple tree she had hid underneath, and her mouth was holding one of the branches whenever she wasn't yelling.

“It doesn't matter, Applejack! You only got cold feet, it'll go away,” Caramel clamped his mouth on Applejack's tail again and tried pulling, moving nowhere.

“Eeyup,” Big Mac Agreed before trying a different method by grasping on Applejack's hind quarters with his hooves and trying to pull her up.

“Ah' made a mistake!” she shouted and kicked both her hindhooves backwards. One landed square on Caramel's jaw, the other in the middle of Big Macintosh's forehead. They both released Applejack in pain, and the farmer took advantage by running forward and turning around. “Now, Ah' don't care if y'all are going to be mad at me for not going, but y'all'll have tah drag me before I show my face anywhere around that hall!”

Caramel looked over to Big Macintosh and shook his head. “You really feel that way, Applejack?”

“Eeyup,” she responded, wiping off the small amount of makeup that Big Macintosh actually managed to get on her face with her hoof.

Big Macintosh stared at his sister and shook his head, “Just think about what you're doing, Applejack. Think about what you're giving up. That's all I wanna say.” With that, Big Macintosh turned around and walked off. Caramel gave one last look at Applejack before following her brother. Applejack stared defiantly at the back for them before plopping on the ground and tossing her hat to the side.

“What am Ah' doing?” she asked her apple trees, sighing loudly, “Why can't Ah' do this? It ain't like Rarity is gunna leave me...Ah'm leavin' her right now. Why? Why would Ah' do that?” She smacked her hooves on the ground, crying out in frustration, “Ah' guess...Ah' don't know.” She hung her head in shame, thinking of the inevitable pain she was making her friends feel.

“Applejack?” a small voice called out from behind her. She turned and saw the young dragon standing there, looking a bit embarrassed.

“How much did ya hear?” she asked quickly, trying to decide if it was a better idea to run.

“All of it,” Spike admitted before trying to close the distance between them. The farmer took a few quick steps backwards, “Look, Applejack, I'm not going to force you into anything. I...just want to talk.” Applejack sat down on the ground cautiously, and Spike sat beside her. “I'm going to be honest with you Applejack, and I want the same. Pinkie Pie swear?” Spike did the motions as Applejack mirrored them. “I...have a crush on Rarity. Or, I guess, had. It doesn't really matter now. But, I never really wanted you and Applejack to go too far. I don't know if you remember, but I was a bit jealous over Owlicious. Twilight says that I'm just prone to jealousy, whatever that means. But I think you should go to Rarity. The only thing I wanted since meeting her was for her to look at me the same way she looks at you. She loves you Applejack, you shouldn't hurt her like you're doing right now.” Applejack had sat with stunned silence throughout Spike's small monologue, and now she could only blink. Ah' knew he liked her, but...what am Ah' worried about?

“Spike, Ah' wanna thank you,” Applejack responded after a moment before hugging the young dragon tightly. “You taught me something special today.”

Spike blushed, “Can I, uh, know what it is so I can write that to the Princess? We haven't really had time to send a letter for the past few weeks.”

Applejack ruffled Spike's small spines, “Y'all taught me that sometimes you just need t'ah do something you don't want to do, because your mind might be just making up silly excuses. Now let's go to that hall.”


“Rarity!” Spike shouted as he burst through the door. Rarity was still pacing back and forth, her eyes quivering on the brink of tears, “It's time!” All the ponies in the room gasped and looked towards Spike. Twilight looked over to Rarity and smirked.

“Are you ready?” she asked, hoping Rarity would cheer up a little at the sight of Twilight's small smile. It didn't help.

“She...she is an hour late!” Rarity shrieked, her eyes widening in anger, “and now she expects me to go out there and pretend like nothing happened?!” She bit her lip angrily and stopped. Wait. Each time I've overreacted.... “Twilight?”

“Yes, Rarity?” Twilight responded.

“Rainbow Dash, Pinkie Pie?”

“Wuh?” Rainbow Dash asked, her muscles feeling more loose than ever considering she'd been stretching for a while.

“Ya?” Pinkie replied, making a stop beside Twilight.

After a few moments of hesitation, Rarity finally sighed, “Can you help me get my veil on?”


Rarity looked towards her sister and smiled. Her foreleg was holding her father's as her eyes fixated back towards the closed door in front of her. The anger from before was completely gone now, her mind staying calm and collected for once. “Sweetie, I don't think a Flower Filly cutie mark is really something you want.”

“But Rarity, we could be the first!” she said loudly, pointing towards Scootaloo and Applebloom who were behind her, getting their baskets ready.

“If you say so, Sweetie Belle,” Rarity said with a small giggle. She looked towards the door again and heard a song start to play, “That's your queue Sweetie Belle.”

The crusaders looked towards each other and jumped, “CUTIE MARK CRUSADER FLOWER FILLIES! Yay.” The doors opened and the three fillies started to jump down the aisle, throwing flowers left and right.

Rarity took a deep breath and looked towards her father. “I guess it's our turn now.”

“I'm proud of you, Rarity.” Her father said quietly before they started to walk down the aisle. All eyes were on them as her dress dragged across the ground. Applejack stood near the Princess, and the sight of her made Rarity's heart stop. Where is, Rarity, calm down. She's here. She loves you that much. She kept walking, her eyes solely fixated on the farmer in the front of the room. It doesn't matter though. None of it does. Her mouth started to curl up, and her eyes started to glisten with tears. This is it! Her father gave one last look to her before he sat with her mother, but Rarity didn't notice. Her eyes were only focusing on her soon-to-be bride.

With a quick nod to Applejack, they both faced Princess Celestia who smiled down towards both of them and spoke to the audience, “Mares and Gentle colts, we are gathered here today to celebrate the union of  Miss Rarity, and Miss Applejack. Their love is strong, and their commitment is clear. Rarity, Applejack, I now pronounce you Mare and Mare,” Princess Celestia stood tall as she looked upon the two elements in front of her, who were only looking at each other. Spike held up a small pillow which held two golden rings on it, each pony taking one. Applejack placed it on Rarity’s horn, while Rarity intertwined Applejack’s into her hat. Cheers rang through the hall as the two ponies moved together, sealing their marriage with a small but passionate kiss. As they separated, Rarity kept her nose to Applejack's.

“I love you, darling.”

“And Ah' love you, Sugarcube.” They kissed again as everypony, and Spike, looked on with excitement. They separated one more time, before turning to the crowd and smiling.

“Now who's ready to PAAARTY?” Pinkie Pie shouted, bouncing in front of them as Rainbow Dash flew by the windows, a rainboom trailing behind her. The entire crowd cheered only louder as music filled the hall.


The party had ended, and most ponies were leaving to their respective homes. Only Rarity, Applejack and Princess Celestia stayed at the hall, relaxing after the dancing.

“I'm proud of you, Applejack. When everypony thought you were going to abandon your friends, you showed up. And Rarity, you forgiving her. Only true love holds that  power between ponies. I wish you both a long life together,” the Princess smiled at them before unfurling her wings and taking flight. As she flew back to Canterlot, Rarity smiled over to Applejack.

“Ah'm sorry,” Applejack said quickly. She was looking bashfully at the ground, “Ah' was worried about showing up. Ah' thought that somehow, this marriage would change everything.”

“In a way, it did,” Rarity put her foreleg around Applejack's shoulders and kissed her forehead, “but it changed everything for the better. We're different ponies, Applejack. These past months have been some of the greatest months of my life, and I know that only better ones will come. And do you know why?”

“Because Ah'm so great?” Applejack replied with a chuckle.

Rarity rolled her eyes, “I guess we can go with that. Now, are you ready for our honeymoon?” Rarity stood up and moved backwards to the exit, motioning Applejack to follow her. Rarity's new bride stood and walked calmly towards the door. As Rarity's horn glowed, the door swung open showcasing a carriage built for two with four very patient stallions waiting in the front. They smiled at the two new brides as the door to the carriage swung open and Rarity climbed inside. Applejack followed with a knowing grin.

“So where did we leave off?” Rarity asked before throwing her forelegs around Applejack and kissing her.