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Rarity has a very juicy secret. She has a crush on Applejack. But she's told no one, including AJ herself. The only pony who knows is a certain little sister...who MAY or may not have read her big sis's diary. A ship fic told from Sweetie Belle's pov.

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What? First? No way! Here, have a like and a fav.

Anyways, :ajsmug: + :duck: = :heart: ? I don't even know what to call it. Applejackity? Rarijack?

1169609 Damn, you beat me by 20 seconds! :pinkiegasp:


so that mean ya banned?

Little sisters, such meddlesome creatures.

Sweetie Belle trying to help her sister no matter what it takes.... it brings back memories. :pinkiesad2:

Rarijack is my fav!!!Gimme more. MORE! please.........:fluttercry:

1169613 People call it Rarijack.

This....is amazing!! MOAR!!! :flutterrage:
um Please :twilightblush:

:flutterrage: MOAR FLUTTERBITCH DEMANDS IT:flutterrage:

um...if you dont mind that is:fluttershyouch:

Waiting for more chapters... :applejackunsure::duck:

I am really really liking this Idea :scootangel: Keep it up!

it wold be great if it was not in a first person.

:ajsmug: :raritywink: I'm really enjoying the plotline of this one, but the writing seems a little quick for my tastes. Nonetheless, I'd like to see where it goes.

I'm trying out first person for my stories written from the perspective of children. I typically like 3rd person better, but it's really fun to write as a kid telling a story.

i like it but im a little more intrested in spikes love life :moustache:but other then that i love the point of view of sweetie belle!

1176820 Well technically Spike's love-life comes into play.

1176829 im just hoping that he moves on to a certain cmc *hint hint* sweetie....maybe.. :D

1177562 Not Sweetie, but there might be another one that has a currently unrequited crush on him.

I love this story already

Thanks very much. Rarijack is my second favorite MLP pairing, and writing from the point of view of somepony as innocent, yet still incredibly scheming, as Sweetie Belle is fun. :yay:

Always a huge relief to see a Rarity shipfic that actually addresses Spike's feelings. Most authors just ignore him or make a cheap excuse to keep him uninvolved.

Spike: stepping in and saving the day like a boss. :moustache:

1191732 Spike is one of my favorite characters, there's no way I'd ignore him

ooh, I like this! More please. :raritystarry:

1169613>>1170284 How about RarityApple?

1417444 In my opinion, there really is no good name for it.

I usually use Rarijack

Omg Moar please!?! :applejackunsure: :raritystarry:

I love it!
I wanna see where the date will go

Because Cutie Mark Crusader Matchmakers worked so well before:facehoof:

Oh well at least they made sure the two ponies liked each other this time:scootangel:

wow I am actually really enjoying this and can't wait to see where it goes!

1493636 Thank you.
Writing Sweetie Belle has been a challenge. She often comes across as ditzy, even a little dumb, but at the same time is the schemer. So she's a really interesting character to write from the point of view of.

Oh my gosh... PLEASE continue this amazing piece!:raritystarry:

:D This is so good! I cant wait for more!

your cancelling? NOOOOOOOOOO!!!!:fluttercry::raritycry::ajsleepy: in this case, do you think someone else could carry on the work?


My friends and I call their shipping "Rare Apple". I'm not sure why.

Why is this cancelled?...
It looked so promising too...


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