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Twilight's future self tried to warn her but she wasn't quick enough. Cerberus left the gates of Tartarus open for too long and now the unspeakable evils of the world have been unleashed upon Equestria. It's going to be up to the Twilight and her friends to stop the escaped prisoners and restore order to Equestria before it's too late.

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Interesting that they introduce a prison realm for evil creatures only a handful of episodes before the season's conclusion, hmmm? I wonder what sort of rogue's gallery Tartarus is.

this was done last minute can i guess? still this might prove interesting for my tastes as i am a fan of plots such as these.
following :rainbowderp:

It was done in a quick timespan because I wanted to be original and figured if I took a little longer then there'd be a few hundred already out there. I'll be taking a little longer on the next chapters in order to get back into the flow of my writing since this was the first thing I've wrote in the past...2 years. :derpytongue2:

an interesting method i must say, i was intrigued hearing this whole tartarus ordeal myself, so im confident this will be a real treat :twilightsmile:

Interesting! I'll continue

Lol funny that celestial showed her where hell was

Liked, Keep it up! :twilightsheepish: But feels there could be more detail.

Dr. X: It has potential, though it is poorly written. I mean certainly no offence to you, dear sir/madam.

Raven: Eeeyup.

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