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Nearly a decade after their marriage, tensions fill the growing void between Applejack and Rarity. With Applebloom gone, and Big Mac crippled, it falls squarely on the Element of Honesty to run the farm, from planting to bucking to selling, she had become Sweet Apple Acres. But not even the magic and strength of the earth ponies can handle that much stress. And neither can a marriage.

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This story pisses me off. Why? Because I fully believe that you're underrated and under appreciated as a writer. And there is nothing I find more infuriating than having a good story be little acclaimed or respected. Honestly, it just makes me mad.


Umm. Thanks?I think :rainbowhuh:

Why did I read this at work. I knew what it was going to do to me.:fluttercry:

Awesome story, faved.


Be careful. Momma might be listening. :scootangel:

Your canon is flawed.

Bitch please, all of the Mane 6 are Lesbians. Its only right.


As for the story...


The story is not bad. I just dont like Sad all that much.
Especially with Rarity, the best pony.

I thought this was pretty amazing, please update soon

Good work author, good work.

Loved this first chapter so far. Very said and really wondering about that Pinkie Pie part. Was that her going killer crazy or something? Loved Mayor Mare getting her ass handed to her by the princesses lol. Loving it so far. Off to the next chapter. :raritywink:

I'm trying to understand the ending correctly, did Rarity try to fight her off? Applejack delusional? Did many years pass? The perfect horror part threw me off. It was a pretty good chapter but wow that was a huge jump.

Yeah, I'm a bit confused as well. What happened to AJ, physically, that is? :rainbowhuh:

Now I'm going to my hidey hole. I think I should upgrade to a bomb shelter though.


Corners are always nice.


I like hallways with a lot of AP mines. Zombies can't do anything in little pieces neither can SWAT. Haven't tried stopping Bronies or Anon yet, I hear rummors of immortality. :twilightoops:

For the bronies, try daww inducing pictures. I heard heart attacks are really good at stunning them if they don't outright kill them.


Hmm, on that, anyone got Chrysalis cuddling? I've been looking but... :fluttercry:

I don't know about Chrysalis cuddling, but I found a few pieces of her as a (surprisingly adorable) filly/child/larva/whatever.

Oh, darn. I was so close to doing all of this without a downvote. :ajsleepy: Sad day.

Interesting . . . not sure if I like this yet or not, but you certainly have my interest piqued.

Well....This is depressing.

Just in the first chapter (I had to stop midway through), this fic is bouncing around topics without much sense given to the reader. There's some grammar / structure issues, everything up to the point where I stopped was told, not shown, and you broke my suspension of disbelief multiple times. As I read it, its a presentation of a lot of ideas rather than a story.

Gotta call it as it is and give you a downvote. Sorry. :facehoof:

you sir/ma'am, are a really good writer. this story is just done really well and deserves a whole bunch more popularity then it has, even though this is like one of the sadest fics i have read :fluttercry:

and although i did not cry( My Little Dashie couldnt even make me cry, i know somethings wrong with me) i was close on a few occasions. So i must thank you for this was an amazing experience and i ask you to continue writing, maybe not this fic any longer for i dont think i will be able to keep myself from crying next time, but just to continue writing in general.

"You think I want that? Sweetheart, I would trade the entire kingdom to have you. Don't you ever think anything else. Ever."

MAH FEEEEEEEEEEEEEELS! :pinkiecrazy: *goes to read next chappie*

Dearest Applejack,

I'm sorry my love. I cannot do this any more. I can't sit and watch you in so much pain. Applejack, dearheart, you know that I love you. I will always love you. That is why I have to leave. It is killing me to watch you like this, especially when... when I remember what we once had. All those times we would stay awake all night, just talking to each other. The times we would stay up doing other things. I wish that I had the courage to tell you this myself, but I can't. I can't cause you any more pain. I'm leaving my love, goodbye.

I'm so very sorry beloved, know that you are always in my heart.



:raritycry: IT'S SO BEAUTIFULLLLLLLLLLLLLLLL *faves* This has been featured... hasn't it? :fluttercry: It should. It must. IT HAS TO. IT'S AMAZING. :heart:


Nope, no feature. But thats okay, I didn't write this one to get it off my chest. Really, I'm a sucker for Rarijack, and at the time... Well, actually the day I wrote the first chapter, I did something to my back, and I literally could not move it because it hurt so bad. It fixed itself thanks be to the Light, but that's really where this came from.

Anyway, I'm glad you liked it, not many do. :twilightsmile:

1756610 :pinkiegasp: But who wouldn't like this work of beauty?

Holy titty sprinkles that was fantastic! :pinkiehappy:
I only wish there was more of this to read. :fluttershyouch:
I adore Rarijack, and you sir, have written an amazing fic.
I can't believe this doesn't have more view! It's amazing!
You made me cry.
But in a good way.
Remember Chancellorsville,

buh. my everything. ow.

Omg, beautiful. This made me cry so much :)
Well done!

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