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When Rarity invited Applejack to spend a beautiful summer's day together, neither pony could have imagined it would be brought to an abrupt end by a Prince from the neighboring country of Saltlickenstein inviting Rarity to his magnificent jeweled city to commission her fashion skills.

The regal and charming Prince Lazuli sweeps Rarity and her friends off to his beautiful kingdom, but as things start to go wrong for the unlikely friends it's up to Applejack to uncover a sinister plot and stop a ruthless villain.

But can she do it in time to rescue the elegant purple-haired unicorn? And can she face her fears of destroying their friendship forever for the sake of something even more special between the odd-couple?

(For those who have read the previous version of this story, you'll notice the old chapters have been removed and I will be re-adding them once edits have been completed.)

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One down, seven to go! This has to be the best story I've read in awhile. There were a few grammatical errors, but that's just the proofreading in me speaking. They're easy to dismiss, especially because you just want to continue reading more. :heart:

Looks at specially featured cover-art.


Reads first chapter.


oh you changed the end of the chapter !!
well the new one is nice:raritywink:

but i miss the drunk departure party and most importantly the drunken kiss :ajsmug:

So sad this was never continued.... :(

Edit: I found the original on Deviantart....FANTASTIC!

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