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Thanks & Twitter/YouTube! · 10:51pm Sep 30th, 2012

First of all, big, big thanks to Cosmic and Dashie4Pres!

You guys really helped me stop being such an idiot and pull my head out the dumps, I'm back on track and will be giving Jewel another really hard lookover for edits, as well as asking for editors/proofreaders etc!

Prancypants and WhiteDiamonds were also awesome over on my DA page and the four of you have really helped encourage me to carry on.

Big ponyhugs to all of you!

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2nd Strike for Jewel - Disheartening · 10:11am Sep 29th, 2012


For the last few weeks I've spent a considerable amount of time trying to edit and revise my story The Jewel of Reinsburg.

It's the story I am most proud of, my personal little bundle of self-indulgent joy that makes me smile. I really wanted to share it as I think it's a fun, cheesy, happy little story that even nonshippers can enjoy.

Sadly it's becoming obvious that I just don't "get" the technical rules of writing.

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Reinsburg on the "Official" Map of Equestria · 11:11pm Aug 3rd, 2012

So seems an official map of Equestria has been released by Hasbro.

It's one of those things that as a writer you kind of dread, fearing that the official map is going to totally destroy your ideas, I'm lucky in that I think I can safetly place Reinsburg and Saltlicktenstein on the "official" map without too much recourse.

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Jewel of Reinsburg Edits, Audiobook & Arts! - Back in the Editing Seat · 11:11am Jul 26th, 2012

Hello friends!

Just a quick blog update to let you know I haven't forgotten about FiMFiction!

I'm slowly getting back into the writing habit, but it's not exactly going at a rocket pace at the moment. I've also decided to focus more on completing Jewel before working on Neigh Hard (that and there are some major plot holes that somepony pointed out to me!) as I've got some very exciting things planned for my first (and favourite) RariJack story.

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Buck you Writers Block! Neigh Hard: Neigh Harder Chapter 2! · 8:08pm Jun 12th, 2012

Last year I got to go to a book signing, there were lots of authors there including a lovely Australian lady whose fantasy books I am rather keen on.

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Neigh hard Hiatus & Blocks · 8:53pm Jun 11th, 2012

Howdy folks,

Just a quick one to say I'm really, really sorry but I'm wacking Neigh Hard on to hiatus for a little bit.

I'm not happy with my outline for the next few chapters and I've been struggling for nights on how to re-write it. I've already edited Chapter 1 but I just can't seem to write anything I'm happy with at the moment.

I'm still working on the edits for Jewel, but that's also a bit of an ongoing struggle.

Writers Block eh? Pain in the flank! XD


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Chapter 2- Edits Complete? Excerpt included! · 2:16pm Jun 4th, 2012

So the biggest chapter is pretty much done, editing wise. That means Chapters 1, 2 and 8 are done.

I've still got to go through and check the new additions for spelling/grammar errors but I *think* I'm a lot happier with the additional content.

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Updating Jewel of Reinsburg & New Stuff · 2:20pm Jun 1st, 2012

Hey everypony,

Just wanted to drop a blog post to say that I submitted Jewel for EQD and got some great feedback from them on how to improve Jewel.

I'm currently in the process of editing and making the suggested changes, I think I've got Chapter 1 done now but I'm waiting on /fic/ to give me a review to see if I got it right.

Because of the edits the other two fics I'm working on are on hold, but I'm hoping I can get Jewel up to standard and submitted to EQD which would be nice. :)

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Here I go again! · 2:47pm May 27th, 2012

The reception to The Jewel of Reinsburg has been so amazing, thank you to everypony who has read it, faved it, commented on it, liked it or just looked at it!

I honestly thought I would get run out by an angry mob for writing such a sappy Disney-fest. XD

I've had some amazing help with regards to proofreading and reviewing, so whilst I wait for those to come back I thought I would take some time away from writing FanFic stuff...

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Hello? Is this thing on? · 8:36pm May 25th, 2012


I'm DicePony (also known as FictionPony on DeviantArt but that's because DicePony was taken... drat and blast!).

My Bio gives you some background on me, but in general I'm a big fan of Adventure and Rarijack. The two don't have to be inclusive of each other, but that's the stuff I'm interested in.

Which is funny because I've almost finished this Adventure/Rarijack Fic that I'm hoping to upload...


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