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Spike reveals the secret of Second Birthday to the girls. Twilight is not amused.

Vector by The Mad Shipwright

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This was really cute. Thank you for sharing it!

silly, cute, thoughtful, fun!:pinkiehappy:


You get all the cookies!

6372174 It was just a little something that filtered out of my head yesterday. I'm glad you liked it! :twilightsmile:

I don't think a boss can actually ground their employee.
cute fic by the way.

Dead Spike.

6372315 Spike is a special sub-contractor. He's got job duties, but still has a bed time. It's a weird Equestrian loophole.

6372433 Unfortunately, canon kills the mystery. We know that Spike manages to live somehow.

Found myself laughing at every interruption. Nice job! :twilightsmile:
There are a couple of errors interspersed in there, though... :unsuresweetie:

6372618 There always are. I never can seem to get all the typos out. I'll go on another hunt.

Glad you liked it despite the errors, though!

Well, that escalated quickly.

But you'd THINK that Pinkie would know that it was Cherrilee's birthday today.

6372701 It's not. It's Cheerilee's birthday tomorrow.

I liked it. It had a sweet message overall. :twilightsmile:

6372891 That makes me happy! Thanks for taking the time to read it.

Kudos for ending this with a genuine moral for all parties involved. :twilightsmile:

6372975 Thanks! I started out just thinking that I was going to ruin Twilight's day, but it kind of morphed into something better when I was writing. I liked that it ended up being nice.

“It’s terrible! She thrashes around in the sheets, crying out for more delicious jewelcakes. Some night’s I don’t sleep at all!”

Spike, you're going to dragon hell.:facehoof:

6372315 They can if you employ child laborers! :twilightblush:

Man, I would love to see Pinkie trying to throw Lyra a second birthday.

This was pretty funny.

*snerk* Spike, you troll...!

It was amusing throughout, and the ending made it a charming winner!

6373385 a terrible land with no gems, endless ranks of other assistants, and absolutely no fabulous unicorns.

6373696 Fun fact: Lyra was originally the pony Twilight was wrapping the present for, but Seether00 pointed out that it would be weird now that we know she and Twilight were friends before. Since Twilight doesn't even remember those friends, I think it could still work, but just switching to Cheerilee solved it all and allowed me to at least kinda have Cheerilee in the story.

6374139 Several people have told me he's going to dragon hell for this one. They are probably right.

6374480 I wasn't expecting to write an ending like that for this story, but I was happy when it came around.

6374491 Cheerilee fits, and chalk as a present is kind of cute as well. I'm just imagining Pinkie trying to figure out when Lyra's second birthday is without tipping off Bon Bon about the secret. That or Fancy Pants and Fleur getting super-offended at their friend Rarity because it seems like she is implying they are older than they claim, what with all this "wink wink, nudge nudge, I know about your secret second birthdays, darlings."

6374525 I was just glad that the chocoholic/chalkoholic pun came to me. I loved that one.

Ha! I hadn't even thought of Rarity going to Canterlot and trying to apply Second Birthday knowledge. That is pretty hilarious, not that you bring it up! :pinkiehappy:

This whole "second birthday" business sounds like something Hobbits would do. :rainbowlaugh:

6374863 Second Breakfast is how it started. I was going to have the short description of this story say:

Well, Twilight's had one, yes, but what about...

I didn't know how many people would get it, though, so I went with something more standard.

Cuteness overload. You captured the Mane 6's personalities perfectly. Canon doesn't even do them justice.

6374942 Thanks! Character is the most important aspect of a story, in my opinion, so I'm glad their voices came through. :pinkiehappy:

6375246 Glad you liked it, and thanks for reading! :twilightsmile:

orp #38 · Aug 30th, 2015 · · 2 ·

Well, I'm with Twi on this one, a bunch of morons who can't be bothered to listen to you unless you literally yell at them hardly deserve a party.

I reviewed this story!

My review can be found here.

Nice story!!

Grats on getting featured!

6375618 Thank you! It figures I'd spend five months working on a story and get a lukewarm response. Then I write this in two hours and it's way more popular. What can you do? I'm happy people like it none the less. Always nice to be appreciated, and I enjoyed your review of it.

I have hypothesized that there is a reason for this:

If a story pours out of you all at once, it means you had a really strong idea about what the story is and where it is going, whereas if the story takes a long time to draw out of you, it isn't as powerful of an idea or the story isn't as coherent as you thought.

I don't know if it is really true, or just feels like it is true, but all my most popular stories had the part that made them popular come out within two days of writing time.

6375676 Well, I think that a lot of it has to do with the other story being a dark story about a fringe character, but I do think there is some truth to what you're saying. I like to lay down my stories with as few breaks as possible. Getting back into the same mental groove can be difficult. I think the audience can feel that sometimes.

I can't like this.

While Spike has a point that one shouldn't snap at their friends, that you sometimes have to roll with what happens even if it messes up your plans, and that if you hurt them you need to make up, trying to put any shame on Twilight's shoulders for that is wrong. Her friends were creating delusions about unicorn culture, Canterlot, and her own personality/history/habits (the last one of which could genuinely distort their relationships together as their perception of her don't fit up with who she actually is). Twilight lost her temper, yeah--but she only shouted. She didn't insult anypony, deride anypony, or do anything negative other than wrap up the party and tell everypony that they were wrong. Spike has more responsibility in them being hurt by egging it on so much.

Spike didn't really get punished for lying to everypony for the fun of it and for pushing things to escalate even more (to the point of humiliating Twilight with the part about her having nightmares). To be honest, he caused Pinkie Pie more distress with that Second Birthday crap than Twilight did yelling at her. He wasn't made to apologize to everypony for his shenanigans, either.

And then they just ran with it despite Twilight reprimanding Spike about lying--going ahead with the Second Birthday thing, which they'll now believe is a real thing and (considering how much time Rarity intends to spend in Canterlot), quite likely eventually embarrass themselves (possibly publicly) when they try to act on their knowledge. Or Pinkie Pie will get even more upset when she tries to find out the Second Birthdays of the ponies she knows from Canterlot and learns that she was lied to.

6376618 Right, because that's exactly what this light and fluffy comedy needs: a bigger dose of punishment right at the end. Is it really likely that Twilight's going to let them all keep thinking it's a real thing? Does that explanation really need to get covered?


6376771 Hey, no need to get into an argument about this. If Dragonjek doesn't like it, he doesn't like it. It's cool.

Welp, that was confusing, yet oddly amusing.

The story was pretty good but the title and description were brilliant hooks! Reeled me right in.

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