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Nopony likes waiting for the post office to deliver that something special, but that wait is harder for some than others.

And then there's Pinkie Pie...

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“I guess Twilight was right when she said that mails were just naturally more aggressive. Maybe I need a femail box.”

My dad often makes jokes like this, but I still laughed at this one. :rainbowlaugh:

Show of hands: How many of you have pretty much felt this way about expecting a package?
*Raises hand*

This was just so perfectly Pinkie! It was a wonderful little slice of looking at her and how she thinks. I loved the new word, too 'Adventerious'! I'm going to start using that one. Really enjoyed it, very much! Glad to see you back, too!

6865692 Thanks! I'm glad you enjoyed it. Pinkie is my favorite character, so writing her is my favorite thing.

Not sure how back I am, though. I mean, I never truly left. I still checked back in every couple of weeks. I'd like to say that I'm going to write more, but I'm not sure. I don't really have the time for it anymore. I wrote this years ago, but since the collab fell through, I figured I'd just post it up.

6865651 That's the joy of writing Pinkie. If the jokes are good, then great. If they're bad, well, that's still pretty Pinkie Pie.

Definitely slice of life. Was very pleased to see you publish something again. I enjoyed it. :twilightsmile:

6865723 Thanks! I'm probably going to publish another story soon. I need to read it a few more times and refine it. Since I didn't really expect to publish it, I just banged it out. People seem to like it, though, so why not?

I love stories where Pinkie takes the utterly mundane incredibly seriously. There's just a lot of charm in seeing her at her most needlessly intense. Plus, there are gems like "Cool and inscrutable, the mailbox bided its time." Thank you for this.

6865739 You're very welcome. I'm glad this saw the light of day. It's been sitting in a collab folder waiting to get used for like two years.

Perfectly Pinkie puns. A mailbox given "personality". Wonderful writing as always. Hope you can continue writing soon.

6865790 I hope so, too. I have plenty of ideas. I just don't have any time.

Glad you liked this one. I wrote it so long ago that I can't remember whether you've seen it previously or not.

I got a computer through the post a couple weeks ago. :pinkiegasp:

I dont have any display modern enough to use it. :twilightoops:

If the mail box was that full with just the catalog, whats it look like with the cart of supplies? :pinkiecrazy:

“I guess Twilight was right when she said that mails were just naturally more aggressive. Maybe I need a femail box.”

This was a horrible pun.

It made me laugh nonetheless.

6865887 I revel in horrible puns. Puns should be a visceral experience.

6865880 Pinkie likes a mailboxes that explodes. Remember her brief stint as a mailpony in Pinkie Pride? The more stuffed full of things, the better.

I thought it was very well done. I could tell she is your favorite because you wrote her so well. I know what you mean about having time. I'm glad you're still checking in, though. Always glad to see something from you.

I feel you, Pink. I get this way every time I submit a new story for approval. :derpytongue2:

This is a nice, mellow little story. Considering how Pinkie hovered around her mailbox while Rainbow Dash was at the Wonderbolt Academy, I can definitely picture her spending a whole day like this. And as mentioned by my comment above, it's actually very relatable as well. It's nice to see that even with your hiatus, you haven't lost your touch. Good to see you back in the saddle, my friend. Even if it's only temporary. :ajsmug:

This is basically a 1:1 metaphor for my writing process. It's pretty impressive that way. Independent of this fact, I enjoyed it quite a bit.

Of course, this isn't the first time you've written about Pinkie and mail, is it?:raritywink:

6866220 Well, I didn't write this during my hiatus. It was written years ago, but sat around waiting for a collab that never happened. I did write this Lovecraftish story that I might release in the next few days. I need to re-read it and see what I can do to make it actually good. I just wrote it on a lark.

6866363 It seems to be a pattern I can't escape.

6866297 You heard it here, folks! Come experience the Skywriter Simulator! Only five bits for fifteen minutes!

There's less porn in this than it would take to be an actual Skywriter simulator.

6866477 You heard it here, folks! Skywriter demands a special clop chapter! Five bits for fifteen minutes!

You put the five bits in a little coin-op box and a window slides up.

Whoa, you're writing pone again?

How'd I miss this?

~Skeeter The Lurker

6866477 *Does a quick search of Skywriter's stories*
You know, I'm more than a little curious what an actual clopfic from you would look like. The writing wouldn't be the only rock solid thing, if you know what I mean.

Rest assured it would be incredibly awkward, not at all erotic, and contain far too many commas for anyone's good.

6866523 I wrote this years ago, actually. I'm just getting around to publishing it because Peregrine Caged's collab never happened. This was supposed to be included in that.

I do have another story that I might be publishing in the near future, though.


You're gonna write a porno? That sounds intriguing.

I also find odd pleasure in xjug writing a story about postage.

There is only one character who could utter the following phrase. Well, maybe Ditzy too. But mostly Pinky.

Look! The paint is drying! Quick! You have to see this!



That was Fantastic!
See I even used capital letters for the start of each word, that's how good it is

You should do a sequel where Pinkie realizes all this stuff comes by mail as well.

Not to be confused with:

As someone who waited three years for a certain letter to arrive, I can feel Pinkie's pain.

Both of the links in the author's notes seem to be to a GDoc of this story rather than to the stories listed.

6870302 What? Weird. Okay, let me see if I can fix that...

Edit: Thanks for letting me know. I could have sworn that I checked those links, but apparently not.

6867297 Not sure I'd do a sequel to this, but if I do write more, you can be assured that Pinkie will probably factor it. I love Pinkie. I am still writing her in my collab with Steel Resolve, so there's that. Plenty of Pinkie goodness over on that story.

6868266 Dude. Three years?! I had to break out an interrobang for that one.

I reviewed this story!

My review can be found here.

Nicely done for the the goal it was written towards. Excellent voice for Pinkie throughout, though of course the story description gives away pretty much the whole thing. I'm wondering if that's unavoidable with "pure" slice of life though, as any surprise would, of course, be growth or plot of some kind I think.

6944957 No doubt a better author than I am could have done more with the concept, but I still like this one. In the absence of being able to craft a plot or some kind of an event, I just focused as much as I could on character and hoped that would win the day. I think this is fairly successful in meeting the criteria I was given, though it falls short of being a good story. It's more of a good scene that should be in some other story. Still, I like to think it's a fun read for the few minutes it would take someone to go through it.

You know, Pinkie is going to have to deal with her opponent again in the future when whatever party supplies she orders will be coming.

What I learned from this comment section:

1) xJugx is back to writing, full time, and is cranking out thousands of words a day.
2) This, his most recent output, is the first chapter of a massive epic wherein Pinkie will adventure far and wide, learning about herself in the process.
3) 6866477 is writing a clopfic.
4) Some other dude named after the peregrine falcon is releasing a compilation of some sort.

Do I have that about right?

With the ease of creating multiple accounts and usernames, maybe I already have written a clopfic and you just don't know it. :trollestia:

7009974 Well, one outta four ain't bad, I suppose.

Though I've been thinking of writing lately, and I am about to buckle down and add to the story that I write with Steel Resolve. That's a Pinkie epic of sorts. Maybe that crystal ball ain't so cloudy after all, pterrorgrine.

Skywriter clopfic confirmed, though of course I totally knew that.

Now try and find the one I allegedly wrote. :trollestia: :trollestia:

Seriously, I have no secret clopfic account.

Of course, that is exactly what I would say if I wanted my secret clopfic account to stay secret. :trollestia: :trollestia: :trollestia:

That was adorable, and truly a Slice of Life. It's Pinkie being Pinkie with no new lessons to be learned.

If only I had gotten Slice of Life right with my latest story... :twilightsheepish:

Thanks! I had a really good time writing this, and I love stuff that's just literally slice-of-life. Readers on the whole seem to think that true SoL stories are boring, but I really dig them if the character work is good.

Author Interviewer

The instant you mentioned the collab, I was like, "I think I know what he's talking about..." Hah! :D

mails are just naturally more aggressive

This is bad and you should feel bad. :B

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