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Just a pony being fabulous. Writer of vignettes, clop, experiments, a great deal of trash and the occasional gem

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Real will forever be more beautiful than fake. And nothing will change that.

(Of course, for as long as the fashion & beautification industry can make coin by telling young impressionable souls "you're ugly but our product will make you a little prettier", they will never quiet down. Buuut... you don't have to listen to them!)


What a nice cozy little story.
There truly is something to be said about the beauty seen in RariJack

:moustache: You you you kissed Apple Jack. . .

:duck: Come along Spikey or you will miss out on yours.


You are born with beauty and taught otherwise. . .social norms are deadly.

That was really sweet and cute

I try to say something to this. But, really, I can't. It's just perfect. There is no word to describe how all of the story fit in itself so well. I feel a little bit ashamed to think that I'm okay being ugly in the same way Applejack explained it.:applejackunsure: Your story opened my eyes to some kind of reality. When I realize the reality of this, it makes tears in my eyes. I think it's one of the most heart warming story I ever read. Keep going like this! :twilightsmile:

,Peace from Midnight.

I just got around to reading this and I've only one thing to say:

You are a beautiful pony and a beautiful friend.

Stay beautiful, Ms. Rarity!

This deserves more love, this was a wonderful read! :yay:
Brilliant work on this!

I don't have words... just...

Good job :pinkiehappy:

Magnificent. I know I seem to say that about a lot of stories here, but I never don't mean it.

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