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Ponies and dragons don't have much to do with each other nowadays. That wasn't always the case. And it won't remain that way if one dragon has anything to say about it.

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Crazy story, awesome world, strange assumptions, excellent execution.

The writing cannot be faulted, for it's stilted or incomplete appearance is representative of how one of your dragons would narrate a tale, how one of your dragons would formulate sentences.

the brain thing is just bizarre

Very interesting, particularly in the ideas behind dragon thought patterns. Sad that I missed this in its initial run through the writeoff!

:moustache: hay Twi should I tell pops about Rarity?

:trollestia: You want to start a war?

:twilightoops: specially if he learns about the grand kids!

good read - flows great - solid back story

Argh! By the description and the quick peek I took inside, this interests me a lot and is likely very good. Yet I don't want to read it, yet, because I've got my own story about Spike's origins that I'm trying to get out of the mental development hell and into actual writing.

So, um. If that happens, I'm definitely going to give this a read; or, if I get frustrated enough with the story not cooperating, I'll do the same. Deal? :rainbowderp:


Thanks, folks!

I have to wonder about my own brain sometimes and why it keeps coughing up these odd ideas. I'm still not quite sure I convey the concept here as well as I'd like, but this version's better than the one I entered in the Writeoff--it came in 29th out of 59 stories, I think it was... :twilightoops:


Oddly enough, a story I just read for the Royal Canterlot Library starts with exactly the same scene as this one: Celestia in a cavern surrounded by dragons. So join the club! :twilightsmile:


I reviewed this story!

My review can be found here.

The ability to write from an alien perspective is one of the best skills an author can have, and you've certainly used it well here.

There’s great world building in this story - love it! :)

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