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While reading a book about other dimensions, Twilight discovers inside a couple pieces of paper: one that's a recipe for a potion, and one that has a new spell on it. After further investigation, Twilight discovers the spell to be one that can teleport her across space, time, and dimensions to a whole new place. After successfully creating the potion and taking it, Twilight develops brand new powers that are completely separate from her magic.

With Celestia's recommendation, Twilight travels with the spell to a whole new universe where she meets Kaleb Foss, a Jedi. She joins him on his ship, the Ebon Hawk, where she travels with him across the galaxy to learn about it and her new powers.

This is a Star Wars: KOTOR 2 crossover that assumes the exile was a light side Jedi who left his friends to explore the galaxy. I know that more back story about all of that is revealed in TOR, but I'm just going to disregard TOR, since that would require me to actually play it to get my info. That, and it would probably throw my story way out of whack.

This story is set very shortly after the exile defeats Darth Traya and leaves Malachor V alone on the Ebon Hawk.

(I've went ahead and marked this Teen Sex for now, and added the Romance tag. There will probably be sexy romance stuff later, but I'll probably have it separate from the main story, sort of like in the story Green. Again, this is subject to change.)

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Another chapter?!?:pinkiegasp: And I couldn't care less about how much you make up on the go. I don't know anything about KOTOR, but that only makes this more interesting. Keep it up!

Thanks! I'm glad you like it!

I've written ahead, so that I can release the first few chapters right away. Didn't want to put them all out in one day; this way will let me get a bit more publicity with the recently updated list.

Please, make more:fluttershysad:

I would kind of like to, but the problem is I didn't plan this story out, so I realized pretty quickly I didn't know where to really go. And, I was kind of worried it would get really boring if I did was I kind of was planning.

So, I dunno. Maybe I'll come back to this after I finish my current story. Because I really did like the idea of this story when I first thought it up.

6289780 you seemed to have an interesting plot, and I mean the story.:twilightblush:

mind that I give ya a tip?
If you don't have a good idea to add then just look at the situation of the latest chapter and what transpired to lead to that point, then work out a scene where you think will fit next. it is difficult, believe me I know, but not impossible.:twilightsmile:

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