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Twilight Sparkle has taken a sabbatical to Canterlot to study the ley lines that make up the borders of the known world. As far as any books she knows of, there is very little information on them. While researching them, she discovers a book in the Royal Canterlot Library that will change her life, and the life of every pony forever; a book on the magic of Alchemy.

After an alchemy spell goes horribly wrong, Twilight finds herself on the run from the Equestrian government, journeying towards the ley lines to get away, and to study them herself. While hiding in Zebra lands, Twilight meets a new friend, Layna, and the two start an adventure together that will take them to the edge of the world --- and beyond.

Join Twilight as she attempts to unravel the mysteries of alchemy with a new friend, all while running from the Equestrian military as a fugitive.

Edited by Mr Madden and Key_Blitz

Author's Note:

The alchemy in this story is sort of similar to Full Metal Alchemist, but the workings of it are probably different. I honestly haven't watched enough of the show to tell you. But, in case the similarities ares striking, save for a few details, now you know why! Essentially, this is NOT a Full Metal Alchemist crossover.

I will try to get updates out weekly, if possible!

The Romance tag is up in the air right now. I have pretty much the whole story planned out, but I couldn't make a decision on that! Hopefully I will long before it becomes an issue~ Also, the sad and tragedy tags are sort of up for debate?

I'm not sure who did the cover art, but it wasn't me. If this is your picture, let me know and I'll gladly link to your DeviantArt or something. Maybe I'll get some original cover art at some point; who knows?

I've been planning this story for quite a while now, so I hope ya'll enjoy it, because I've enjoyed writing it!

Chapters (4)

While reading a book about other dimensions, Twilight discovers inside a couple pieces of paper: one that's a recipe for a potion, and one that has a new spell on it. After further investigation, Twilight discovers the spell to be one that can teleport her across space, time, and dimensions to a whole new place. After successfully creating the potion and taking it, Twilight develops brand new powers that are completely separate from her magic.

With Celestia's recommendation, Twilight travels with the spell to a whole new universe where she meets Kaleb Foss, a Jedi. She joins him on his ship, the Ebon Hawk, where she travels with him across the galaxy to learn about it and her new powers.

This is a Star Wars: KOTOR 2 crossover that assumes the exile was a light side Jedi who left his friends to explore the galaxy. I know that more back story about all of that is revealed in TOR, but I'm just going to disregard TOR, since that would require me to actually play it to get my info. That, and it would probably throw my story way out of whack.

This story is set very shortly after the exile defeats Darth Traya and leaves Malachor V alone on the Ebon Hawk.

(I've went ahead and marked this Teen Sex for now, and added the Romance tag. There will probably be sexy romance stuff later, but I'll probably have it separate from the main story, sort of like in the story Green. Again, this is subject to change.)

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Out of the blue, an attack on every major city in Equestria, and some non major cities, by an organized, secretive group of unicorns leads to some questions being asked by the non-magic wielding users of Equestria, and sparks high tensions between the different groups. These tensions threaten to start an all out civil war.

Twilight Sparkle and her friends are called upon to help stop this threat, but will they be able to come together, or will these tensions tear them apart as well?

(I sort of took this idea from another story I read once, but it wasn't well received and I can't find it again. Also, I don't know what to do for cover art, lol. One more thing, this story is subject to having its ratings and categories changed once I figure out a main direction for where I want to take this story)

Chapters (3)